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Opening Weekend Premier League TV Schedule for US Viewers

espn fox soccer logos1 Opening Weekend Premier League TV Schedule for US Viewers

The US TV schedule for the opening weekend of the 2011-12 Premier League season has been finalized, and all ten games will be shown live either on television and/or the Internet.

With no early kick-off on the opening weekend, soccer fans in the United States will be able to choose from six 10am ET games played on August 13. ESPN2 kicks off its programming at 9:30am ET with Tottenham against Everton. While the match kicks off at 10am, it’ll be interesting to see if either Spurs or the Toffees have any major new signings that ESPN can talk about. Over at FOX Soccer, their 10am ET kickoff will be the highly anticipated Liverpool against Sunderland match, while FOX Soccer Plus will showcase Queens Park Rangers against Bolton Wanderers. All of the other 10am ET games will be available live on, FOX Soccer’s broadband channel.

On Sunday, the games featuring Chelsea and Manchester United will be shown live, while Monday’s match between Manchester City and Swansea City will be shown live on ESPN2.

Here is the complete TV/Internet schedule for the opening weekend of the highly anticipated 2011-12 Premier League season:

Saturday August 13:

  • Tottenham Hotspur v Everton, 10am, ESPN2/ Deportes
  • Liverpool v Sunderland, 10am, FOX Soccer (shown on replay on FOX Soccer at 11pm, and available on delay on at midnight)
  • Fulham v Aston Villa, 10am, (shown on delay on FOX Soccer at 2:30pm)
  • QPR v Bolton, 10am, FOX Soccer Plus and
  • Wigan v Norwich, 10am, (shown on delay on FOX Soccer Plus at 2pm)
  • Blackburn v Wolves, 10am, (shown on delay on FOX Soccer Plus at 4pm)
  • Newcastle United v Arsenal, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer (shown on replay on FOX Soccer at 8pm, and available on delay on at midnight)

Sunday August 14:

  • Stoke City v Chelsea, 8:30am, FOX Soccer Plus and (also shown on replay on FOX Soccer Plus at 8pm)
  • West Brom v Manchester United, 11am, FOX Soccer, (available on delay on at midnight)

Monday August 15:

  • Manchester City v Swansea, 3pm, ESPN2/ Deportes

Subject to change.

Throughout the Premier League season, stay tuned to EPL Talk for the most comprehensive Premier League TV schedule for viewers in the United States.

Which games will you be watching? Are you disappointed by any of the games that either FOX or ESPN have decided to show on television versus online? Let us know in the comments section below.

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46 Responses to Opening Weekend Premier League TV Schedule for US Viewers

  1. WHL says:

    Whoo Hoo! Tottenham’s opening game televised live. I love it!

  2. Drew M. says:

    The FoxSoccer 2Go iPad app is up. Bit of a hassle to download as it’s not listed in the App Store on the iPad, but if you go to, you can follow the links.

  3. Jon says:

    Dear Fox,

    Stop holding games back on FS+ to justify its existence.

    Stuck with Comcast.

    • Evan says:

      Agree 100%

    • cnl. onions says:

      I think it’s a bit of an interesting debate. In order to get FS+ on most cable providers, you need to pay a pretty big lump of cash per month. They also seem to force that 8:30 am Sunday slot onto FS+ with most matchups. At Fox, wouldn’t you rather have the high profile games on your widely available station for commercial revenue and exposure? I guess it’s a question of who the FS+ subscribers are: I tend to believe it’s the fans of Fulham-sized clubs who have a lot of their games on FS+ and die-hard footy fans. Do you really lose a lot of them if you broadcast a game like Tottenham/Man City on Fox Soccer on Aug 28th?

      Not that applicable for this week but just a general question I’ve been debating internally for a while.

      • BD says:

        As I recall, a number of the early “top billing” Sunday game were shown on FSC. I still wonder why FSC+ is still around especially when FOX have proved that they can switch games to the reginal and national feeds when needed. FSC+ make no sense.

  4. Evan says:

    I wish there was an early morning Saturday game. I love waking up to the start of a new Premier League season. Best feeling in the world… Well, almost.

  5. Rafe says:

    Gaffer-Your dream come true/opening weekend and your team live Monday in HD.

  6. maw4bc says:

    This is going to be a fascinating campaign. Hard to say this isn’t the deepest league right now. Top 8 or so teams are extremely strong. Lots of points will be drop.

    What is the point of having FS+? And I mean in the sense that why even have the channel at all? Is it actually profitable?

  7. adam says:


    Just disappointed that we have to wait a full 11 days though :(

    Both those Saturday 10AM TV games are excellent, I am not sure which I will focus on. The Sunday games are less inspiring.

