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MON, 7:30PM ET

US TV Schedule for 2011-12 Premier League Matches Revealed

soccer on tv US TV Schedule for 2011 12 Premier League Matches Revealed

The Premier League today revealed which matches during the first few months of the 2011-12 season have had their kickoff times moved so they’ll be featured on television.

As a result, we can now infer which matches will be shown on US television – at least some of them. The complete US TV schedule won’t be known for a few weeks.

Having said that, here’s what we know so far for August through November:

Saturday August 13:
Newcastle United v Arsenal, 12:30pm (FOX Soccer)

Sunday August 14:
Stoke City v Chelsea, 8:30am (FOX Soccer Plus and
West Brom v Manchester United, 11am (FOX Soccer)

Monday August 15:
Manchester City v Swansea, 3pm (ESPN2)

Saturday August 20:
Arsenal v Liverpool, 7.45am (ESPN2)
Chelsea v West Brom, 12:30pm (FOX Soccer)

Sunday August 21:
Bolton v Manchester City, 11am (FOX Soccer)

Monday August 22:
Manchester United v Tottenham, 3pm (ESPN2)

Saturday August 27:
Aston Villa v Wolves, 7.05am (
Liverpool v Bolton, 12.30pm (FOX Soccer)

Sunday August 28:
Spurs v Man City, 8:30am (FOX Soccer Plus and
Manchester United v Arsenal, 11am (FOX Soccer)

Saturday September 10:
Bolton v Manchester United, 12:30pm (FOX Soccer)

Sunday September 11:
Norwich v West Brom, 8.30am (FOX Soccer Plus and
Fulham v Blackburn, 11am (FOX Soccer)

Monday September 12:
Queens Park Rangers v Newcastle, 3pm (ESPN2)

Saturday September 17:
Blackburn v Arsenal, 7.45am (ESPN2)

Sunday September 18:
Tottenham v Liverpool, 8.30am (FOX Soccer Plus and
Manchester United v Chelsea, 11am (FOX Soccer)

Saturday September 24:
Manchester City v Everton, 7.45am (ESPN2)
Stoke v Manchester United, 12:30pm (FOX Soccer)

Sunday September 25:
Queens Park Rangers v Aston Villa, 11am (FOX Soccer)

Monday September 26:
Norwich v Sunderland, 3pm (ESPN2)

Saturday October 1:
Everton v Liverpool, 7.45am (ESPN2)

Sunday October 2:
Bolton v Chelsea, 8.30am (FOX Soccer Plus)
Tottenham v Arsenal, 11am (FOX Soccer)

Schedules subject to change.

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30 Responses to US TV Schedule for 2011-12 Premier League Matches Revealed

  1. cnl. onions says:

    I feel like those 8:30 Sunday games are not always necessarily on Fox Soccer Plus. For instance, I think Spurs-Liverpool will be on Fox Soccer.

    And, what do you think of it? Excited that Swansea are on ESPN2 on Monday the first week?

  2. Footyhip says:

    Assuming that L’pool game on Aug 20 is 7:45 AM not PM.

  3. FC Asheville says:

    Yeah…are the 7:45PM games typos?

  4. Cricketlover says:

    Gaffer, I think the Saturday 7:45 matches are AM not PM as you’ve listed.

  5. Keith says:

    On Sunday September 18 I don’t think I’ll be leaving the couch anytime before 1pm. Chelsea vs. Man U and Tottenham vs. Liverpool. Nice day.

  6. Jason says:

    Will there be replays on ESPN3 this year for the games that they have? I was mad that the ESPN3 games were live only. I can’t ever watch the games live only.

    • bradjmoore48 says:

      I’d say no. ESPN sub-licenses their matches from Fox, and the Premier League tends to have very draconian rules about their television and broadband rights. Since ESPN isn’t the primary rights holder, they will always get the shaft in these situations. If you can’t watch live on TV, get a DVR or start using it. If you solely rely on ESPN3, not necessarily advocating it, but there are websites to get what you want….just sayin’ :-)

    • Cord4Gooner says:

      ESPN3 no longer shows any EPL. no replays nada

  7. FC Asheville says:

    I would imagine somehow’s deal prohibits ESPN3 from replaying games online.

  8. FC Balls says:

    Why’s there gotta be a Fox Soccer Plus? Paying for Fox Soccer isn’t enough?

    • foxsoccer+heater says:

      i know right… we already pay a lot for cable company just to get fox soccer why is there a fox soccer +

    • Guy says:

      FS+ came about as part of Fox’s acquisition of Setanta Sports USA last year. As part of the purchase Fox got all of Setanta’s channel access in the U.S. as well as select Setanta soccer and rugby rights to which Fox did not already have license. Fox merely rebranded Setanta as Fox Soccer Plus and kept broadcasting those matches.

