Football Economics: Families and Loyalty The Key To Championship Season Ticket Prices

Last week ChampionshipTalk published research on the average cost of a season ticket in the NPower Championship.

Further research shows that the headline figures hide the complex ticket pricing strategies employed by clubs can mean that determining how much the person in front of you paid for their seat is difficult to fathom.

Attempting to decipher the various price plans and strategies ChampionshipTalk found that in general the price of your season ticket depends on several factors which include;

  • You age
  • If you are a new season ticket holder
  • If you pay for your season ticket in installments
  • If you renew/buy your ticket early
  • The stand/area of the ground you sit it

Buying In Advance

Almost every club sought to boost their summer bank balance by offering a discount for fans buying their ticket before a certain deadline.

This is a great strategy for both parties as fans get cheaper tickets and the clubs are able to budget more effectively and have cash available during the lean summer months.


Many companies effectively punish their ‘customers’ for their loyalty, however nearly a third of clubs in the Championship shunned this approach to reward fans for renewing early with cheaper season tickets.

At Bristol City this could equate to upto a 25% discount which shows that fan loyalty is still something that is valued and rewarded by some clubs despite the modern era being bereft of such principles in other areas.

Focus on Young Fans

The most significant savings on the headline price could be found in the under 16 pricing category.

Most clubs have offered substantial discounts to under 16’s accompanied by a paying adult, with discounted adult season tickets in these sections typical there is amazing value available for children looking to watch live football in the Championship.

On average the cost of an accompanied under 16 is under two pounds per game highlighting how important clubs view recruiting the next generation of their fanbase.

This is a clever marketing strategy that is likely to have tangible long term benefits combined with immediate indirect revenue from concession stands and merchandise, both of which are highly lucrative in the under 16 demographic.

 Getting children interested in watching football is important and should be encouraged; in the days where football tickets are increasingly expensive it is encouraging that in the Championship there is a focus on getting young fans watching live football.

Whilst the pricing strategies of the different clubs are difficult to compare due to their complexity, it is clear that clubs regardless of their total price are targeting certain demographics and attempting to build a friendlier more cooperative image.

It will be interesting to see how this translates into sales and attendance in the forthcoming season, but the omens are good.

A Full List of Championship season ticket prices can be found here


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