Emmanuel Adebayor Fights Back Against Manchester City

Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor has consulted with attorneys about formulating a case against Manchester City after being “banished” from the first team during their forthcoming trip to the U.S.

Adebayor, along with Craig Bellamy, Roque Santa Cruz, Shay Given, Wayne Bridge, Nedum Onouha and Michael Johnson have been left off the pre-season tour and asked to report to camp in England on July 9.

“This is very hurtful and insulting and says a lot about Manchester City. On the one hand they want to become the biggest, most successful club in the world, yet the people who run the club are not acting in that way at all. No one at City is man enough to speak to me face-to-face to explain,” remarked Adebayor.

The striker, who has three years left on his £175,000 a week contract has interest from teams such as Real Madrid and Tottenham, but Manchester City’s £14 million fee for obtaining him has left many of these teams out in the cold.

This seems like a great example of teams having a lot of money and buying pieces that they will never use just because they can. Adebayor leaves Arsenal, a team in which he could probably get first team football, to go to City when oodles of cash were presented in front of him. City then loans him out to Real Madrid, essientially paying for someone to rent out to other teams. You can’t fault the guy for grabbing a good deal when it comes up, but now he’s stuck in a situation where he clearly wants to start for someone, anyone and the team that pays him has a bit of a crowd at the striker position.

Maybe Adebayor wins out by sticking around though. With the recent stories concerning star Carlos Tevez wanting out of City maybe Adebayor gets the open spot. He would be good insurance for fun headcase Mario Balotelli and with some creative movement City can get both Balotelli and Adebayor playing up front along with “new transfer signing X” that City will most certainly obtain in the next month.

All in all though, it brings up a fun morality question: do you sit on the bench and make money or do you possibly accept less cash to get to play first team football?

19 thoughts on “Emmanuel Adebayor Fights Back Against Manchester City”

  1. When Adebayor was purchased he played often. But now he is surplus to requirements. And Mancini doesn’t play anyone he doesn’t want to.

    He’ll never play another minute for City. We’ll see Jo start up front for City before Adebayor plays a minute for them. And this goes for Bellamy too.

    1. I would agree with you but if Mancini doesn’t start well he may get canned. If that’s the case Ade gets another shot with a new mamager.

  2. Man City never really gave Ade a chance. They barely used him before loaning him to Real Madrid. I’m kind of hoping Tevez will leave, just to see Ade called back. I’m dreaming of Ade forming a double-strike team with either Bellamy or Santa Cruz.

  3. ManCity are being idiots about Adebayor and are likely to lose a fortune paying other teams to let him play. That being said, I have no sympathy for him. He made the money grab, knowing that ManCity were buying players left and right. He knew that if he didn’t immediately and consistently bring significant returns on investment, he could lose his spot and be relegated to a squad player. Such are the consequences of being a billionaire’s plaything.

    So do I feel bad about him not getting to play and potentially losing out on his peak performance years? Hell no. The guy is getting £175,000 a week to do nothing. That’s the contract you signed. Deal with it. Maybe it will serve as a warning to other players when the same option comes before them.

  4. Ive no interest in Adebayor either way but it makes you wonder who is making these ridiculous decisions PR wise at city. What harm would it do to take him on the pre season tour even if you dont intend to use him, keep him happy until hes shipped out. Now potential transfer targets will see the way current City players are being treated by management and may think twice about signing up.

    1. you dummys madrid can’t afford him which is why they can’t buy him
      they don’t want to buy him for 14 milion not because he’s rubbish
      i’m only 10 and i know more about football than both of you .mourinho still wants another striker and redknapp wants him despite having defoe,
      pavylychenko,keane and crouch.before the 08 09 season barca wanted him.[In short adebayor is sick].

  5. Adebayor’s stock has gone down because he isn’t very good anymore. He wasn’t that big of a hit at Madrid which is why they are not going all out to sign him. He is now a viable substitute on most teams. His contract does not guarantee him being taken on any tour, first team football or that he will not be asked to play in the reserves. For the money he is making I’m surprised he wants to take City to court. I don’t see how he can win. This is another one of Arsenal’s rejects that has gone nowhere since leaving.

    1. To be honest he has done better since leaving Arsenal. He did win a trophy this year something I can’t say about the Gooners.

  6. Although I really do not care about Adebayor, the photo has conjured up a question from 2 seasons past. I saw this match (City v Arsenal) live and I noticed that one of the objects hurled on the pitch by Arsenal fans by Adebayor’s celebration was what seemed to be a small plastic stool, which you can plainly see in the foreground. My question is, where the heck did it come from?

  7. Hmmm…Tevez wants to leave again, ‘Bayor is pissed about the Mancini snub, and Bellamy has also joined the “I hate playing for Mancini” bandwagon. Yup, sounds like your typical City summer.

  8. If I were him, I’d shut up and go hide in my house. As long as they keep paying my wages, I wouldn’t dare complain. Most people in England don’t make 50,000 a year, let alone 150,000 a month. I won’t even bring up his native Togo.

    Bellamy also said that he can’t take a paycut – his charity and foundation in Sierra Leone depend on his wages to fund their school. Kudos for that, but he also should just shut up and keep collecting his wages.

    1. idiot they became footballers to pay football not stay on the bench barca
      even wanted him just before his final season at arsena city are wasting
      good players like him and bellamy mancini should get the sack

  9. Don’t feel sorry for Adebayor one bit. In fact, I’m quite happy the karma boot has given him a swift kick up the backside. But making £175,000 a week should soothe any lingering pains to your ego (then again, footballers aren’t the most self-aware people out there).
    Clichy will be the next to regret moving to Mercenary City.

  10. Even though this guy gave good service to Arsenal during his time at the club, I still loathe him from the RVP incident where he stamped RVP and tried to hurt him and then ludicrously running towards the Arsenal supporters and chastising them. I remember in once of the interview he was comparing himself to Thierry and RVP to Bergkamp. While RVP has shown loyalty towards Arsenal and becoming a legend at the club and it’s fan, this wannabe Henry has turned greedy and is now a player that no-one wants. Not even the club that is paying his bills.

    While I have sympathy for him, when he had a gun incident back-home, it just goes to show that when you don’t have an ounce of loyalty in you, what you get is what you sow. You sowed wrong tree Emanuel.

    1. ade never compares himself to anyone he was friends with him
      he’s as good as van persie and received an offer from barceona so shut your big mouth

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