Wesley Sneijder to Manchester United: Tabloid Rumors or Not?

One of the more intriguing rumors going around the transfer period is Manchester United looking to grab Inter Milan midfielder Wesley Sneijder to replace recently retired Paul Scholes.

Sneijder, who spent a good chunk of time injured last year at Inter, has allegedly expressed his desire to leave and has supposedly spoken to an Inter about choice real estate according to newspaper rumors. Sneijder would join recent signings Phil Jones, Ashley Young and goalkeeper David De Gea if he makes the move. An unnamed teammate of Sneijder was quoted as saying that “everyone expects Wesley’s move to United to be announced soon.”

Regardless of the rumors and the legitimacy of the “unnamed sources” involved, let’s play hypothetical. Sneijder would be an interesting fit for the team but would require a lot of reshuffling from United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Ostensibly playing near or at the same position as Wayne Rooney, Sneijder isn’t really a “running midfielder” but more of a playmaker which would leave Rooney to do the bulk of the wandering up front, with Hernandez and possibly Young up there as well. As far as replacing Scholes, Sneijder definitely fits the bill and would provide United with a rotation consisting of him, Nani, Valencia, Berbatov and the previously mentioned Rooney, Hernandez and Young. This level of depth would also seemingly allow for the fact that Sneijder only played 25 games last year and would still be coming back from injuries.

Of course these are all rumors, as United has been linked to almost every player that has been mentioned in transfer talks to the point where when I read about a player looking to leave I always expect the “and Chelsea, Man City and United are interested” to follow. It’s definitely a great pickup, and if signed Sneijder could end up being the final piece to an already intimidating team that looks to repeat as Premier League champions.

18 thoughts on “Wesley Sneijder to Manchester United: Tabloid Rumors or Not?”

  1. As a scoring midfielder, it would be a welcoming re-shuffle. With Sneijder in the middle, you wouldn’t need Rooney going so far back to begin the play. Plus, Sneijder is creative playmaker that would be ideal in front of Carrick or Fletcher. If only they can work out the $$$ rubbish but I’ve read somewhere that Sneijder agreed to $190K per week.

  2. Is it just me or does anyone find mourinho lack of expression in this picture funny.

    at 27 years old and coming off an injury i don’t think sneijder is worth the price tag. He is not the athlete the prem requires either.

    1. Silva and Modric are better athletes? Technique and quality is more important than how fast someone is. Can’t outpace the ball. He is class. And I do agree with your feelings on the price, its not the initial outlay required but the additional salary cost of near 200k per week? That is a princely sum.

  3. I love Paul Scholes, but the constant talk of “replacing” him (it’s not just you) has me befuddled. If you’re looking for someone who scored exactly one league goal in 22 limited appearances last season, I don’t think that will be too difficult. He simply was not an important factor in Man Utd’s season.

    Of course, no one can actually “replace” Scholes in the pantheon of Man Utd players, but let’s not get carried away by throwing his name into what they have to do in the transfer market. Sneijder may or may not have what it takes to help the team to another championship, but it certainly has nothing to do with replacing Paul Scholes.

    1. Scholes at his peak was a creative midfielder with the ability to score. In essence that’s what Man Utd. is looking to replace because they just don’t have one. Anderson could be that player but he never seems to fit for top flight.

  4. While he is my first choice to fill the Scholes roll I think hes a little over priced at 35m. I happen to think he would fit in perfectly with the team, his ability to play in between the midfield and strikers means Rooney wouldn’t have to drop so deep all the time.

    The rumor of Nani + 15m being used in a swap deal is still doing the rounds, i wouldn’t be totally against this idea if it happened but id be just as happy if Nani stays.

    1. I agree that 35m is inflated but then 40m or 45m for Alexis Sanchez is redonkulous…along the lines of 50m for Torres. That said, if Man Utd. can settle this for 35m and lower wages in the neighborhood $190K, it’s more than doable.

      1. 190k a week is more than doable for Utd. If im not mistaken Sneijder also has a boot deal with Nike so it opens up the possibility of him getting more money in image rights to make up for taking a lower weekly wage. Im sure Nike would be more than happy to see him at the biggest club in the world.

    1. The only other thing i dont like about getting him is hes been hyped up by the public so much at this point there is no way he can live up to it. It doesn’t matter what he wins with us it will never be enough and in some people eyes he wont justify the 35m.

      On the plus side he is world class and young enough that he could probably play into his early to mid 30s no problem so you could get 6-8 good seasons out of him if he take care of himself.

  5. it would be a great n perfect signing for united,if he finally signs for manu.at age 27 yrs,he can still play 5-7 seasons with if he stays out injury.but please clear me out,is it true that the deal will be completed in the next 48 hours,i can’t wait to see it done.saf,go get him.glory glory united.

  6. Yes he is a great player,but we must looken into his future for the.we need what will keep us strengthend n our club and made us stand firm in the competitions ahead of us,if the weekly salary wil affect us,lets do it with new signing that wil stil suite the team

  7. be a great signing someone that can take freekicks and corners alone something they have lacked 4 years.also scores winning goals and a great passer better than scholes ever was. would really help utd win the champions leaugue again

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