Feuerstein’s Fire #66 And Women’s World Cup Final

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2011 Women’s World Cup USA Vs Japan Championship Final Review Show
Sunday, July 17th 5:30PM EDT – 2:30PM PDT
Chris J. Ballard of Matchfit USA joins me
NOTE: If match goes into Extra Time, the start time will be moved back

Feuerstein’s Fire Episode #66
Tuesday, July 19th 8:00PM EDT – 5:00PM PDT
Blake Compton of the Hudson Street Hooligans Discussing the Columbus Crew
Chris Riordan DC Correspondant & MLS Talk Podcast host discusses DC United
NASL Segment: Re-Capping the weekend events
Red Bulls Hour: Re-Capping the road match At Chivas-USA

Mid-Week Special: Red Bulls At Rapids review show
Thursday, July 21st 8:00PM EDT – 5:00PM PDT

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2 Responses to Feuerstein’s Fire #66 And Women’s World Cup Final

  1. The original Tom says:

    Enjoy your pods, Daniel. Sorry about the technical issues the other night. Hang in there.

  2. Daniel Feuerstein says:

    I will Tom. I was scrambling to get back on the air and sadly I couldn’t get through.

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