How the Top 6 Premier League Clubs Will Finish the 2011-12 Season

Football fans often have little to do over the summer after the football season comes to an end.  That span of three months before the best league in the world kicks off is filled with transfer rumors, debates about goal line technology and more. So to pass the time, aside from reading the latest development in the Fabregas saga or sifting through pages upon pages of ridiculous transfer rumors, I am going to assess the title chances of the top 6 teams, in my opinion, and predict how they will fare in the 2011/12 Premier League season:

6th – Arsenal
I’m going to stick my neck out on the line here and plump with Arsenal to come sixth. Arsenal have been an ever present in the top four in recent times but I think this will be the year where they come unstuck. With Clichy joining City and the imminent departures of Fabregas and Nasri — plus Gervinho being the only major potential arrival at the moment, I can see the Gunners surprising a lot of people this year and really underperforming. Szczesny has yet to prove himself in the Premier League, their defence still looks well short of the mark, they concede lots of stupid goals and can’t defend set plays. Their midfield will lack creativity with Nasri and Fabregas gone, even though Wilshere will surely attempt to fill the gaping hole Fabregas will leave. Walcott and Arshavin were both inconsistent again last year and although up front they do have a top class striker in van Persie, he spends more time in the physio room than on the football pitch. Aside from van Persie, they don’t have any realistic striking options. Even though Bendtner preaches that he is world class, he has yet to prove he is anything more than a back up striker for a low lying Premier League side.

This current Arsenal squad are not up to scratch and frequently look very fragile. Wenger will persist with playing attractive football again this season but with their current lack of quality to pull it off, Arsenal will come last out of the big six.

Title Odds – 1/10

5th – Liverpool
Although there seems to be a revolution happening at Liverpool with the new owners focused on buying young British talent and the club now moving in the right direction, I don’t think there’s any realistic chance of them winning the Premier League title this year. Carroll and Suarez look like they could be a formidable partnership this season and with the addition of Henderson and possibly Adam and Downing arriving as well, Liverpool certainly look stronger than recent years but I don’t think that they are quite there yet. The new players will need time to gel together and get playing as a team before they can think about sustaining a title challenge.

I still think they are too weak in defence. They need signings at left back and centre back. Stalwart and Liverpool icon Jamie Carragher is aging; a younger replacement should be sought. It also looks as if ‘King Kenny‘ is going to have an abundance of central midfield options next year with the likes of Gerrard, Meireles, Henderson, Lucas, Shelvey, Poulsen and possibly Adam, so they look to be strong there. Overall, it remains to be seen whether new boys Henderson, Suarez, Carroll and maybe Adam and Downing will perform consistently well over the course of a season at such a big club. Having said that, I think they will beat Arsenal to fifth but I don’t think they have a realistic chance of regaining the title.

Title Odds – 2/10

4th – Tottenham
Since Redknapp arrived at White Hart Lane, Tottenham’s fortunes have seen a massive uprise. and expectations have changed as well. Tottenham fans loved the experience they had last campaign in the Champions League and are dying to get back into the prestigious competition. Redknapp has built a strong squad and if they can sell off some their deadwood, they could go and sign a top quality striker to go and get them 25 goals in the Premier League and lift the team to a new level. The current strike force of Defoe, Crouch and Pavlyuchenko were not good enough last year. None of them could manage consistent goal scoring form. If they do this, plus keep their current world-class talent of Bale, Modric and van der Vaart, I can definitely see Tottenham having a real shot at the title.

Spurs have a pretty a solid defence marshalled by Dawson, one of the best centre backs in the EPL. Their main problem at the back is the often erratic Gomes. Although veteran Friedal has been brought in, he is forty years old and is not a long-term replacement. Nonetheless, they have a good squad and, provided a striker is brought in, I can see them doing well this year.

