Football The Saviour Of The Socially Awkward

The chance to write about football is great as I get to talk about something that I have a true passion about to people that share this with me. 

Sadly between watching and writing about football I am obligated to spend 7.5 hours each week day working a day job, which cuts into the time I can spend watching football. 

The world of work however is not all bad and I am fortunate that the two are not always mutually exclusive, as my diverse workplace provides many opportunities for football based banter. 

As my job can involve travelling and socialising, a socially awkward individual such as myself is often able to use the game as social crutch in times of need.   

This is one of the beautiful things about football, even if you have never met someone before if they have an interest in the game then this gives you instantly something in common and to talk about. 

I am obviously careful, there is nothing more unprofessional than a full blown argument about the merits of a certain style of play in the middle of a packed room but generally it passes the time and makes things more bearable.

Obviously this will not save me on every occasion but I am often able to talk football with people from across the globe and share perspectives something that is not always easy in England as interest in the foreign game can be quite low. 

This week I was in Budapest and was able to enjoy talking about Corinthians with a Brazilian and US college ‘Soccer with an American and learn a lot about both. 

This is the amazing thing about football that is whilst it can cause arguments it is something that millions of people around the world in common and can share. With a world seemingly continuously in conflict we could do with focussing more on things we have in common.

So if you ever see a socially akward gangly man with glasses reading the sports pages in the airport terminal it could be me, feel free to come over and let me know what you think of the reluctance of Fabio Capello’s failure to drop some of England’s underperforming superstars or some other piece of football opinion.

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