Manchester United Kick Off US Summer Tour With 4-1 Win Against Revs

Photo by Jason Staples

UPDATED: The build-up for the friendly pitting Manchester United against the New England Revolution was predictable.

A local TV newscaster called Man United’s visit as the arrival of “the best team in the world” (I guess he didn’t see the Barcelona game) and joked about Alex Fergusson having “sir” before his name. Yes, we get it, Mr. Newsreader, soccer is an odd game and British customs are funny to you.

The Boston media treated Wednesday’s friendly against Manchester United as a curiosity at best. Boston is still in the afterglow of a Bruins’ Stanley Cup and the Red Sox are in the middle of a heated pennant race so exhibition soccer match on a Wednesday night didn’t garner much attention.

That is except for the 50,000-plus fans that went to Gillette Stadium wearing Man United and Premier League jerseys to watch a world-class team.

The friendly was actually my first soccer match. I’ve become hooked on the Premier League and what better team to see first in person than Man United – defending Premier League champions?

The match had its drama including Wayne Rooney’s attempted scissor kick, Nani’s fancy footwork and Dimitar Berbatov’s headers repeatedly missing the goal. Those wowed the crowd in the first half, but the game was tied at 0-0 at halftime. Rooney and Berbatov were substituted out of the game, but the second half gave American fans the opportunity to applaud Ryan Giggs who came on to thunderous applause.

There were plenty of goals in the second half, with Man United easily besting their MLS foe 4-1, but the energy level was not the same. Rooney was off the pitch and interest waned in the crowd though nearly all of the 50,000-plus stayed to the end despite scattered showers.

For the Man U players, the game was a chance to prepare for the upcoming season and avoid injury, but for Premier League fans in New England, the match was an opportunity to see the champions, Rooney, and the Premier League trophy.

Gillette Stadium is a long way from Manchester, but for an evening Man United brought Old Trafford to New England.

More photos from the game:

Photo by Les Masterson
Photo by Jason Staples
Photo by Jason Staples
Photo by Jason Staples
Photo by Jason Staples

16 thoughts on “Manchester United Kick Off US Summer Tour With 4-1 Win Against Revs”

    1. He’s joining the tour next week – was part of the England U21 squad that played in the European Championship over the summer. Welbeck, Smalling, Jones, De Gea & Chicharito also played over the summer and are joining up next week.

  1. I was there (10 rows behind the United bench) and the atmosphere was outstanding. I have seen countless MLS games (original Chicago Fire “Section 8” member) and even was able to catch a World Cup game in ’94 (the Germany/Spain draw in the group stage). It was something special being able to see your favorite EPL club (I have been following United since the mid 90s) play in person….

  2. Les I come to this site to read about football. If I wanted to read about acting I would go to laligatalk so please refrain from talking about the Academy awards and oscar winning Barcelona.

  3. Such a great time! Close to 2000 people in attendance for the United Training. The players stayed for over an hour after practice ended and signed everything for everyone. Rooney was last guy on the pitch signing for people. Watching the players walking thru the lobby of the four seasons was incredible. The stadium was packed full of Reds and is by far one of the nicest in the country. A great night capped off by a United Victory!

  4. The amount of people wearing jerseys of other football teams, including the the shirts of our most hated rivals, was ridiculous. American soccer fans need to stop that sh*t. If you’re going to a match in which you support neither team then don’t wear a bloody football shirt to it. If you insist on wearing a football shirt then the least you can do is wear one from another country. Wearing a Liverpool shirt to a United game, I mean, WTF? We get it you like soccer, you’re at the f***ing game aren’t you. Nobody gives a sh*t that you support Liverpool at this particular match and you’re only inviting abuse and opening yourself up to something unfortunate occurring. This is a uniquely American phenomenon unfortunately.

    1. That’s why we live in this country. We can go watch sporting events and not have to worry about wearing the wrong color. We can also bring our kids without worrying about violence. We don’t have to separate the fans, we get along with people cheering for other clubs or country…we even sit beside them. And, fortunately, this is a uniquely American phenomenon!!!

      1. Um… you don’t go to many games do you? Try wearing a Bruins jersey in Montreal. A Red Wings jersey in Chicago. How about a Red Sox jersey in New York? A Chiefs jersey in Oakland would fit in nicely. And these teams don’t even have to be playing each other at the time…

        There is a fan laying in a hospital for the last 2 months or so because he get attacked by Dodger fans in LA because he wore a Giants jersey to the game. Same thing happened a few years ago in Chicago when a Sox fan was beaten within an inch of his life up near Wrigley (and this was in October).

        You, Karl, might have just written one of the most naive statements I have ever seen. “We all get along”? Are you kidding? People that wear jerseys of an opposing or rival team (in ANY sport) deserve to get heckled and thrown some verbal abuse. If you are dumb enough to wear a rival jersey to a game where that team ISN’T EVEN PLAYING, you need to be removed from the building for being an idiot.

        I HATE it when I’m sitting at a game (Red Sox/White Sox for example) and a group of loud mouth Yankee fans sit in the section dressed head to toe in NY gear. What’s the point? Your team isn’t playing, so why wear it? They deserve to get their asses kicked.

        So I agree 100% with Mark. People need to know better. I was booing people on the train in from Boston on Wednesday night because there were a group of guys wearing City jerseys….

        Want to wear your City gear? That’s all fine and dandy… BUT DO IT AT A BLOODY CITY MATCH.

        Know nothing casual American fans just piss me off. And yes – I’m an American. Born and raised in Chicago, living in Boston.

    2. Cool, so we won’t see you at Fenway next year? Might be your only chance to see an EPL team in New England.

      I was one of the people wearing a Liverpool shirt at the game. So where three other people in my section. We also had Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Spurs, and even a pair of West Ham supporters near by. I commiserated with the West Ham fans and gave my condolences to the Chelsea supporter for their wonderful new striker (His reply: “Wazzat? Can’t hear your from Europe.”). It was nice to be able to talk with other Premier League fans while watching a Premier League team play.

      And if we have to suck it up and make that game a ManU one?
      So be it.

      1. You won’t see me at Fenway? No, not unless United are playing you won’t. I have zero interest in attending a game not involving the club I support and certainly have no interest if it’s one of our biggest rivals playing. I wouldn’t go to watch Liverpool play if they were in my back garden if they were playing a friendly and if by some chance I found myself at a Liverpool game I certainly wouldn’t go wearing my United shirt. I have more respect and good sense than that. It’s just silliness.

        1. Yeah I’m not sure why one would go to this match if he or she doesn’t like either United or the Revs. Bunch of casuals.

          1. Sorry, but why can’t someone who loves soccer just for the sport go and enjoy the game? Why does someone have to wear the badge of one of their teams on his or her chest to “be accepted”?

            The Gaffer

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