Jack Wilshere and Wayne Rooney Grace FIFA 12 Cover in UK: Photo

Jack Wilshere and Wayne Rooney will grace the cover of FIFA 12 in the United Kingdom when the popular video game is released this autumn.

Wilshere, who was Arsenal’s player of the year last season, is an avid gamer as is Rooney, who is gracing the cover for the seventh year in a row.

In addition to the United Kingdom, the duo will also be featured on the game sold in the Middle East, Ireland and in Scandinavia.

The cover shot for the U.S. version of FIFA 12 has not been revealed as of press time.

FIFA 12, the game, will be available in the United States on September 27, while it’ll be a September 30 release date in Europe.

60 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere and Wayne Rooney Grace FIFA 12 Cover in UK: Photo”

  1. Its a joke that Jack Wilshere’s on there. Achieved nothing at all. I’d much rather see World class players on it – like Rooney, as much as I hate him. Would rather see a Messi or a Ronaldo or someone NOT overrated like Wilshere.

      1. and…? Ronaldinho was on the fifa 06, 07, 08 and 09 cover. I understand why they’ve picked Wilshere – I would just prefer it if he wasn’t on there.

          1. is England that in trouble?, why not wait for people to really prove themselves before crowning them as football greats. I can understand Rooney being there, he is basically the face of these FIFA games, although its just his name doing the bidding for him these days.

    1. Messi and Ronaldo have both already been on the cover of PES, so im sure there is some kind of contract issue with having those two on the cover…that being said, i dont know how it is that wilshere is overrated, hes one of englands best young talents, so having him on the cover of the game in the UK makes good business sense

      1. I’ve already said I understand WHY he was picked, they’ve picked young English players on the last couple of games, and for me, he is overrated, the amount of times I’ve heard people say he’d get in teams like real Madrid n Barcelona, when he wouldn’t even warm the bench at either club is a joke!

        1. I think you’re over-rating real madrid a little there. Up until the year just gone they hadn’t even been to the latter stages of the champions league for 8 seasons. In that same period, liverpool, chelsea, man utd and arsenal had all made the final of the champions league atleast once. There centre mid is nothing special and i would expect wilshere to be able to get into it, Barca midfield you may have a point, although i think he would make the bench even there

          1. Last year they were the 2nd best team in Europe. I 100% believe that if they drew United in the semi final they would’ve gone through, and who knows what would’ve happened in the final, after-all they did beat Barca over 1 game last year in the copa del rey final. Can’t believe you’re saying Madrid’s CM’s aren’t anything special. Ozil, Alonso, Khedira and Kaka are all better than him.

          2. Barcelona are the best team on Earth by so much, but if they never existed Real Madrid would be. The final of the Champions league last year was never gonna be won by Manchester United because they would have lost to either team. I mean honestly United only won the 2 chmapions league under Fergie because the 1st one they got was pure luck by winning it with 2 goals in the last minutes, Bayern should have won. The second one United won was because you had a player called Ronaldo.

          3. real were not the 2nd best team in europe last year. barcelona were far superior to them and man u were the 2nd best team. personally as a chelsea fan the only real midfielder i would rather have at the bridge would be ozil otherwise i would rather have wilshere over khedira and alonso and especially kaka. kaka has been terrible for real madrid (the few times he has played)

          4. Real Madrid actually beat Barcelona for a trophy. Real Madrid are the only team that can match against Barcelona. The United defense would not be able to stop Ronaldo.

          5. Alonso and Khedira are decent, nothing more than that. Certainly no better than Wilshere who was the best midfielder on the pitch when Arsenal played Barca in London.
            People seem to think Real are a lot better than they are, maybe because of the history but the fact is they have been average for a long time and although they were better this year, they are far from the second best team in Europe, Man Utd and Chelsea are both a lot better than Real

          6. To say that Wilshere is better than Alonso, wow, that is one of the stupidest things I’ve heard in a While. Alonso is in the top 10 best midfielders in the World, Wilshere would be lucky to get in the top 50 and to say United and Chelsea were better than Madrid last season that’s another funny opinion, I’d like to know how you worked that out cause In almost every position Madrid are better, including managers.

          7. Whi in Madrid’s team is that good, they have Ronaldo, that’s it. The rest of the team would be lucky to get a sniff in the Chelsea and Man Utd line-ups,
            That’s why they’ve sucked for the best part of 10 years.
            I don’t know what you’ve been watching during that time.
            La Liga is ranked number 2 for one reason only and that reason is Barca, take them out of the league and the rest have done nothing for 10 yrs. Without Barca La liga would be battling the french league for 5th spot

          8. You are more out of it than I thought. Yes, before last season they were terrible, but last season they had the greatest manager of all time, Mr Mourinho!!!!! I’ve found from your last couple of posts that there is no way to prove to you that La Liga has the best 2 teams in the World at the moment, and almost every poster on this topic has basically agreed with me. I’m going to unsubscribe to the comments now, cause you’ve wasted my time fighting this battle which is clear I’ve already won.

