Real Madrid Should Sell Kaka

On Saturday night, I was at Lincoln Financial Field to watch the Philadelphia Union play Real Madrid.  In the seat behind mine, a father was telling his son excitedly about Kaka, who entered the game in the second half.  Unfortunately, despite the father yelling whenever Kaka received the ball, the Brazilian midfielder was ineffective.

Kaka is at the end of his prime as a top player.  He has endured two injury-filled seasons at the Santiago Bernabeu.  The 29-year old is wearing down, and wearing down quickly.  Jose Mourinho should shop Kaka and sell him to the highest bidder.

Every time Kaka got on the ball last night, he was snuffed out by a Union defender.  These are MLS reserve defenders.  It was very hot last night, but Kaka only played the final 45 minutes.  Needless to say, the Madridista supporters behind me were disappointed.

Mesut Ozil is the perfect replacement for Kaka.  The 22-year old German was at the top of his game last night.  Using his skill, Ozil poked and prodded the Union defense all night.  The German scored a goal in the 2-1 Madrid victory.  He plays in the same position as Kaka (center attacking midfielder) and has superior vision.

I am not trying to base my opinion of Kaka from one match.  Ozil clearly passed Kaka in the starting lineup last season.  Unfortunately, the Brazilian was not worth the £56 million that Madrid paid AC Milan for him.  It is time to cut the losses and sell him to Chelsea, Inter or Manchester City.

Kaka’s value will decrease the longer Real Madrid hold on to him.  This is just what happens to players who are over the hill.  Once a player begins declining, his price reduces drastically.

But the 29-year old Kaka would like to stay on at the Bernabeu: “I do not want to leave and the coach told me he wants me here for next season and the club told me there is no need to sell me.”

With the wages he is making, why would Kaka want to leave Madrid?  The only way Kaka will be persuaded to leave is if Mourinho sits him on the bench.  With Mesut Ozil clearly more effective, Kaka might be forced to enjoy a seat next to Mourinho in the near future.

Last night was a special one for US Soccer.  One of the premier teams in the world took center stage.  People were expecting the likes of Ronaldo and Kaka to dazzle the crowd with skill.  Ronaldo is still able to do it, and he should while he can, because you never know when your time is up.

22 thoughts on “Real Madrid Should Sell Kaka”

  1. Yeah man. I agree. Kaka’s career is declining. Being a Real Madrid fan, I would like Kaka to go elsewhere. I mean let’ face it. Kaka has old man knees. He can barley do shit. He doesn’t have that explosiveness as he once did in AC Milan. Can you dig it? Higuain can hit the road too. I’m telling you man, callejon and coentrao and the young ones like jesse, pedro, joselu, and canales should get more playing time. Canales is still a little to immature though. Thats my two cents on the topic.

  2. Ozil did better in the last game than kaka did. I believe the intense preseason training was getting to Kaka by the 3rd game. He did show hustle regardless which is what earned Benzema much more playing time last season. That said, Kaka did great in the LA game, and pretty good in the 2nd against Chivas, where he was more active and insync with the other players than Ozil was by far. Kaka playing as well as he did in 2 or 3 games at only the beginning of preseason a a good sign he will pull through. He too creative and good a player, who when confident and not injured, rises to the occasion. Ozil has yet to rise to the occasion in any big games. Kaka may have played his best game his first year against Barcelona of all games, and believe he can do that again this season. If Mou can make Milito one of the most dangerous forwards in the world to win champions league at Inter, I think Mou can surprise us with what he can do with Kaka. I saw great signs of it live against LA Galaxy…

    1. Kaka did have a good first half of the first game.

      I feel as though we watched different games against Chivas however – Ozil put his teammates through on goal a total of 8 times – clear through on goal – scoring chance after scoring chance created. He ripped apart the defence and he had a tremendous evening. And in a difficult game with the score at 0-0 at half-time Mourinho knew what he was doing when he took Kaka off and left Ozil on for 90 minutes.

      I’m sorry to say that Kaka was dreadful in that game – and in his appearance against Philadelphia Union. Anonymous, ineffective, and lacking in vision. He was tremendous for Brazil and tremendous for AC Milan – but that is now in the past, and his faults are magnified when he plays next to Ozil, who is so brilliant.

  3. Just because Kaka wasn’t good in the last game against Union doesn’t make him a bad team player. Look: Madrid overall wasn’t as good as it was against galaxy and that can be explained by the fact that the team has been training really hard in the past two weeks; nothing else! Kaka is a madrid player and this reasoning applies to his form against the Union as well. If you want to judge Kaka, then watch him for a full injury-free season. Then if he doesn’t perform, madrid can sell him. Selling kaka talk at this point is all Barcelona supporting media because kaka is bad for Barcelona, not for Madrid!!!!

  4. Kaka is 1 of d best player .he has d potential there is no doubt about that.d oonly reason is injury.he can surprise like nobodyelse with his performance this year.perez don’t intend to sell Kaka,he will play at bernabeu n retire here too.God bless Kaka

  5. kaka is a massive player. by selling him real will do a gr8 mistake. His skills,speed and passing can destroy any big team like barca. he did it for AC MILAN and will also do it for madrid for sure.

