FIFA 12 Interview With Martin Tyler and Alan Smith: Video

EA Sports have released a new video featuring an interview with football commentators Martin Tyler and Alan Smith. Both commentators will be the voices of FIFA 12.

The video shows Tyler and Smith recording some of the lines that will be used in the FIFA 12 game, scheduled for release in late September. Plus there’s a discussion of what it means to Alan Smith to be behind the co-commentators mic (replacing Andy Gray), as well as how much audio has been recorded that’ll be used in the highly anticipated game.

6 thoughts on “FIFA 12 Interview With Martin Tyler and Alan Smith: Video”

  1. Won’t be the same. The commentary from Tyler will probably be improved due to the need or a new feel with Smith, but nothing replaces Andy. Hopefully he will do whatever it is that is required from him to get back behind the mic sometime soon.

    All this over leaked B roll footage. It’s quite a shame.

  2. Well, I’m still gonna miss Andy Gray. Nothing like good ol’ scottish narrating.

    I am glad EA Sports is forced to update the game narration at least.

  3. Yeah there are more videos of Alan and Martin doing takes of several lines.. FIFA 12 will be so in depth, as one of the videos shows them talking about a sub coming in and how other clubs are looking to buy him and how he’s hot in the transfer window, how an old keeper is thinking about retiring prior to something like a free kick. Little things like that. It’s going to make for a very well rounded commentary.

    And “ITV’s Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend will also be included for tournament modes, although you can set them as the default commentary team through the options menu.[12] FIFA 12 will be the first in the series to be released in Arabic, with Essam El Shawaly and Abdullah Mubarak Al-Harby providing the commentary.” (courtesy of Wikipedia)..

    Now THAT is going to be interesting.
    I hope they yell, “Allahhhhhhhh!” when someone scores HAHAH.

    1. first of all I’m glad that there making Arabic commentary available in fifa 12. Second of all “MG”, (Allah) is not a joke, but he is a god to all Muslims around the world. So you should respect that.


  4. Will miss Gray, but I enjoy Alan Smith on Sky sports, and at least it will be all new material this time round.

    good stuff

  5. sounds exactly the same as last year– they should just record the commentary from every fixture of the epl season before and mix all that into stuff from their studios

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