Goal-line Technology May Be in the Premier League Next Season

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has been defiant towards introducing goal-line technology but has softened up on the issue since FIFA’s embarrassment in last summer’s World Cup.  The need for goal-line technology was made evident to millions when Frank Lampard was denied a goal that clearly crossed over the line in the knockout round between England and Germany.  Ironically, nine months later Lampard was then awarded a goal when Tottenham goalkeeper Heurelho Gomez fumbled and then allowed the ball to creep past him. Gomez reached back and with his arm fully extended stopped the ball from crossing the line by the narrowest of margins. However, as we know, it was incorrectly ruled a goal for Chelsea.

In the wake of corruption and bribery accusations surrounding the 2022 World Cup bid, Blatter concedes, “We will have on the next international board at the beginning of March next year a final decision on goal-line technology,” Blatter told reporters at a news conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, ahead of Saturday’s World Cup qualifying draw.  “If it will prove to be accurate and to be affordable, then it is possible the international board will decide goal-line technology shall be introduced for the World Cup 2014.”  For the technology to be approved, it must be proven that an accurate result can be reported to the main referee within one second of the ball crossing the line.

With that said, the Premier League could see goal-line technology introduced in the 2012-2013 season according to chief executive Richard Scudamore.  “The technology is available, it is the fairness that is important and the Premier League would introduce it tomorrow if it could. Now FIFA is constructively engaged we are hopeful the 2012-13 season is a realistic aim.”

FIFA is finally entertaining the idea of bringing football out of the 19th century. That’s right, technology that other sports around the globe have used for decades is now seriously being considered. So do you think this will actually happen in time for the 2012-13 season, or do you think it’s FIFA creating a smokescreen to make us believe that they support progress but will rule out the technology next March? Plus, do you want it to happen? Share your opinions below.


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