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Frank Rost First Match In MLS Is A Scoreless Draw Against Chivas-USA

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When the summer transfer window opened for Major League Soccer the Red Bulls were very determined to get a brand new keeper to help this club stop the leak and help the offense put some goals into the oppositions net. Getting his ITC & P1 Visa was former Hamburg keeper Frank Rost and right away was thrown into the fire for the Red Bulls two match road trip to face Chivas-USA.

You can definitely say after ninety minutes and some extended second half stoppage time that a scoreless draw was going to be the end result with the Red Bulls having majority of the chances and Chivas-USA looking dangerous, but never got a clean shot on goal.

If you are looking for some decent moments there were some with Jan Gunnar Solli in the first half with a rip in the 32nd minute that nails the crossbar. It originally looked like Dan Kennedy got a hand or a fingertip on the ball, but the referee said no touch and gave the goal kick.

Even the misses looked somewhat dramatic for the Red Bulls when Juan Agudelo had two chances to put it on frame, but sadly they were wide of both posts. Plenty of attack from the Red Bulls but sadly no conversions as the match ended scoreless.

But the most important player for the Red Bulls was the starting keeper as Rost looked to command his area and did so very well. After flying in from Germany on Friday and hopping on the plane to Los Angeles with the Red Bulls, you would think there would be some jetlag with top rated keeper of the Bundasliga.

That wasn’t the case as he played well and gave Tim Ream some instructions on how to be aware in the defensive end. He forced Jorge Flores to take a shot that nailed the crossbar in the 38th minute and that would be the closest thing to a chance on goal all night for Chivas-USA

But the one thing that Rost didn’t like from the Chivas-USA attackers was getting bumped into and he nearly delivered a hard elbow to the face of Justin Braun. After leaping for the ball in the 50th minute Braun took a step or two towards Rost and tried to bait him for a card.

Then late in the second half it was Chris Cortez who went after the ball late that was grabbed by Rost and he bumped him as well. Rost was not happy about that and referee Mark Kadlecik demanded that Cortez leave the Red Bulls area.

All of a sudden controversy would rear its ugly head in the 90th minute as Rost made a big grab Kadlecik for some reason blew his whistle as he thought he saw a hand ball in the area to award Chivas-USA a penalty. After discussion with his near side assistant Jeff Hosking, who had the better angle that Carlos Mendes header to Rost was not a hand ball. The call was overturned.

For the Red Bulls who earned their eleventh draw of the season knew they had to release one of their keepers or send them on loan. That would be Greg Sutton whose contract is not guaranteed and was sent to the Montreal Impact of the North American Soccer League.

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One Response to Frank Rost First Match In MLS Is A Scoreless Draw Against Chivas-USA

  1. Charles says:

    Does MLS have any trade deadlines or “transfer windows” and what are the rules ?

    DeRo was moved to the RedBulls, never showed up, and then moved away from the RedBulls before this.
    Plus, there have been plenty of players signed by other teams before NY picked up Rost.

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