Club America vs Manchester City in San Francisco: Roll Call

Manchester City kick off its 2011 US summer tour Saturday evening in San Francisco when they face Club America (live on Telefutura at 8pm ET).

If you’re planning on going to the game, definitely post a comment here to let everyone know. Tell us a little about yourself. Have you seen Manchester City play before? Are you a City fan? Which player are you most excited about seeing?

If you’re going, please contact me at thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com if you’re interested in writing an article about your experiences at the game, or if you’d like to take some pictures. The best photos and articles will be published on EPL Talk.

Hopefully City will play with more passion than they did on their tour last summer where they seemed very disinterested and uninspiring. With City qualifying for the Champions League and having won the 2011 FA Cup, I hope the team will have a lot more vigor about them against a strong Mexican side. It should be a great test in City’s first preseason match of the summer.

Manchester City’s roster for the US tour is as follows:

GOALKEEPERS (4) – Joe Hart, Eirik Johansen, Loris Karius, Stuart Taylor

DEFENDERS (9) – Dedryck Boyata, Gaël Clichy, Aleksandar Kolarov, Vincent Kompany, Joleon Lescott, Ryan McGivern, Micah Richards, Stefan Savi?, Frederic Veseli

MIDFIELDERS (10) – Gareth Barry, Nigel De Jong, Adam Johnson, Andrea Mancini, James Milner, David Silva, Denis Suarez, Yaya Touré, Vladimir Weiss, Shaun Wright-Phillips

FORWARDS (3) – Mario Balotelli, Edin Džeko, John Guidetti

Post your comment below if you’re planning on heading to watch Manchester City.

8 thoughts on “Club America vs Manchester City in San Francisco: Roll Call”

  1. Im interested to see how Guidetti does against some tough opposition, he bangs them in for fun in the EDS, and that denis suarez, yaya toure has been talking him up saying he’s amazing and has great ball control like silva..
    we know what clichy can do..he’s great…
    I reckon we’ve got a gem in Savic aswell, he did well against england at wembley in the euro qualifiers, stopped us scoring and looked strong, quick and very calm, like kompany, cool as f…..

  2. I’ll be there…working. I’m directing the television coverage for Galavision which as I understand it will be available world wide.

  3. I’m on my way right now. This will be my first time witnessing an EPL team on action live. Although I am a LFC fan i am still very excited for this game. It will be strange watching a football match at a baseball stadium. David silva is the player I am most excited to watch on man city. As for Club America I am very intrigued atthe opportunity to watch Edgar Castillo. I am a HUGE fan of USMNT and we desperately need depth at the LB position.

  4. Here is a post report; admittedly after post-match drinks and at 10pm PST. As a neutral (not-MCFC fan) I was genuinely disappointed. There were no tickets under $40 available at the box office regardless of where you wanted to sit and I paid a bit more than that on a ticket reseller website for Row 1, a non-fieldside section. There were MAYBE 5,000 fans in the stadium and while some Club America fans were cheering non-stop from the upper decks it was a dead atmosphere. I attend Giants games throughout the season and I genuinely felt bad for the players on the field due to the lack of support in the stands. I really though it was a sold-out match before I came out and I even assumed it would be 75% Club America / 25% Man City support.

    Bottom line: whatever morons planned this event; they priced out anyone who would care to go. This should have been a packed house. The Bay Area knows how to support soccer and noone gave a shit about this game because instead of spending $50 (for section 300) or $250 (for section 100) they had better things to do. For $15 / $50 it would have been 40,000 people losing their minds for 2 hours. I don’t even see what the point of having it here was. Why come?

    From the jerseys I saw, it seemed like ANYone who was a Premier League fan in S.F. and who could somehow afford it came out to support Man City. I saw Arsenal. Chelsea, Man. U, Man City, (me: West Ham) etc jerseys all over and the cheers for both goals were 50% positive from anyone in an EPL jersey.

    How can anyone expect a premier league team to ever visit again when the stadium has 3,000 people in it? What a joke. Learn how to price the %@%$#$ tickets properly and learn how to spread the joy of the league to people. Isn’t that the entire purpose of a united states tour?

    I’m almost embarrassed to be from San Francisco and to be a die hard soccer fan after this bull$%!#$!@.

    1. While I might not have used the same language, I completely agree with the intent of this post.

      Official attendance was announced at just over 11,000 fans which is questionable based on what I saw, however even that number in a stadium that can hold up to 40k fans, suggests that someone, somewhere got the marketing and the ticket pricing for this event completely wrong.

      I’m a huge footie fan and an organizer of a local supporters group, and yet if there was any marketing about this event, I never saw it.

      Another interesting anecdotal piece of evidence, the most-vibrant groups of fans rooting for Club America, who came with banners, horns, drums, and danced/chanted throughout the event, were relegated to the upper-most seats (presumably the cheapest), speaks in my mind to the socioeconomic aspects of ticket pricing

  5. I went (Chelsea supporter, but no shirt). Agree with everything christoff says. The official announced attendance was 11,000 however there were at most half that. Pricing model certainly kept folks away.

    In the 2009 incarnation of the World Football Challenge when Chelsea came over (and I believe it was a different promoter at the time), we drew 81K in LA vs Inter, 71K in Baltimore vs AC Milan, 57K in Dallas vs Club America. In 2007, over 50K in Palo Alto, also against Club America. Of course the appeal was the joint support of all the clubs involved, but I’m just throwing those numbers out for comparison. The SJ Mercury News this morning quotes a promoter rep saying “we’re going to have to look into what happened.

    LA Times reports 56K for the Real Madrid – Galaxy game, also last night.

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