FOXSoccer 2Go for iPad: Exclusive Video Preview

FOX Soccer will this week launch their iPad app entitled FOXSoccer 2GO. The iPad app will feature live and on-demand games from most of the top leagues in the world including the Premier League, Champions League, Championship, and more.

EPL Talk was able to get an exclusive video preview of what the FOXSoccer 2GO app looks like. Watch the above video to see what the new interface looks like, and some of the new features. As you’ll see, it looks completely different than the FOXSoccer iPhone app. Plus the video quality appears to be considerably better.

Some of the new features include live chat, the ability to watch several games at once, game ticker, match stats and much more. subscribers will have access to watch 100’s of games during the 2011-12 season. By signing up for, soccer fans will be able to access games either via the website, iPhone app and/or iPad app for $19.99/month.

In addition to the launch of the iPad app this week, will be launching a new design. See below for screenshots from the redesigned website.

If you’re interested in signing up for, visit their website for more details which will be announced this week.

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  1. Yes, the apps is probably the reason for the increase. The question remains, will the consistency of the video quality be improved with the increased price.

    1. One question, was there at some point rumors about FS+ being part of the platform, or am I remembering it wrong, or was that just a rumor?

  2. They’re pricing themselves out of the market IMO. $20 a month, on top of asking $15 a month for FS+, is a bit much. In fact, I’m having a hard time justifying $20 for just the .tv in this equation. Both should complement one another, so I think $20 a month for both services would be a better deal or something that I could talked into signing up for.

    Also, no Android support is baffling.

  3. Is it possible to buy just a day or one match? I wouldn’t normally need to use the iPad app but it’d be nice for when I’m travelling.

  4. Will the app play nicely with the iPad 2’s TV jack? It should, but I’ve seen some apps where the designers disabled that functionality for stupid reasons.

  5. When does this go live gaffer? A bunch of club teammates and i share an account (sshhhhhhh), but those of us with iphones have never been able to sync into the account for whatever reason. We are okay with our individual increase of $1 a month.

    1. So if you share an account, can you have two people logged in at the same time? How do you determine who sees what? I’m interested in doing that with some friends too!

      1. When we tested it out last august, we did a side-by side with all five of us in the same room watching 5 different matches to see if it worked, which it did to great effectiveness. We never had any streaming problems related to the shared account, only the ones every subscriber felt all too frequently last year.

  6. Will probably bite the bullet and do this, because iPad viewing with good video quality would be an upgrade over iPhone viewing and the (erratic) quality of the website. The only thing that would give me pause is if I couldn’t view replays of games — I do a lot of time-shifted viewing and being stuck with watching games live would not work for me.

    If I had FS+ like some folks, I probably wouldn’t do this, because the two would be redundant. But on-demand viewing via the iPad with quality video would be ideal.

  7. A lot of people are complaining over the $14.99 to $19.99. I just purchased the 1 year for $159 ($13.25/mo). For me, someone without a regular TV service, this and ESPN3 are the only ways I get to watch the game. I’m really looking forward to this.

  8. Do you know if all the leagues will be available? championsleague games this August, french ligue. For example, only one french ligue game is available for this week, and it is not even on the app. No news on espn3 getting some tv rights of ligue 1 and rugby? they have the serie a games for example.

  9. Will the games they show live on FSC and FS+ only be available on delay like they are for That’s my big complaint about .tv. The EPL matches they air live on television aren’t available on .tv until 11:59pm the night of the match, and the CL matches that they air live on television aren’t available until 2hrs after their conclusion.

    1. From what I experienced personally last year, the matches live on FS+ were also be available live on I was actually looking at the opening page this morning, and it notes that the community shield match (live on FSC saturday morning) between United and City will not be available until 12:00 am ET on sunday. From that I can tell you that it looks like the FSC live matches will all be on delay again. I have always had a huge problem with this as well, but that’s why people stream on veetle (works on the iphone and ipad just like this little service…)

  10. I watched the short little advertisement on the subscribe page, and they claim “HD quality” on demand streaming. If that turned out to be true, happy days! Of course, has a habit of jarring the viewers here and there.

  11. The app is now live in the App Store. I really enjoy the layout. Bravo to the developers. Now I need to decide if I want to pay $20 for live streaming…

    A good number of Everton’s matches are usually televised on Fox Soccer or ESPN2, but if there are a rash of matches that aren’t on television, I wouldn’t mind paying $20 to make sure I see them.

  12. I will be checking out the Fox Soccer 2 Go app on iTunes, but $20 a month is a bit too steep for my budget. Another great app that is available for a free trial download on iTunes is Transfire, which allows users to translate texts into more than 50 languages using iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Soccer is truly an international sport, and Transfire allows me to share my love of the game with people in many countries.

