West Brom Preseason Opener Begins With Goalkeeper Scoring Against Them (Video)

West Brom LFC

While most of the attention today will be on Manchester United’s opening game of their US summer tour against New England Revolution (ESPN2, 8pm ET), many of us may not have realized that West Bromwich Albion were the first Premier League club to play a preseason friendly this summer when they played yesterday against San Jose Earthquakes in California.

West Brom lost the match 2-1 in front of 6,872 spectators, but the most talked about incident from the match came in the third minute when San Jose Earthquakes goalkeeper David Bingham collected the ball in his area and then booted it down the pitch where it bounced in front of West Brom goalkeeper Boaz Myhill and into the goal to make it one-nil to San Jose (see above video).

West Brom’s next friendly is against Ventura County Fusion on July 17. I have a feeling that Myhill will be standing closer to his goal-line in that match!

10 thoughts on “West Brom Preseason Opener Begins With Goalkeeper Scoring Against Them (Video)”

  1. Myhill has been at WBA for a season already, but I’m not sure if he made any appearances last season (he was always the reserve keeper).

    Prior to that, he was first choice at Hull City (my team) for a long time. He’s a legend for being with them all the way from the old third division up to the EPL, but he’s always had a problem with getting lobbed. I don’t know why it hasn’t been coached out of him yet. How hard is it to learn to stay on your line and judge the trajectory of the ball?

  2. Thats what happens when you dont play on synthetic turf every day like most US teams, different bounce will get you!

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