Behind-The-Scenes Tour of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium: Video

Video: Exclusive look at the Emirates

FOX Soccer’s Jamie Trecker recently conducted a behind-the-scenes tour of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, and he’s brought us back the above video. Whether you’re an Arsenal supporter or not, the video is definitely worth watching for a few reasons. One, you get to see what The Guardian’s Amy Lawrence looks like. Two, you’ll hear an interesting conversation with Arsenal club historian Iain Cook. And three, Jamie Trecker walks you through the club museum, gift shop, pitch and more.

7 thoughts on “Behind-The-Scenes Tour of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium: Video”

  1. Without having to sit through this as I am supposed to stay awake at work, are there any shots of empty trophy cabinets or pictures of lots of saucers but no cups in the staff restaurant ?

  2. I ‘love’ how right before they show the inside the dressing room, they say that this is an exclusive never before seen footage (or something along those lines) and then show the inside of the dressing room.

    Anyone who goes on the tour gets to see the same as they showed on the video clip.

    But well done FS for showing the ‘exclusive’ never before seen footage.

  3. Nice video but the guy still knows nothing about the world game and never has anything insightful to add. Trecker should stick to following the MLS Lego League and trying to look hip with his long hair and trendy suits.

    Total pundit poser wannabe with the analysis skills of roadkill.

  4. What a tool…jeesh…same tour they give to everybody…
    Trecker? He basically had only as few mins to get stuff in…guess he did what he could to make it seem ” Exclusive ” …typically American hype…

    One thing I noticed while watching…Arsenal has done everything right ….except win anything of note. Expect that to continue…I like Arse but he always leave out one major component…an actual leader on the pitch.

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