  6. I think is time 4 kaka 2 leave RM so that players like Nurisahin, Granero & Canales wil also get chance 2 prov themselfs

  7. I guess the 100 degree heat and humidity in the east coast of the United States didnt have anything to do with the play of not only Kaka but all the Madrid players in the 2nd half huh?

  8. KAKA is a good man and a great footballer. He is in no way at the level of OZIL. Everyone who followed the last two seasons closely and reviewed local media in Milan along with game commentary sees that clearly. The coach also sees it (played OZIL over KAKA) and who can argue with that. KAKA does not have the vision, pace, passing technique and ability to keep the ball that OZIL has. I watched KAKA get caught in possession more then any other player in the last two years. When watching the two live at the BERNABEU you clearly see OZIL has much more movement off the ball, is much quicker on the ball and moves laterally faster. He plays well when not pressured on the ball (ITALY,BRAZIL) but in the other leagues such as La Liga he is ineffective.

  9. Harsh to judge him on one game alone, every player has an off day. I do however agree that Kaka is not the same player he was 2-3 years ago. Niggling injuries hampered his final years at Milan and similar problems have prevented him making an impact at Madrid. These injuries have robbed him of his trademark acceleration on the ball, while pace wasn’t Kaka’s only quality (sublime touch, vision, passing and shooting) it was a major facet of his game. Without it he simply cannot play in a similar manner as before. He needs to re-adapt his game to compensate for his relative lack of pace.

  10. Ha, the entire RM did not play well in the second half of the union game. They were missing xavi alonso , and the coach was trying diferent players in that position.
    I agree with John about ozil, he is a great player, but I don’t think Ozil is enough to beat barca. Kaka shows glimpses of his old self ( very brief ) , but during those times, he is clearly the most dangerous man on the field. Mourihno has to find a way to get his confidence up. Also Kaka’s stats are amazing for last season given his injury …14 games , maybe 15-20 minutes each game and 7 goals ( for a midfielder) .

  11. Dear writers,
    If you find that you have nothing to write, please go and sleep.
    Writing nonsense about players is bull***, I don’t want people who are starting careers in writing, watch one game and make a page about a player.
    If I was going by your lame principles, I would write off Mesi ( he was a total shirt in the copa) I would write off Neymar ( he was a school boy in the copa), I would even write off Cronaldo ( he was a total shirt against Chelsea), but that is not how soccer is analysed. Please learn to analyse soccer otherwise, this thing of ‘kaka is not good enough’ is getting to ma nerves.

    1. Kizito Thomas,

      In my opinion, Mesut Ozil is a better player at this time to Kaka. Both cannot really play at the same time with Higuain and/or Benzema. Also, wouldn’t it be unfair to judge Neymar off of one tournament when he is only 18?

      I am not judging Kaka off one match. He has been injury-riddled during his time in Madrid, which is common among declining and aging players. Sure, he has been effective when healthy, but he has not been worth the huge fee Madrid paid for him.

      I am sorry if you are a Kaka fan. You can have your opinion and I can have mine. If Kaka has a great season this year, then I will be proven wrong. We will see…

  12. kaka should be sold off before madrid decrease its value n i think ozil is the perfect substitution as central forwars attacking option as Ronaldo plays on right wing wid hinguian

  13. i agree wid george ……….in 2010-2011 season he just played for few minutes and scored 7 goals and 1 assistance in a game against tottenham.ozil played more minutes than kaka but scored only 7 goals. I think it would be difficult for a player to come back after a long injury and score a goal but kaka was successful to score goals.if we look the game against barcelona real was defeated by 5 goals.In that game no one was able to understand barca game ….it sounds crazy to hear that ozil was substituted in 45 mins . Even ronaldo was doing nothing …..sometimes some player can have off time but it does not sense that he is a bad player!!! I like ozil.He is very good player but he has not face the dark side which kaka already have .kaka will return to his form this season and also ozil will be good . HALA MADRID!!!

  14. The way you compare Kaka with M Ozil, is totally worthless.You talked about the current performance of Kaka who just recovered. An injured player scored 7, playing 15-20 minutes on an avg of 14 games, how would you judge this performance? Is it bad or good? I think you will get this answer looking over the other mid fielders’ scores?

    You wrote that, getting such a big amount of money, Kaka wants to stay. Do you think that Kaka is staying Real Madrid only for money? No, money can’t be the answer of this. Would Kaka stay if Real Madrid don’t want him?

  15. kaka is still fit .injurys are stopping his career. he was better than messi and
    ronaldo at one stage and just needs to play ike he did in the first 3 pre season

  16. Kaka when fit is amongst the elite in world football.
    How can you all compare Ozil to Kaka?
    UNLUCKY Kaka has been, never rule him out,
    You will never come across a footballer so respected and well liked like Kaka. Sure he has lost a touch of pace but vision,creativity etc hes unmatched.
    Im a Man UTD Fan and would love to have Kaka at OT.
    Under the right guidance he will be back at the very top!
    God Bless Ricardo Kaka!!!

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