Jimmy Hill Statue Erected Outside Coventry City Ground: Photo and Video

A seven foot bronze statue of Jimmy Hill was unveiled outside Coventry City’s Ricoh Arena Thursday.

Jimmy Hill, who is best remembered for hosting Match Of the Day, has a long list of other achievements such as:

  • He helped get rid of the player’s maximum wage,
  • He commissioned the first all-seater stadium soccer stadium in England when at Coventry,
  • He’s credited with the three-points for a win system,
  • And he was an accomplished footballer with Fulham from 1952-61.

So it’s a fitting tribute that Coventry decided to erect the statue of him outside their ground. Hill, 83, looks quite well and fit as you can see in the video below.

6 thoughts on “Jimmy Hill Statue Erected Outside Coventry City Ground: Photo and Video”

  1. You missed out that he is recognized as having the largest chin in professional football.

    That of course was an in-joke for those of us that remember Jim fondly from his many years on Match of the Day. Never missed that on a Saturday night if I could help it.

    1. Remember Match of the day well with there 10 minutes highlights of the big games. Football Focus on the Sat mornings followed by listening to a game on the radio then sitting in front of the TV for the other scores to come up on the Viddy printer, how things have changed. Of course cant leave out old Saint and Greavsie either.

      1. How about the teleprinter in the days before the video printer? There was a camera shot of of the machine chattering away and the scores came up as they were sent in by the reporters. Then the results were read out in a complete monotone by a BBC guy as people all over the country checked their pools entries (including my Dad). We never won though. Good old days.

  2. Really one of those guys whose legacy is easily overlooked by too many people. Three points for a win is arguably one of the greatest implementations in the history of football.

    Did you know, he also volunteered to act as a linesman one time in a top level game when the appointed linesman pulled a hamstring?

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