          9. If you’re saying United are 2nd best because they came runner ups then Schalke was the 4th best team in the world right? even though they sucked in their league.

        2. i agree with Andy, because wilshere is overrated. he is not the best at the moment and you should put THE best players on the cover e.g ronaldo or messi. i agree with rooney on there however WHY IS THE EMIRATES STADIUM IN THE BACKGROUND :( I bet the top best players in the world on fifa 12 will be underrated and the young OK players will be overrated.

        3. You think Wilshere aint good to even warm the benches.. did you see how he made Xavi and Iniesta look like amateurs in the Emirates Stadium, the way he was going through them with ease.. the most consistent player around atm.. YOU CANT DENY THAT AND HE IS STILL A TEENAGER

      2. I sometimes wonder if people watch soccer or football with their ears. whoever is matured now in watching football will know that undisputed Jack is a world class player. with his help that Arsenal being the only team to win over the european champs. whiles the likes of man united and Madrid fell on their feet. A time to come you will even buy cookies made with Jack Warshere

      1. That point is completely stupid. How could Arsenal be one of the best 2 clubs in Europe when they didn’t even finish in the top 2 of the premier league!!!

        I watch the premier league more than la liga so I think I’ll stick to visiting epltalk. I prefer watching the premier league, because literally anyone can beat anyone, but there’s a reason for that – the lack of quality at the top of it, not because of the quality at the bottom of it. You’d never see Barcelona or Madrid win a top league in Europe with an away record like Man united’s last year… The premier league did have the best teams in the World 3-4 years ago when there was 3 English teams in the semi final of the champions league, but now la liga has the 2 best.

    2. I hate arsenal so much but you cannot knock Jack wiltshire, the boy is class, I rate him the next best player in britain. And I’m a spurs fan, Every game i watch him he does great things, He will be the british messi!!!!

      1. You’ve just taken over Jacob Pez in the award of worst post I’ve ever seen on epltalk. Wilshere the British Messi? I give up.

        1. You must be in dream land andy b, when madrid start doing something then you can argue they are the 2nd best team in europe. 8 years where they don’t even get to the QF’s of the champions league aznd one year in the semi’s does not give them the right to be called the 2nd best in europe, you have to earn that right and they haven’t.
          I base my arguments on facts, not bull. You keep arguing they are the second best team in Europe but do not provide any facts as to why that is the case. What have they done in the last 10 trs to give them the right to be called 2nd best in Europe?
          I’ll tell you what they have done, nothing. Keep dreaming fanboy

          1. Pete, you are brainless. Real are the second-best NOW. Their team pre 2009 is nothing like their present team, they have improved, in the same manner as United have got weaker.

            It’s not 2004, or 2006, or even 2008 any more. It’s 2011 and this Real team is second only to Barcelona.

            And I see you dolts didn’t even mention Nuri Sahin above when speaking of midfielders. Shows how much attention you people actually pay to La Liga. He’s definitely better than Wilshere.

          2. Oh, and I won’t be back, because I cringe reading your clueless ‘opinions’ and I can’t be bothered arguing with xenophobic types like you (I mean look at your avatar, ‘Rule Britannia! England is da best!’ etc).


  2. The US cover seems more obvious this year than ever before. Donnovan will appear again, as always. The token Hispanic player this year will surely be Javier Hernandez. And it doesn’t look like there’s a European league player contracted to appear on every cover this year, so that’ll probably be it.

  3. Jacob, please explain how Manchester United won the Champions League in 2008 just because United had a player called Ronaldo?

    Did you just become an fan or ABU supporter? And no, ABU has nothing to do with Dubai or Middle East owners/contingent.

    With respect to the USA cover, I really hope Dempsey or even Tim Howard gets a look, even David Beckham but not Landon Donovan, never again.

  4. what rooney its go0o0d but the other one comeeee on u can do better then this fifa last game fifa 11 kaka it was good but donovan and vela disappoint me again :(

  5. Pfft.

    Fine by me. At least they’re English players from English Teams. It could be much worse… we can have Ronaldo’s smug face on the front again.

  6. I think its so good a young spark like Jack Wilshere is on the cover! As it says on the top of the page, this is the cover for the UK, not any other contries. So get Messi, Kaka, Ozil, Alonso, ect..! Rooney is a good player but he is a disgrace to football, like swearing to tv camra’s and kicking ball into large crowds powerfully. When Wilshere will be lifting the world cup for England in afew years time, then you will understand how good of a player he is and how lucky arsenal are to have such a fantastic player. Fifa should promote players who deserve a front cover in the UK. Such as Jack Wilshere, Didier Drogba, Javier Hernandez, Phil Jones, Scott Parker, Gareth Bale, Phil Jagielka, Tim Cahill .. i could go on with alot more players with respect to the game. I know i have just totaly merked all of you so shut up.

    1. Well done you’ve won the award for the worst post I’ve ever seen on epltalk. England win the World cup!?!? Not for at least another 20 years.

      1. I HATE to say this but Andyb is actually right. England wont win a world cup while Wilshere is playing mainly because of all the other players on the squad who would be horrible.