  13. I’m a bit disappointed. I don’t have an iPad, and while it does appear they are soon going to upgrade the iPhone app, it looks like they are not making on-demand matches available through either of the apps. I thought that I might be able to buy an adapter to run an iPhone stream through my television, but without on-demand it’s not all that worth it.

    Would, “A dedicated iPad app that you may or may not use costs you $60 more per year” be oversimplifying things?

  14. Gaffer,
    Do you know if this app will work with Airplay and sthe AppleTV? Streaming this to a larger television would be quite nice.

  15. Thanks, Gaffer. One follow-up question, if I may. The site states the iPad app offers “live match streaming,” but doesn’t mention access to archived matches or full replays. I know the iPhone app did not offer this last year. Can you view some of the friendlies recently played using the iPad to confirm this?


      1. I watch plenty of matches on delay (aka, “on demand”) on my laptop at fox, but thus far with the iPad app I can only watch live matches. Is there some sort of tech reason why the iPad app doesn’t support the on demand matches? Strikes me as an inconvenient shortcoming…

    1. ESPN scorecenter is awesome. You can customize the leagues you follow and the alerts you get. I get notified when goals are scored across the league, along with the final scores when the game is over. I also have detailed substitutions, discipline, and halftime updates for United. They have an astounding amount of coverage throughout Europe.

  16. and Foxsoccer 2Go are both testing this morning. I doubt if enough people are using it as compared to the first day of matches in the EPL; however, I am pleased so far with the quality of the picture and audio, as well as the options. I love the pop-out player and the ability to switch streams from within the player and not have to click on an embedded link on a page, which opens another page.

    Looking forward to testing it for real during the Championship match this afternoon between Blackpool and Hull City.


    1. Their website notes HD level quality. Do you agree with how the video looks? And what are you watching the feed on, a laptop, iPad, TV feed by a laptop?

      When they noted PiP for the player, I started to think that such a thing would be useless if they didn’t upgrade their feed quality. Hope this is a good sign.

      1. The quality was shaky at the start. I was viewing on a MacBook Pro hooked to a LCD TV. It actually got better throughout the first half. If anyone is a Mac user, I know it was Flash on the Mac that was giving me the most issues. I upgraded to v. 11, which is in Beta, but worked smoother than v. 10. Remember to disable hardware acceleration.

        On the iPad, the quality was less than the computer, but the picture was smoother. One big disappointment is that has not enabled AirPlay, so if you have an iPad and an AppleTV, you can only get audio over. The MLS app allows you to stream the games to your AppleTV and it work quite well.

        I’m with Andrew below who had trouble understaning how to view the games on the iPhone (I was trying for a hat trick of viewing). There is no Fox Soccer2go app for the iPhone in the app store. All that is there is last year’s app, which makes you pay for another subscription.

        I just hope that FoxSoccer 2Go allows viewing of archived matches. That would be a great feature.

  17. states that if you have a subscription to the site then you get iPhone and iPad viewing as part of the deal. However, I cannot figure out how to set that up on my iPhone. Am I missing something, or is the iPhone app needing an update before this is possible?

      1. The relaunched iPhone app from is supposed to be released this week on iTunes. Looks like they’re waiting for Apple to approve it.

        The Gaffer

  18. Ok, help me out.

    I see the “lives games” part but I am still nervous about HOW MANY they will have live….is it every EPL game that is not on ESPN or ESPN2 or whatever?

    Didnt they say live games last year and end up showing the utter garbage games every week?

    1. When they say live games, they mean just about every game that is either not on Fox Soccer Channel or ESPN2. Just about every game on FS+ and all the others are on, live. FSC games are delayed. Amount of EPL content has never been’s issue. It’s the variable video quality, and at times, difficulty logging in that has been the problem. If they could just get over that hump…

  19. Sooo, hull city v. blackpool is horribly skipping, freezing, and crashing…not the best start for this new app; anybody else out there experiencing the same?

  20. Despite the hype, the iPhone app still does not work with a username and password. I can’t speak to the iPad, but if you want to get EPL games on the iPhone, it’s just like last year, you have to by through iTunes. I bought the subscription and tried to use it on the iPhone but the app won’t recognize credentials. Even worse, the customer service from was a really awful joke. Basic iPhone 101 instructions cut and pasted instead of someone actually addressing the problem. Nice that Fox uped the price because of the supposed mobile integration but didn’t actually integrate. And yes, Gaffer, a bit sly not to mention you are paid to hawk the product (which I didn’t notice when I first read the review, since I didn’t read the comments), especially when it turns out to not perform as advertised.

    1. Hi Kevin, the iPhone app works for me with the username and password.

      I’m not getting paid to hawk the product, but I do receive a few bucks from signups as part of an affiliate deal I have with them, which is common practice among most sites on the Internet. If the product sucks, I tell people it does. Personally I haven’t had any problems with thus far this season.

      The Gaffer

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