Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplant in FIFA 12: Before and After Photos

FIFA 12 is all about authenticity, but they’ve taken it to a new level with the upcoming release of FIFA 12 by painstakingly upgrading Wayne Rooney’s hairstyle so his new hair transplant is plain to see.

In the above photograph (before, on the left, and the hair transplant image on the right), you can see the receding hairline in the image on the left. In the image to the right, you can see the difference. The level of detail is pretty incredible. I wonder what they’ll do about Mario Balotelli’s ever-changing hairstyles and whether they’ll release updates throughout the season.

H/T Asylum

10 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplant in FIFA 12: Before and After Photos”

  1. Real detail would be if they’d add the voice from Special 1 TV to him and have him complaining to the refs throughout the game. Maybe Puppet Ronnie could be DLC!!

  2. I still thought his transplant was a joke. Looking at him during Sunday’s game it’s still a cabbage patch mess up there.

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