Title Odds – 4/10

3rd – Chelsea
Andre Villas-Boas has arrived at Chelsea with an aging squad in desperate need of an overhaul. In Cech, Chelsea have a fantastic keeper that provides a sense of security to the team, knowing that they have a safe pair of gloves at the back. Last season, the Blues conceded the joint least amount of goals, so for this upcoming season, they should have no worries about the solidity of their defence. The £21.5m signing David Luiz impressed with a refreshing style that is pleasing on the eye and will only get better with experience and looks a good partner for Terry. He has shown a Brazilian flair to his play that is rare to see. I think that a new right back wouldn’t go amiss as Bosingwa looked out of depth at times last season and teams will look to try and exploit him this year, but it is only a minor fault in the team.

In midfield, Essien and Lampard really looked their age last season and neither were the effective force they have been previously; an injection of youth is definitely needed. Joao Moutinho could follow Villas-Boas from Porto, and at 24 would provide some creativity and guile to the midfield. However, Chelsea are also interested in Modric and have had a £22m bid turned down so who they will sign is still a mystery. Up front, Drogba has been cast aside and demoted to second choice since the £50m signing of Torres and I can’t see Drogba being happy with playing second fiddle. His volatile personality could cause problems in the dressing room this year so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was sold, while Falcao coming from Porto to join the new gaffer. For all Torres’ poor performances last year, with a positive pre-season, he surely must come good. As they say, form is temporary, class is permanent and Torres has class in abundance. All in all, even with a few flaws in the current team, with the managing talent of Villas-Boas along with the winning mentality already instilled in the squad, the experience and quality still in this Chelsea side will look to mount another serious title challenge.

Title Odds – 5/10

2nd – Manchester City
Manchester City have spent big over the past few seasons and will surely do so again before the new UEFA financial fair play rules come into action. Mancini is building a really good side. They have the golden gloves winner Joe Hart in goal and the value of a good keeper can never be underestimated. Their defence was outstanding last time round, conceding the joint fewest amount of goals along with Chelsea, and with Clichy arriving to replace Kolarov, the problem left back area is sorted.

They could do with some more creativity out wide but this is not a huge problem. The long running Tevez saga continues to rumble on. One day he’s staying, the next he has got the removal men in. I fear this could disrupt the dressing room. Every day they open the paper to see the latest story about their captain and talisman leaving.

I think there needs to be a lot of departures. Players rotting on the sidelines while earning astronomical wages isn’t good for either party. The likes of Given, Bellamy, Wright-Philips and Santa Cruz will all be allowed to leave. The collection of expensive signings assembled by Mancini started to look like a team last year and if their finish to last season is anything to go by, they could do really well this year and I think they could be a definite threat to the favorites, Manchester United.

Title Odds – 6/10

1st – Manchester United
As the current holders of the EPL, Manchester United are certainly the favorites to go on and lift the trophy again this year. The team that won the title last year were definitely not the most swash-buckling, exciting Manchester United team we have ever seen. They will not be forever remembered as one of the great Fergie teams. However, this United team has a real grit and determination, a desire to win and never be turned over. There is a winning mentality at Old Trafford that sets them apart from the rest.

When you look through the likely team for next year, it is strong, again. I think that Phil Jones will add competition and cover in central defence, especially with Ferdinand being injured ever more increasingly. Young will provide more attacking options; he can play on either wing or through the middle. Twenty year old David De Gea looks to be a fantastic young keeper but whether he can handle the huge expectations that come with goalkeeping for such a huge club is another matter.

The Red Devils are also yet to sign a creative midfielder to fill the huge hole left by Paul Scholes; Modric, Sneijder and Nasri are all on their radar at the moment. Also, players like Welbeck, Macheda and Cleverley, all returning from loan, will provide valuable competition to spur on their senior counterparts. They will keep the more senior players on their toes knowing there is a young player waiting in the wings to take their place. And if Rooney and Hernandez build on their already successful partnership, they could easily become one of the great strike partnerships and score fifty goals between them in the EPL. Overall, Manchester United are definite favourites and the team to beat. I think it will take a monumental effort to topple them this year.

Title Odds – 8/10

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  1. This article is retarded. The transfer season barely kicked into gear so there is no way of telling how the teams are gonna be like. Also, I’m guessing you’re a Spurs fan? Regardless if you are or not, there is no way they will finish above both Arsenal & Liverpool. Especially with the threat of losing both Modric & Bale. I’m an Arsenal fan and if anything, going by your stupid method of judging the teams by their activity so far, then Liverpool should be 4th.

