Manchester United vs Barcelona Friendly: Roll Call

It’s hard to believe, but Manchester United’s summer tour of the United States comes to an end tonight after they play Barcelona in a rematch of the 2011 Champions League Final, at FEDEX Field in Landover, Maryland. Just think, one week from tomorrow, Manchester United kicks off the ceremonial start to the new season when they play Manchester City in the Community Shield. Time flies!

Out of all of the exhibition games played around the world this summer, this game is the one that’s the most highly anticipated. Of course, it’s a friendly, so the result isn’t going to make or break either team, but I’m confident that both clubs will want to walk away with a victory in front of what promises to be a passionate crowd.

If you are one of the lucky ones going to the game, be sure to let us know in the comments section below. And if you’re interested in writing about the game or taking photos so they can be published on EPL Talk, send me an e-mail at thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com.

On their tour of the United States, Manchester United took a break on Thursday to visit The White House in Washington DC. For a pretty revealing insight into what the players and staff saw, as well as which ones looked interested (and not), take a look at the following photo gallery which has more than 100 images from the visit.

If you’re not able to catch the game in person, viewers in the United States can watch it live on ESPN2 beginning at 7pm ET.

34 thoughts on “Manchester United vs Barcelona Friendly: Roll Call”

  1. Will be sure to take some pictures thanks to world soccer shop won some tickets yesterday so pretty pumped for the big united win!

  2. Went to the practice last night…can’t wait to go to the game this evening. WIll have more great pics to show afterwards~~

  3. Went to practice last night- got some amazing pics! I got seats 3 rows from the pitch in the middle for tonight- will hopefully get some amazing pictures tonight- so pumped!!! Ill try to send you guys some!!

  4. Haven’t slept in a couple of days, just came from summer school finals at ole miss all the way up to the edge of the south to see man u play. So pumped. Then I’ll sleep

  5. We drove in from KY yesterday. My kids are pretty excited. They just realized that we are going to watch the game live and not on a big screen!!! lol… as if I’d drive nine hours to watch a football game on a screen… as if.

  6. Drove up from SC last night. Crappy over priced seats await but I DONT CARE!!!! I am bringing a goat to roast in the stands and my wife has the roman candles taped to her legs. If I don’t get beat by stadium security I am not having a good time. (kidding, I am a cop) This is my first professional game so I am setting the bar kind of high. I don’t care who wins I am just going to take it all in. Gyro anyone?

    1. Serpico, talk about a great game to see as your first professional one. Man United against Barcelona sure trumps the first professional one I saw… Swansea against Leyton Orient on a cold, wet December night.

      The Gaffer

  7. Leaving Philadelphia at 11:30 for the game. Taking my 7 year old nephew who’s utd mad to his first game only he doesn’t know about it yet.

      1. Gaffer,

        Yes, they were there too. Would have been interesting if they were there at the same time, but I doubt it. I did see a couple of photos on FB.

  8. Game was great. Nani is the greatest talent Manchester has right now. Cleverly is able to succeed at united. Barcelona *yawns* passes too much. De Gea is awesome. Rafael is the best. Young….needs a litte work. I was 15 rows up behind the goal.

    1. @tonyspeed.

      Yawn becasue barca passes??? soccer is about POSSESION!!!!!!!!!! thats why barca plays such a beauitful game…they pass and KEEP the ball..unlike man u who plays boot ball. maybe your team should have won when it counted in the champions leauge. hahaha!!!

      1. Sorry, but ive got to agree with speed. I know its their mentality and it has been effective for years, but watching xavi and iniesta making 10 consecutive passes to each other gets pretty old after a while.

        I’m not disputing their effectiveness. It’s just not my thing (especially when their home support vehemently whistles at anyone who tries to string more than three passes together).

      2. FOOTBALL Is not about possession. It is about scoring. Manchester united does not play “boot ball” and by saying that you have shown you know NOTHING about football. Liverpool with Alonso played boot ball. What Manchester United does is called counter attacking football. ALL teams do it as well, including Barcelona. The problem with the style Barca plays is while effective most of the time, it is also BORING for a spectator to watch. 1) They almost never pass in the air because they want to keep possession 2) They NEVER take chances that would rid them of possession unless they are in the final third. 3) they almost never take any risky passes unless they are sure they will maintain possession. This usually means that the ball travels side to side or backwards short distances. The same reason I hate American Football is the same reason I hate Barca’s style of play. It advances in a most boring manner most of the time giving little entertainment unless there is a complete break-down in defense.

        You’re snide remarks are lost on me. I used to be a barca fan probably before you jumped on the band wagon. But after the way the management treated ronaldinho towards the end I vowed to never support them again, until all the management and staff including cruyff are dead and buried.

  9. Good game event if it wasn’t full strength teams. Barcelona’s goal was a brilliant solo effort that no keeper in the world would have got near. They really are on a different level with other teams when it comes to keeping possession, they make it look so easy.

    Nani and Owen took their chances well and thats all you can hope for. Overall well worth the hundreds of dollars spent on tickets and travel.

  10. Hey everyone I’m from montreal and drove 10 hrs to watch the game in Washington but I forgot my camera!! can anyone send me some for my album?

    Thanks greatly appreciated

  11. I was at the game. I was hoping to see a lot of action. it seemed to me that the players were not into it and just lazied around. I had paid a lot of money for the family to see this game and was very disappointed. Most of the Barcelona regulars did not play. will not attend any of their games in the future.

    1. they’re not going to play a lot of their regulars just after most of them played a cup (albeit exhibition) final a few days before.

      If you want the real thing, get on a plane and watch them play abroad. It takes much more financial fortitude, but the result is incomparable.

  12. Went to the practice session the day before and attended the match. Although cheering from anywhere inside of FedEx Field would have been wondrous for the average fan (of which I’m not) the seating in this stadium was dreadful. Had a fantastic birds-eye view of the pitch but even with binos many of the players were tough to make out. Great atmosphere and great sets of supporters for each club. I cheered with the Barca supporters as I’m an ardent City supporter (CTID). Disappointing that many of Barca’s star performers weren’t there on the evening (Puyol, Pique, Masch, Alves and his Highness, Mr. Messi). Of course Chicharito was absent from the Utd. squad which made it slightly more disappointing. Happy to be there and getting out of the event wasn’t nightmarish either.

    B- for the event itself.
    D for the seating
    B+ for fan extraction post-event

    1. Where were you sitting? Most of the tickets that were sold easily got you seats in the lower level and even still if the closest row of seats weren’t taken it was ok to move up. That’s what I did…and I was easily 3 rows from the front.

      1. Sat in Section 405 Row 25. Paid easily two times face value but also didn’t make a move for them until a month before the event. StubHub’s who I dealt with.

        1. Oh, well yeah. Nosebleed seats at any stadium generally sucks. I bought my tix way back in April before the UEFA Champions League.

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