Wayne Rooney’s Bicycle Kick Against City: Beautiful Animation

The date was February 12, 2011. Up stepped Wayne Rooney in an important game against rivals Manchester City to score a sensational bicycle kick to win all three points.

Now, months later, talented artist Richard Swarbrick has recreated the moment in the game with an incredible animation (see above video).

It’s the same artist who created the animation of Gareth Bale’s goal against Inter Milan.

11 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney’s Bicycle Kick Against City: Beautiful Animation”

  1. It is certainly NOT a video filter. I have seen a few pieces of Swarbrick’s work and it is all painstakingly rendered by hand.

  2. His other videos normally have one frame created by ‘Isabelle’ (presumably his daughter)…didn’t see that in this one, maybe because it was used in an advert.

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