  2. What utter rot… much do you actually know about football. Man utd have a gaping hole in midfield……first……your having a bubble!!!

    1. this is an annoyingly stupid article….first,the transfer window has about 2 months to go and is yet to go overdrive…secondly,the writer looks a spurs fan.He says fabregas and nasri are leaving and no player bar gervinho will be signed and then goes on to say that modric will be staying and spurs will definitely sign a 25 goal striker….whaat a joke…..and suarez need not adapt anymore…he has fully taken the pl by storm and i bet very few teams will be happy seeing suarez’s name on the liverpool team sheet next season….and btw drop your crystal ball from your hands cuz ou are predicting next season on the basis of last season’s run-in….

      1. Abhijit, I stated that Gervinho was the only arrival “at the moment” not that he is the only player that will be signed. Secondly, I am actually not a spurs fan and I never said tottenham will “definitely” as you put it, sign a 25 goal striker, I said they “could”, I also did not say that Modric would definitely be staying, I suggest you read the article correctly and get your facts right before commenting.

        1. Tom Goldsworthy,I am sorry if I have offended you.But I salute your efforts to come up with such an article.Maybe you have written this a tad too early.Anyways,apologies for the previous comment.

  3. Nasri and Fab won’t both leave Arsenal. Nasri will saty and hopefully Fab can go home and sleep in his old bed or whatever it is he wants to do. Tired of the Fab saga and think Arsenal can be better without him.

    1. Sadly with the amount of power players wield these days, I think that if Nasri really wants to go, he will do so, joining one of the two Manchester sides and I agree that Arsenal would be better off waving goodbye to Fabregas and pocketing £40M.

  4. Personally, I don’t think Arsenal will drop out of the top 4 next season. Even without Cesc, their squad is still stronger than Liverpool’s and Spurs’, in my opinions. Depends on what happens to Nasri and van Persie, though.

  5. 80% chance Man Utd. wins the league again? Hell why even play the season then. Let’s just give it to them now.

    This was really poorly written. Not only has the season yet to begin, the summer transfer window is just getting underway.

    I think you are dreaming that Spurs finish 4th and Man City finish 2nd. Liverpool makes the top 4 this year.

    My picks are:

    Man Utd.
    Man City
    Fulham (just watch)

    1. Fulham to finish above Tottenham? No chance. IF Tottenham keep their best players they will easily finish in the top 6, let alone the top 4. Arsenal definitely won’t win the title, Clichy has gone to Man City, Nasri and Fabregas will probably leave as well and it will be very hard to find capable replacements.

      1. It has nothing to do with being a fan of a particular team. Most of you clowns have no clue why teams do well. I will tell you that is has nothing to do with being emotionally attached to your players. I say Arsenal wins it this year because by the start of the season they will have completely rebuilt their team. All you clowns look backward, nobody looks forward. EVERYBODY says Arsenal won’t finish in the top 4 this year. It is their approach, not just their players. No player is bigger than the team.

        At this juncture I can’t see how my prediction is any more ridiculous than any of the others.

    2. i’m an arsenal fan and honestly don’t think we have hope this season sold 1 of our best players to strengthen city and havn’t made enough signings or any of great significance. Wenger is to laid back, he missed out on alvarez and has now missed out on mata who’s price has consequently gone up. The predicts are pretty much as i’d thought myself except i had liverpool 4th ahead of spurs.

  6. You are being unreasonable and saying things as a fan, the league is yet to begin so lets wait and see,

    but i guess it will be

    man united
    manchester city

    sorry arsenal because if you sell and not sign new players you are dead meat

  7. 1. Man Utd. – more additions than subtractions and De Gea looks like a plus
    2. Tottenham – Bale and Modric staying means that Spurs will have continued success, hopefully a least than successfull CL campaign won’t mean that the Spurs will stop dropping games ad nauseum.
    3. Chelsea – players are aging, and though Luiz is a welcome addition, there are no new youth spots upfront.
    4. Man City – Tevez leaves? this may actually be a plus, you end up with a team where all the players want to play for, a more cohesive band, only thing is; where will the goals come from?
    5. Everton – if Cahill stays, this could be a formidable team
    6. L’pool – hot start but does not have the stamina for an entire season.

