Why It Is Time To End The ‘Undisclosed Fee’ Transfer

Having summarised the completed deals in the Championship last week, during my review of how much was being spent I found myself struggling to work out how much each club has been spending on their new players this transfer window.

This is because over the last decade the practice of publishing the details of the value of a transfer seems to have become almost extinct. With clubs instead preferring to keep an air of mystique by refusing to disclose how much they are buying or selling their players for.

This seems unfair and unworkable to the fans, who have a direct interest in the club’s finances as they are intertwined with the club’s success.

 I feel that clubs in the Football League should be duty bound to report how much they spend on individual transfers in a process which should be as transparent as possible.

Whilst the ‘undisclosed fee’ is now firmly entrenched in the transfer process I think it should be clear how much a club has recouped for selling a star player or how much the club is gambling with its financial future when splashing the cash.

Some may find it trivial or unimportant to want this information as long as the right players sign but surely with all the financial aspects of the game transfer fees should be made public?

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