  8. richardfromnyc says:

    I just can’t stand that ESPN announces the scores for other EPL games on their broadcast and that stupid ticker…argh!…

  9. Michael says:

    Any idea if Time Warner Cable is going to get FSC in HD?
    FS+ is available in HD(which I purchased) but not FSC.
    It is really frustrating since normally the better games are on FSC

    • Adam says:

      Where do you live? Here in NYC we get FSC in HD on TWC (channel 485)

      • Michael says:

        I live in Raleigh, NC.

        I agree with serpico127, FSC in standard def is frustrating to watch because it is so fuzzy

        • spur says:

          I live Raleigh as well. switched to ATT U-Verse. Get FSC HD and Gol TV HD. Need $10 sports package to get Gol TV HD but comes with a lot of other sports channels. Do not miss ‘Cable’!

    • serpico127 says:

      Michael, I am wonering the same. The only reason I have FS+ is that it is in HD. FSC has better games but at least in my area of TWC (NE South Carolina) FSC is a little fuzzy. I have emailed TWC several times with no response.

      • Andrew says:

        I also don’t get FSC in HD and will only turn it on if FSC+, which I do get in HD, isn’t showing what I want to watch at some point that day. Players names and numbers are really hard to see and they seem to have a trail following them when they run. It just hurts my eyes. When this was first rolled out in HD Time Warner said it would most likely be available when the next batch of HD channels were made available. That came and went with no addition, so I was really hoping to have it added by the start of this season. That won’t happen and as the HD lineup seems to be locked down I’m feeling it wont be added until they decide not to renew other channels. Super frustrating, but nothing to be done. At least FSC+ looks nice and shows games.

    • Rep says:

      Time Warner in upstate NY gets FSC in HD.

  10. Michael Worchek says:

    My cousin works in a relatively high position at Fox Soccer Channel. He told me to expect a lot less Arsenal live matches and more Manchester City and Liverpool. I guess this is the start of it…..

  11. Sacto Blues says:

    I’m stuck with Comcast as well with a landlord that is adamant that Direct TV or a satellite dish be installed ! I tried foxsoccerTV last year but my bill for internet went up to over 300-400 clams a month.

  12. Patrick says:

    I guess I’ll be paying the piper for so I can see my Norwich matches.

    If I had FSC+, I’d just go on media blackout until 2:00, but since I have Comcast it’s not an option.

  13. MDToffee says:

    Wow Everton on the Deuce to start the season. I am definitley playing hooky from work that morning! UP THE TOFFEES!!

  14. ????? says:

    Time Warner in upstate NY gets FSC in HD.

  15. Mike Perez says:

    First day of premier league season Spurs/Everton on Deuce i might get up at 7 am watch it live

  16. Timm says:

    My concern is the quality and consistency of Has anyone tried the new site? I have looked at the demo clip, but it looks horrible even on the high setting. I like the idea that they are offering a deal on the one-year subscription, but I am concerned that the quality actually has diminished from last year’s coverage.


    • The Gaffer says:

      They’ll be having a free trial soon so you’ll get a chance to give it a test drive. It’ll be a good chance to test the quality at that time.

      The Gaffer

  17. Guy says:

    For those griping about FS+: You have to remember that Fox did not own that channel or the rights to those games before last January. Before that it was Setanta. Fox bought many of their rights and their channel access slots on U.S. broadcasters.

    FS+ is a work in progress and will likely change as rights agreements expire and are re-bid in the future. Personally, I love it since I am also a rugby fan and the channel (in HD) is part of a great Sports Pass my local TWC station offers for just $6 per month.

    FSC HD would be nice, but I can live without it. However, I do understand the comments about crappy quality. The game on FSC is always my last choice and I won’t watch it at all if the match has no particular meaning for me. Tough to give up those ProActiv ads, though.

  18. AtlantaToffee says:

    great, I get to see Everton’s early season struggles start in beautiful HD!!!!

  19. spur says:

    Switch to ATT U-Verse if it is available in your area. I’ve had great customer support and service.
    i get FSC HD, Gol TV HD and could purchase FSC+ HD but choose not too, yet… I’ve had for over 6 months (have 4 TVs using shared DVR setup) and no problems. Each ‘Box’ has its own ethernet port as well so it makes it easy to hard-wire PC/Macs for internet services in remote rooms (it does have a built in wireless N router at the hub which works great as well.)

  20. milano says:


    do you know if fox will ever update the iphone app? it is still the same crappy design and no games are available. do you also know if all the games will be available for streaming, like serie a? cheers.

  21. Footballfool says:

    Now what ESPN?

    Stinkin riots! I took a vacation day @ work to watch the Tottenhamv Everton match.

  22. Daniel Mullins says:


    on the TV schedule link (

    Sunday Oct 23rd United and City at 8:30am and Everton and United on the 29th at 7am

    would they leave each of those games to Fox Soccer plus, or would they change it so that more people can see it?

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