Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Premier League Clubs

In the parlance of Twitter conversations in the 21st century, it’s important to know what the hashtags are for the Premier League clubs you’re conversing about on Twitter. To do so correctly will help you broaden your audience to people who search for their news and conversations on Twitter by using the club’s Twitter hashtag.

Interestingly, there is no defined list. Some clubs use more than one hashtag. Some even use one of three. And some clubs use the same ones. For example, both Stoke City and Swansea use #scfc (confusing, eh?). And in the case of Wigan Athletic, if you search for tweets using the #wigan hashtag, you’ll find people tweeting about not only Wigan Athletic, but also Wigan the rugby league club.

So, here are the hashtags for the 20 clubs in the 2011-12 Premier League season:

  1. Arsenal: #arsenal or #afc
  2. Aston Villa: #avfc or #villa
  3. Blackburn Rovers: #brfc
  4. Bolton Wanderers: #bolton or #bwfc
  5. Chelsea: #chelsea or #cfc
  6. Everton: #everton or #efc
  7. Fulham: #fulham or #ffc
  8. Liverpool: #lfc
  9. Manchester City: #mcfc
  10. Manchester United: #mufc
  11. Newcastle United: #nufc
  12. Norwich City: X
  13. Queens Park Rangers: #qpr
  14. Stoke City: #stoke or #scfc
  15. Swansea City: #swans or #scfc
  16. Sunderland: #sunderland or #sfc
  17. Tottenham Hotspur: @tottenham or #coys or #thfc
  18. West Bromwich Albion: #wba or #baggies or #wbafc
  19. Wigan Athletic: #wigan
  20. Wolverhampton Wanderers: #wolves

If you have any suggestions of Twitter hashtags that are used that are missing from the above list, please post them in the comments section below.

30 thoughts on “Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Premier League Clubs”

  1. Wow gaffer, slow news week?

    Could have thrown a little piece together about that match played on Sunday in Germany. Just sayin’.

    1. The match played in Germany on Sunday? You mean the women’s world cup, that has absolutely zilch to do with the English premier league? That’s like saying he should have written an article about Andy Murray’s performance at Wimbledon.

  2. This “article” was interesting and valuable …. as it reconfirmed my desire to avoid twitter for as long as possible.

  3. You will also see #KTBFFH, #upthechels on twitter for Chelsea I tend to use #CFC rather than Chelsea @echelseafc as Chelsea can get confused with a couple of other celebrities, the area of NY, London or even just people called Chelsea

  4. Yeah we use #NCFC or #yellowarmy at Norwich, not X, or were you just giving us a big kiss for being so great??? :-) Really looking forward to the season, and all the best of luck to all

  5. Would be great if we could get actual match topics trending. We already do it in Australia, and tends to be the most successful trending topic on match days. Would be great to get EPL matches trending as well like for example this weekendfor Round 12: #EPLnrwars #EPLevewol #EPLsunful #EPLmcnu #EPLstoqpr #EPLswaman #EPLwigbla #EPLcheliv. That way both fans can interact on the same game, sharing views for that game.

    We’ve started it in Australia for round 12. Hopefully will catch on in the following weeks globally.

  6. We’ve been using the hashtags that dansportzblog mentioned above too, great way to get fans to have a bit of banter before during and after the games. This weeks (week 14) would be as follows:


    Let’s try and get these trending this week!

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