MLS Talk Podcast : This Week In US Soccer, August 9, 2011

On the latest edition the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast : This Week in US Soccer, your hosts Chris Webb and Chris Riordan bring you a view of the beautiful game from an American and sometimes regional perspective.  Top billing this week continues to go to the United States Men’s National Team.  First the crew dissects Jurgen Klinnsman’s debut roster as head man, as well as look ahead to tomorrow’s friendly with Mexico.  How much stock should people be taking in both the squad selection and the match itself?

The second segment sees Chris and Chris finally give the CONCACAF Champions League some love, as they break down the MLS and NASL teams’ Preliminary Round performances, before looking ahead to the groups.  Finally, all of the previous week’s midweek and weekend action in MLS is analyzed.  All this and more on the latest MLS Talk : TWIUSS show!!!!!  

Production Note: Current goings – on in the North American soccer world have made for a lot of material to be talked about for the show.  Chris and I thought it better to not cut things and just go for a longer show, instead of releasing multiple shows.  This way you can either have a real long show for a commute to work … or you can look at it as segements 1 and 2 being a show, with segment 3 being it’s own entity.

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