    1. Wow. Spurs finish SECOND??? Everton in Europe and above Liverpool???? Arsenal not in the top six at all???

      I want some of whatever you’re smoking.

    2. This reasoning is flawed: Are you arguing that de Gea is an upgrade over van der Sar?

      Secondly, what does Spurs’ playing poorly in the Champions League last season have to do with this upcoming season’s form? And continued success isn’t the apt phrase here–Spurs regressed last year with the same players.

      Sorry I’m picking on this comment in particular, but any speculation about what will happen, especially given that players are in flux, is pure nonsense.

  8. There’s so much more transfer activity left that it would be crazy to predict now where teams will finish. Wait at least till just before the start of the season to make a more informed prediction.

    For instance, if Modric leaves do you still think Spurs will finish above Liverpool? What if Liverpool were to buy a couple of quality defenders between now and the end of August? With City’s money they could go out and buy two world class players that would make them instant title contenders.

    There’s too much uncertainty to make bold predictions now.

  9. Arsenal fan here and I do believe they will remain in top 4 even with big name players like Fabregas and Nasri leave the club. One name though comes to mind who can fill that void, and he is the forgotten little Russian named Andrei Arshavin. Wenger might want to consider playing him in the middle of the pitch. He is a dynamic assist maker and every time the little guy touches the ball, something good happens, always. Rejuvenate this man and along with Van Persie up front and Wilshere/Ramsey/Song supporting him, they could each be magnificent together for Arsenal.

  10. Too much uncertainty at Arsenal to predict where they will end up. I agree that until we get to the beginning of August when most transfers will be concluded it would be premature to predict where the teams will finish. For some teams making a deal right until the last day of August could also change their season. But I’ll wait till at least just before the season kicks off to have an opinion on where I think each team may finish.

  11. I respectfully disagree with the Tottenham ranking so much higher. They have absolutely no shot at the title but they will definitely fight for the CL spot. Even though its early, my ranking would be, as judged by the current transfers predictions:
    1. Man Utd
    2. Chelsea
    3. Liverpool
    4. Man City
    5. Arsenal

  12. First I agree that it’s too early to say what will happen when no one knows what the squad will be for each team. Also, Liverpool will not be playing in Europe which means they will not have to travel for those mid-week games that the other 5 teams will have to travel to. More games by those other 5 teams means more fatigue and injuries. It will all depend on the size and quality of the squads come August to know how each team might fare.

    1. I completely agree. For this reason alone, I think that Liverpool will DEFINITELY finish in the top 3 and make a serious challenge for the title. Because they’ve got nothing else to spend their energy on.

  13. The title will be decided between two Manchester teams and Chelsea. Arsenal and Liverpool will battle for 4th CL spot – I’d put it 50/50. As for Spurs they were barely good enough for Europa League spot last season. What makes you believe they will do any better this time? Especially with unsettled Modric and still questionable front line.

  14. I usually like reading your articles…this one, not so much. It has the smell of regurgitating what you read or heard on the news. Arsenal exodus, nobody wants to play there..etc etc etc. This just in…Bale isn’t jesus and neither is Modric. LOT of time left before transfer window is closed…

    The only thing you had right was that Liverpool will be in contention…they certainly will.

  15. Let me get this straight.

    ManU has an 80% chance of winning the league.
    City has a 60% chance.
    Chelsea has 50% chance.
    Spurs have a 40% chance.
    Liverpool has a 20% chance.
    Arsenal has a 10% chance.

    So there’s a 260% chance of at least one of those happening.
    Good odds.

    1. Saw this too.. but odds don’t necessarily translate to %-ages. 8/10 could be a EPLTalk-way of saying 8:10 (you pay 8 and get 10+8 back?).

