The Feet Continue to Dance – A Tribute to Lionel Messi: Music Video

A musician by the name of The Wizard of Ox has paid tribute to Lionel Messi in the above music video which combines highlights of the Barcelona magician backed by a great dance track and the poetic commentary of GolTV’s Ray Hudson and Catalan radio commentator (and journalist) Joaquim Maria Puyal.

Titled “The Feet Continue to Dance,” the three minute video is a perfect showcase of how gifted the Argentine is. Not only that, but it’s a great example of what a wonderful commentator Ray Hudson is. Hearing him sampled into this song along with Joaquim Maria Puyal is a treat.

8 thoughts on “The Feet Continue to Dance – A Tribute to Lionel Messi: Music Video”

  1. Ray Hudson is an annoying pain in the ass that drools over anything Barcelona does. I started watching GOLTV on mute this past season so I wouldn’t have to hear his asinine remarks (one time he was comparing a player to a vampire after he scored a goal)….utter stupidness.

    1. GolTv as a whole is pro-barca. If you ever watch those flashback commercials they always show things that make real madrid look bad and barca good. One of them even shown the time Messi dove in the El Clasico game at Camp Nou this year but said Carvalho fouled him. Messi got a yellow for the simulation he did but the person in the commercial said Carvalho was the one who committed the foul. It’s very sickening to watch the channel and just wished Espn would get all la liga rights and show it on espn3, deportes and espn 2. On Ray Hudson he never says anything good about any player on Real madrid that isn’t Ozil. When Ronaldo broke the liga scoring record he acted like it was nothing but a couple weeks before when Messi was on track to do it all he talked about was how crazy an achievement it would be. Basically they are a propaganda channel for Barcelona.

  2. Also on the Ronaldo record breaking achievement, last season it was the 2nd to last game of the season at Villareal where Ronaldo could and did tie the record of 38 goals with 2 free kicks. GolTv had rights to the game but showed it on delay to show a brasilain game instead. I found this uterly stupid and just plain retarded because for one reason Brazilians don’t watch goltv(which only offers spanish and english commentary) for brasilian matches, they watch the brasilian channels they ordered which is on portuguese. 2nd why would you not show the villareal vs real madrid match since a record could have been broken that day, its like if they showed the Yankees game where Jeter got his 3000th hit on delay. No competent tv head would do such a thing but Goltv did with Ronaldo. 3rd if Messi was the one who was on track to break the record then things would be a whole lot different. Goltv could have gave the game to Espn to show live but no, I guess they rather show it delayed then let people watch history be made live.

  3. Guess I am the loner here, but I love Ray Hudson. His commentary makes me laugh. And yes, most of it might sound silly, because it is… he makes it fun. The lines he pulls out sometimes are hilarious. I wish more commentators would have the zing that he has. And yes, they love Barca, and since I love Barca too, I have no problem with it. But in his defense, and gol tv defense and Phil Schoen (sp?) defense, they do give credit to players in opposing teams. I hear the “this kid is up and coming” line often from Ray…. who is speaking about someone playing against Barca. Besides, why wouldnt they love Barca….. they are after all, the greatest team in the world…. boo yah.

    1. Why not call it BarcaTV instead and let Espn take over Real Madrid games then, win win situation in my opinion for both sets of fans because Barca fans get to listen to Ray and Phil while Madrid fans get to watch games without nausea.

      1. Well, ESPN sure doesnt give Barca enough credit as they air many of their games (last season) on ESPNdeportes/ instead of ESPN/ESPN2. This bugs me as ESPNdeportes is not in HD and the quality of ESPN3 is not as good as the other ESPN networks. So sure, give all the Barca games to GOLtv and call it whatever. Least that way I can see the artists painting their majestrial canvas’s in great quality every week ūüėČ

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