Optimism and Excitement As NPower Championship Season Draws Closer

After a seemingly endless summer, the start of the Championship season is now less than a week away and I for one cannot wait for the greatest league in England to begin.

With the weather still warm, the frustrations and failings of the previous season can be forgotten whilst victors can bask in their achievements for just a little while longer.

This is my favourite time of the season as a pundit as it feels as if anything can happen and for anyone something which makes this league so fascinating.

Unlike the Premier League where only four teams have won the competition since its inception this feeling is legitimate with little to choose between any of the teams on their given day.

Last season Norwich showed that back to back promotions are possible and the season before Blackpool proved that no matter how unlikely any team can find a path to the Premier League.

This week is a time for optimism, every team has a clean slate and fans can hold onto the hope that this is the season their team will come good.

Although obviously some will have a stronger chance than others, there is no way to rule out any team competing in the Championship next season from achieving promotion.

Over the coming days we will look at the upcoming season in detail and what the season could entail for each side, but if you don’t watch Championship football now is the time to start, you would be a fool to miss it!

Hull will host the opening game of the season with newly relegated Blackpool travelling to the KC stadium for a game that will be shown live on SkySports.

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