  9. Kyle says:

    I was hoping that all the big games featuring the top 6 sides from last season would be on ESPN and Fox Soccer. I don’t think I’m going to subscribe to as they have increased the price on something that was problematic to begin with. I don’t get FS+ which is still only $14.95 a month while has gone up to $19.99 a month. Bad deal in my opinion.

    Not happy that the Spurs – Liverpool and Spurs – Manchester City games are on FS+ and Looks like a lot of Spurs games might be on and that’s too bad.

    • cnl. onions says:

      Those big early Sunday games were usually on the main Fox Soccer Channel last year instead of FS plus. I think the 2 games you have mentioned will be on Fox Soccer.

      • Guy says:

        Do you have anything backing up your “thinking” other than wishfulness? I believe Fox is playing out the string of rights dealt to them by the Setanta deal…while trying to drive more business to FS+. I do not believe they will emasculate the channel by stripping it of big matches. To the contrary, they will be all the more likely to keep them where they are. Remember, Fox isn’t in this for us. They are in it for the $$.

        For me FS+ HD is in my sports pack for $4.95 per month. With everything else I get out of that package it is a great deal.

        It’s hard for me to type this out…..but I think I love TimeWarner! ;-)

        • Guy says:

          …or I would if I also had Fox Soccer in HD. :-)

        • cnl. onions says:

          I think you are correct after I’ve done a little backtesting. I had FS+ for the beginning of last year and it screwed up my recollection of the situation. Thanks. The Sunday game that was picked up by FSC that was fresh in my mind was an FA Cup match of Utd vs. Pool…so that was different circumstances.

          But then I’ve gone a little further and I see 2 February/March 8:30 Sunday games on FSC(WestHam-LFC and LFC-Utd) it’s maybe up in the air?

          • Guy says:

            “But then I’ve gone a little further and I see 2 February/March 8:30 Sunday games on FSC(WestHam-LFC and LFC-Utd) it’s maybe up in the air?”

            No doubt. I certainly think FS+ is a work in progress. As TV matchday conflicts arise and as different sets of rights expire they are likely to keep redefining the channel as well as Fox Soccer itself. We’ll just have to see how it plays out.

  10. BA14 says:

    I just realized the season is a month away.

  11. Charlie says:

    Come on please don;t be naive to think the games are on at 7:45pm EASTERN US time. Thats basically 1 in the morning in England. I know they play really late in countries like Spain ( games start 10pm Spain time) but England people like to get atleast 8 hours of sleep.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Thanks for pointing that out Charlie. It was a typo that will be fixed momentarily. I posted the story on a mobile phone on vacation in Honduras, hence the typo.

      The Gaffer

  12. Derick says:

    As a Spurs fan I’m unhappy that most of the big Spurs games are going to be on or FS+. I don’t get FS+ and don’t plan on subscribing to after cancelling last season with all the problems I was having with the streams. I want to avoid those illegal streams but I may have to.

  13. CTBlues says:

    I have a feeling some of those lesser teams playing on Monday afternoon will be on and not ESPN2. ie: Queens Park Rangers v Newcastle and Norwich v Sunderland

  14. Cord4Gooner says:

    California kickoff 4:30am. Gotta love those early blurry eyed coffee-fueled matches!

  15. Lisandro says:

    hey hey hey Charlie, we spanish might be up late, but boy do we wake up late! (Breakfast at 9!)

  16. cnl. onions says:

    What do ya’ll think about opening week? Will it be Fox Soccer and ESPN2 doing a game each? I forget who gets first crack. Tottenham/Everton and Liverpool/Sunderland will probably be the two picked, with Fulham/Aston Villa as the FSplus game.

    • John says:

      CTBlues, as is stated above, no longer is televising any soccer(unless that’s just replays). Besides, why not give the promoted sides a chance to be the only game on? That’s part of theprestige of being in the Premier League.

      cnl. onions Go to FSC’s website. That’s what I do. They don’t have their games picked out yet, but they have the times listed. FSC will do 3 games at 10AM, 12:30PM, and 2:30PM. If you go off of last year, ESPN2 should do a game at 7:45am Saturday, and have confirmed Swansea at Man City on the Monday of opening week, with the game starting at 3PM.

      • The Gaffer says: are continuing to show soccer games. The above list was something I pieced together very quickly and isn’t complete. will be showing all of the Premier League games shown live on

        The Gaffer

  17. BD says:

    I just wish FSC+ would stop showing EPL. It’s not widely carried and cost too much per EPL game compared to FSC/ESPN. Why can’t FOX find space on RSN’s or even the main network channel similar to what they have done with the Champions League. I’m convinced that they would get a larger audience and even pick up some new subscribers who would then want to subscribe to FSC. Take this one step further and put the big games on FOX.

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