  7. They cover could have two stickmen drawn in wax crayon on a plain white paper background for all I care. I just wish they would just iron out the simple and recurring problems that plague every version of the game (I speak as someone who just got fired from Manager Mode halfway through the season despite my team running away with the league title and looking likely to progress to the semi’s of the Champions League, despite not being a team that would ever expect to get that far…all because I lost a domestic cup game on penalties).

  8. i´m laughing at the guy who said wilshere is overrated he is one of the best player of england and obviously arsenal , wilshere is not messi neither c ronaldo, he is an unique player that england needed for loooong time ago

    and saying that real madrid is the second best team in the world why they didnt reach to the final at the champions league ? why they didnt won the “la liga”? u are saying that real madrid is the second best team in the world just because they won la copa del rey?

    i hate to say this (im an arsenal fan ) but manchester united are the second best team in europe and maybe in the world

    1. And I am laughing at you. Real Madrid didn’t win La Liga because the best team in the world beat them to it. They didn’t make the CL Final because they were unlucky enough to be on the same side of the draw as Real Madrid. Being beaten in both competitions by the best side in the world doesn’t prove you aren’t the second-best. What sort of moronic logic is that?

      If United played in la Liga, and had United been in the same side of the draw as Barca and Real hadn’t, United wouldn’t have won any trophies and in all likelihood it would have been a Barca-Real final.

      Being fortunate enough not to have Barcelona in their league, and avoiding them in the draw until the Final, doesn’t mean United are better than Real Madrid.

      You complete imbecile.

    2. That should say:

      ‘unlucky enough to be on the same side of the draw as Barcelona’.

      That error aside, the point remains.

  9. I cant beleive when in uk said Jack wilshere is in fifa 12 cover.
    i really beleive it. i think fifa 12 covers in uk are like messi,ronaldo or …
    not Jack wilshere. he is a very young and unexpriense football player.
    so i dont know why is that? its very bad news for the young people and teenagers in uk.
    i like arsenal and all of the players in this team but i hate jack wilshere.ok?

  10. Whilshere good stuff, but Rooney, why is he on there, He is so so so overated now, Whilshere is one of the best midfilders in the world right now, Rooney however, there is VanPersie,Messi,Eto,Ibrhim, Hernandez. SO many others.

  11. Arsenal & Manchester united can’t be be even thought of being one of d best team in the world . Arsenal were defeated by barca early in d tournament.Manu also came in d finals only by defeating one competitive team thats chelsea. Barca defeated top teams to be crowned d best of europe .They defeated arsenal ,Madrid & Manu to be the best in world.Wilsher can’t be even compared with xavi, iniesta ,gerrard, ballack, sneijder . He’s just okay . U will find better player than him in spain
    England suckss!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Bhambri95
      You are absolutely right. He had one good match against Barcelona but people forgot the second match against Barcelona where he couldn’t even compete against Xavi and Iniesta, The first match Xavi and Iniesta were tired get over it. Like Guardiola said he has 10 wilsheres in Barcelona B which was proven by Thiago who is 10 times better than Wilshere. It was easy to get into the Arsenal team because there was no Ramsey who I think is much better and no Fabregas. They were both injured. He was an average player playing in a top but not world class team. And that why the press were all over him.

      1. Thiago is a much better player than Wilshere, you’re right. Wilshere is class, but the only reason the English are creaming themselves over him is because they produce so few technically gifted players. Wilsheres are common in Spain and Guardiola should know better than the clueless nobodies on this website.

  12. Probably teams like real and manchester city will be overhyped and all the premier league teams will be overpowered just like always in the fifa games.

  13. Andy, you seem to have no feeling for what makes a great talent. If
    you did notice in the champions league Wilshere was outstanding in
    the first leg. Everything is pointing for him to be one of englands
    best players in the years to come. So tell why it is stupid to put
    him on the UK cover of fifa 12? Wilshere would easily get in the
    starting eleven in Real Madrid by putting Khedira on the bench.

  14. you guys forgot that both Champions League finalists -Barcelona and Man Utd- were beaten by Arsenal last season…
    and if you remember Wilshere was outstanding. he just smashed Xavi, Iniesta, Sergio & Man Utd midfielders career.

  15. Very nice cover,both are incredibly brilliant!!
    Wilshere is one of the most exiting young talents not just in England,but in the world,he totaly deserves to be on that cover with Rooney,he proved himself last season and showed his worth!!GUNNER 4 EVER!!

  16. jack wilshere i don’t think he is overrated, but it would be better that they bring Ashley young or nani or something.Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo are certainly the best players of the world, specially Gareth Bale and Ashley Young….. I hate messi. Gareth bale, Rooney and Ronaldo should be on the cover. not wilshere. Fifa will never ever bring Lionel Messi on the fifa cover, MANCHESTER UNITED is the best team and BARCLAYS PREMIER league is the best league ever. Phil Jones and Smalling, or Gary Cahill also deserve to be on the cover. Is DAVID VILLA better or WAYNE ROONEY? CRISTIANO RONALDO or LIONEL MESSI??

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