Blackpool Dream Lives On With Charlie Adam Transfer to Liverpool

Last season, Blackpool was one of the top stories in the Premiership, adding so much romanticism and excitement to the league. Now, one of the mainstays of Blackpool’s success (despite their relegation) has joined Liverpool. Captain Charlie Adam will be playing his football for manager Kenny Dalglish next season, not Ian Holloway. But even though the Scot will be wearing red next season instead of Tangerine, the Blackpool legacy will live on. It’ll be a true joy to see if Adam can replicate his success at Liverpool and, perhaps, reach even greater heights.

I, for one, will be looking forward to seeing what Adam can do in midfield for Liverpool. Can he can create as provide wonderful service with clinical passes and crosses to Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll? If so, Adam will need to be more consistent than he was last season for Blackpool where he would went through spells of mediocrity followed by dashes of brilliance.

At the end of the day, Blackpool performed a great piece of business with Charlie Adam. In the January transfer window, Liverpool’s initial bid was £4.5 million, which Holloway described as disgraceful. Now that a deal has been struck, the transfer fee is believed to be £9 million.

So while Blackpool will be playing Championship football next season, some neutral soccer observers will relish reliving their wonderful Blackpool memories through Adam. But what do you think? Do you think Charlie Adam can make the grade at Liverpool? And if so, where do you see him slotting into an already-crowded midfield?


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