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Poll: Will Man City or Man Utd Win the Community Shield?

manchester football history Poll: Will Man City or Man Utd Win the Community Shield?

I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb here by saying that one of the two clubs we’ll see in the 2011 Community Shield will go on to win the 2011-12 Premier League title. Arsenal have had another lacklustre transfer window. Liverpool have improved significantly, but still don’t have what it takes to win the title. Chelsea, meanwhile, will improve but there are a still a lot of questions regarding their aging squad. If I had to put my money on who’ll win the league title, I’d pick either Manchester United or Manchester City.

This all makes tomorrow’s Community Shield match between both Manc clubs that much more interesting. Are United several yards ahead of City as Mancini alluded to this week? Or does City have enough depth to make a serious challenge for the league?

Question marks remain about both squads. Will the loss of Paul Scholes create a hole in the center of midfield for United? Can Edin Dzeko begin scoring goals for City that we know he’s capable of doing? Will Tevez end up staying with City? And, if so, will that disrupt the changing room at Etihad Stadium? Will David de Gea be an adequate replacement for Edwin van der Sar? How quickly can Sergio “Kun” Aguero adapt to the Premier League?

These are just a few of the questions on my mind. As with any season, there are a lot of unknowns. But the one thing I know is that no matter what happens tomorrow, this will be the most competitive season ever between both Manchester clubs. Tomorrow will be an interesting appetizer of what I expect we’ll see during the season. The blue half of Manchester has awoken. Whether they have what it takes is another matter entirely.

Vote in the poll below and share your wisdom in the comments section below.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited to see the ceremonial start to the new season beginning tomorrow.

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24 Responses to Poll: Will Man City or Man Utd Win the Community Shield?

  1. Evan says:

    Hopefully City can win…
    If they win I’ll treat it as an important game and if they lose I’ll treat it as just another pre season friendly.
    Either way it will be a good game
    C’mon cityyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. ogidi Alex Joseph says:

    i wil like to use this oppotunity to say manchester united wil won it.did u people know why i said that because am a truely united fan’s

  3. Well, but lets 4get about big spending this time around cos it happen like dat in every season we all know dat, but 4 me i trust Sir Alex, up Fergieeeee…

  4. Isah Mohammed says:

    Manchester united will win insha Allah

  5. RooneyRocks says:

    I don’t think City can challenge Spurs let alone United, they might have developed but they still have a long way to go

  6. Taimur says:

    The transfer window doesn’t close until August 31. Don’t forget about Chelsea and Liverpool. And Arsenal have yet to buy an English center-back. However, if Wenger doesn’t buy a CB, my blood will boil and I’ll want him to go. 7 years without a trophy for a club that used to win them on a regular basis over the last 15 years is a letdown.

  7. MUFC77 says:

    Its clear who I think will win tomorrow however id rather see Utd perform well as a team and lose than play $hit and scrape by with a win. It will be great to finally get a good look at the new signings in a semi competitive game.

    Forget all the nonsense about gaining an early psychological advantage on rivals because in the grand scheme of things the charity shield means nothing. We have been here before and won other times we have lost but either way it doesn’t make a difference once the season starts.

    Like everyone else im just glad football season is back. Utd to win 3-2.

    • Matt says:

      My thoughts exactly. The performance is a must. Of course I will be hanging by a thread hoping for the result too. I’m looking forward to seeing the formations and the lineups Mancini and SAF use tomorrow.

      Most of all, I am looking forward to watching the new united number 1.

    • Evan says:

      Over confident much?
      Don’t expect much else from a glory hunting rag like you though.

      • MUFC77 says:

        Kind of ironic you calling other people a “glory hunters” when the very first ting you posted in this page was “If they win I’ll treat it as an important game and if they lose I’ll treat it as just another pre season friendly” you son are a embarrassment to every other city fan.

        Add in the fact that me predicting a 3-2 win for my team in a meaningless football match gets you so wound to the point you need post insults on the internet once again just shows how insecure city really are.

    • MG-AFC says:

      MUFC77, you were spot on, man hahah. 3-2 exactly, with a dramatic finish and all. Congrats.

  8. Barack Obama says:

    Did Torres score yet?

  9. RooneyRocks says:

    i’m surprised noone made a big fuss out of that

  10. JC says:

    City has the talent to beat any team in a single match, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them top United tomorrow. But is this reflective of the Premier League? No. The league is about how many you beat, not who you beat, and City isn’t consistent enough to take the title. I look for Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal and maybe Liverpool to challenge for this year’s title. I certainly wouldn’t bet against Ferguson’s crew from repeating.

  11. Endow man says:

    One thing is 4 sure about manutd. They have the mentality of winning trophies.

  12. Elkun mcfc says:

    Vamos mancity!! A ganar.. Va ver nuevo campeon mañana
    y vamos x la champions!!

  13. Samuel Blessing says:

    Which team is d best in england? Who is d best coach in EPL & ofcos d hero of d moment? PLS i want 2 kn

  14. ChelseaFC says:

    this has happened every year since 07; united, whether they gain or lose important players, they manage to pose the most threats to winning the title and have done it regularly. props to ferguson. us chelsea fans, however, need to hope for more young signings in the next 2 years. romeu, luiz and lukaku are good starts and hopefully they’ll become class players. i really think we can compete with united this year at the top and hopefully get out of “rough patches” quicker than them and city.

  15. Pierre L Woodcock says:

    Man U will win the Charity Shield. Why? Simply because, compared to City, United are used to play in this competition. The players are sure to be much more relaxed and composed going into this match. Whereas the current City players – being their first Charity Shield – might be prone to nervousness. And in such physical and mental state, United will capitalize on this frailness and wallop City. Final score: 2-0 United.

  16. Down the FA says:

    i’m suprised the FA haven’t suspended any United players for the match or given SAF a touchline ban. the only way citeh can beat us is with some help from bernstien. scummer.

  17. IanCransonsKnees says:

    This should be the 39th game in my opinion.

    Wonder if it will kick-off outside like the semi final last year?

  18. jmf says:

    Too tight to call today. I think it will be very competitive as both teams look to lay down a marker. Might go 120 minutes and penalties.

    Longer term Gaffer I think we need to wait until August 31 and see what players finally land at each club. Of particular interest is Wesley Schneider. Latest rumor has him going to City. I think that could be a season changer.

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