Wigan Athletic Away and Third Shirts for 2011-12 Premier League Season: Photo

Wigan Athletic is hardly the most fashionable club in the Premier League. But this upcoming season, more so than others, their selection of home, away and third shirts are aesthetically pleasing for once.

Gone is the Dutch orange, and in comes a navy blue shirt for Wigan’s new away kit. The bold color is accentuated by fluorescent yellow rounded collar and sleeve hems. The color combination of navy blue and fluorescent yellow work well together. And it’s definitely one of those kits that will stand out from the crowd.

Wigan’s third shirt for the 2011-12 Premier League season looks superb. The white shirt with gold-colored Mi-Fit and Wigan crests also features an old-fashioned collar. Typically I’m not a fan of sponsor logos on the front of shirts, but the 12Bet.com one on this white third shirt looks great.

When you put the three new Wigan kits together side-by-side, they’re actually one of the best designed collection of shirts from any Premier League club this upcoming season. Liverpool’s trio of shirts is strong except for their Olympique Marseille knock-off.

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7 thoughts on “Wigan Athletic Away and Third Shirts for 2011-12 Premier League Season: Photo”

  1. The Orange shirt was actually from 2 years ago. Last years was plain black with gold beadings and was a nice strip. I’d have liked to keep it, but I do like these new ones. I prefer them to the new home kit. One error the club appear to have made though is that they are only available in September, something to do woth signing the new sponsorship deal late on. The Orange kit was more flourescent orange than Dutch orange and yes I agree it was awful.
    We’re playing Villareal at the DW tomorrow and will probably use the new home kit for that. I’ll be there.

  2. Bigger question is why the hell Wigan need a third kit?

    and of course the proof of the pudding is what the kit looks like on an average pie eating, beer drinking fan. the 20 stone test.

  3. i like the new kits some of the best we have had for a while and i see a bitter west ham fan trying to be funny well enjoy playing cardiff today in the championship haha

  4. Wow, I was shocked that Wigan’s home kit was relatively classy…and now their 3rd kit is even better. I’m not a fan of the navy away kit though, so I guess that evens things up a bit. It looks like some cheapo training shirt you could get from one of Soccer World/Soccer Sports/Sports World’s endless “closing down sale”.

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