Chelsea Third Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Leaked Photo

Chelsea have never been shy about their change shirts. In previous years, their away shirts and third shirts have been some of the worst designs in the league. There was the orange and black one that looked like something from Halloween. And then there was last season’s third shirt was an ugly florescent green. Now, thanks to a leaked photo, we can see that Chelsea’s third shirt for the 2011-12 Premier League season looks like an advertisement for Germany. All that’s missing is a red bar between the black and yellow, and it would look like the German flag.

While most clubs get an away or third shirt from the Adidas template, Chelsea and Adidas almost always break the mold with their designs. And this one is definitely different. Even the three stripes down the sleeves looks different, while the retro collar looks like something you’d expect to see in the ’70s.

As for the choice of white, black and yellow on the shirt, Chelsea have used those three colors before on their third shirts (they’ve had a yellow and blue one, and a black and white one). While the above shirt design is original and I appreciate Adidas’s attempt at being creative, this shirt design rubs me the wrong way.

But what do you think? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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9 thoughts on “Chelsea Third Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Leaked Photo”

    1. My thoughts exactly.

      Their alternates have been consistently wretched for the last three years. Glad to see they are continuing the trend…

  1. Except Germany’s flag colors are BLACK-red-yellow…not DARK BLUE-red-yellow… so that comment didnt make much sense.

    I like the way that they are incorporating the blue/yellow scheme from some of the older kits and getting away from obnoxious colors.

  2. For the uninformed,black, yellow and white was the flag of Russia from 1858-1883 and is still in use by nationalists in Russia.And guess the nationality of the Chelsea owner.For all the talk about Germany,LA Galaxy and what not, we know now what the jersey really looks like :-)

  3. I disagree ^ the 3rd shirt is kinda brutal, but the home and away shirts are great. The away shirt in particular is brilliant.

    1. Agreed. The home is clean and nicely done. The away brings a bit of the innovation and flavor everyone has been asking for. But this third one, ouch. Not cool.

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