Micah Richards Scores for Arsenal in FIFA 12 Gameplay Video

Manchester City and EA Sports announced a deal in Vancouver this past weekend. It’ll mean that the entire Manchester City squad will have their full facials featured in the game. Plus, FIFA 12 will include the new Eithad Stadium, exclusive Man City match simulations and an exclusive club specific pack design.

To kick off the event, Manchester City visited EA’s offices in Vancouver where defender Micah Richards play FIFA 12 against Wes Knight of the Vancouver Whitecaps. Richards played as Arsenal, while Knight picked Tottenham Hotspur. And you’ll see from the above video that Richards, a footballer who loves playing video games, scores for the Gunners.

While the camera angle isn’t the greatest, you can still get a good view of what FIFA 12 will look like in the above video.

Meanwhile, here’s a video showing Manchester City (who beat Vancouver 2-1 last night) featured in FIFA 12:

21 thoughts on “Micah Richards Scores for Arsenal in FIFA 12 Gameplay Video”

  1. Nice to see City of Manchester Stadium has been included. I hope that means a good portion of other grounds have been as well.

      1. all they need is the license to do it. its not really by choice, they have to get permission from someone to do it, god knows who though

  2. The trailer is probably completely accurate in the amount of playing time James Milner will get all season. Nice work EA Sports.

    Joking aside, looks good… for a joint City advert. No Tevez?

  3. Who cares about all this shet stadiums and team…IMPROVE Clubs and kick out human goalkeepers which ruin it. F10 > F11

  4. I JUST WISH TO SEE THE UEFA champions league in fifa sometimes…coz the graphics and the game play is quite better than any other soccer game!!!

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