      If not, it is quite funny!! 😀

      1. Predictions*
        1st. United (assuming they get a top midfielder)
        2nd. City (assuming they replace Tevez with top player)
        3rd. Chelsea (assuming Torres+Lampard+Terry play well)
        4th. Tottenham (assuming Modric, Bale, VdV stays)
        5th. Liverpool (assuming Reina+strikers play well, buy a decent midfielder)
        6th. Arsenal (assuming Fabregas+Nasri leaves — it’ll kill Arsenal)
        *- heavy dependencies upon assumptions. I am not responsible for lost gambling money or actual results 😀

  16. 1. Utd- lost one starter and some squad players but overall strengthened the team.

    2.Chelsea/City- If Tevez ends up leaving I can see Chelsea having one last run at the title before they end up having to rebuild that team. If Tevez stays they will need him firing on all cylinders all season long to match Utd.

    4. Arsenal- They still have the experience and a great goal scorer in RVP when fit but they wont have the squad depth for a serious challenge.

    5. Spurs- will push for 4th spot but will fade away towards the end of the season as usual

    6.Liverpool- 35m for Andy the Christmas Carroll, enough said right there.

    “Not arrogant, just better”

    1. Liverpool managed to finish 6th this season despite all of their ownership issues and no squad investment, and having a completely clueless manager for the first half of the season. You honestly believe they’ll manage no better than that next season?

        1. Wow. Well, only time will tell. But I think that’s clearly the wishful thinking of a Manc rather than a realistic assessment of reality.

          1. I could say the same about your prediction of Liverpool definitely being in the top 3. Good luck with Stevie Me’s groin this season.

  17. Even after the summer transfer window closes it will be hard to handicap this race. ManCity and Chelsea have shown interest in making big signings during the winter and Chelsea’s older players are more likely to suffer injuries, further muddying the waters. Basically, one of the teams in the top half of the table will win the PL.

  18. Whatever happens I can see it being another tight race heading into the last 8 weeks with several teams still involved in some shape or form, the top teams will be taking points from each other all season long so it will be hard for any single team to break away.

    I said it when Utds schedule came out that if we’re top of the league when we play Spurs on March 3rd and given our run in and experience it will be our title too lose.

  19. Chelsea and the two Manchester clubs will contend for the title. I fear for united with a new goalkeeper so I’m going to say they’ll finish 3rd. With Nasri definitely leaving Arsenal I will say whichever club buys him will win the title. My dark horse for the title is Liverpool. They have a decent squad but with 2 or 3 quality signings before the transfer window closes and with no European football this season could benefit. Realistically I’ll take them to finish 4th.

    For the 5th and 6th spots it will be between Spurs and Arsenal. If Modric stays Spurs will finish 5th.

  20. 1. Manchester City [86 points]
    2. Liverpool [82 points, goal difference]
    3. Manchester United [82 points]
    4. Arsenal [78 points]
    5. Chelsea [76 points]
    6. Spurs [71 points]

        1. Your Top 6 has a total of 475 points – more than has ever been achieved in the Premier League, even in the days when there were 42 games a season. In the 20 team competition, no 6th placed team has ever got close to 71 points. Even 4th placed teams have only managed that three times. those points have to come from somewhere, so what you’re really predicting is a massively widening gap between the top and bottom teams.

          I’d say:
          1. Man U (86 pts)
          2. Chelsea (79)
          3. Man C (74)
          4. Liverpool (67)
          5. Arsenal (62)
          6. Spurs (60)

  21. There is nothing “retarded” about saying Spurs will finish in the top four. They have a strong team, and Arsenal is rapidly weakening.

  22. Soory mate but im willing to bet that your prediction will fail badly. UTD for the title again? It took a disaster of a season for Chelsea to not win the league and yet for so many years we keep reading how ohh so old the team is and that they look done for……I’ll say if AVB can fire them up and get then going then the title is theirs to lose. And Spurs at 4th? Nahh I wont put money on it.

    1. We have the title right now so its ours to lose. Dont forget our terrible away record last season which i have no doubt we will improve on.

      Nobody gives us credit of being champions and proving year after year we are the team to beat, finish above Utd and chances are you will win the league, that’s not arrogance it just the way its been 4/5 last seasons.

      1. You do realized, don’t you, that points totals don’t carry over from season to season? United won the title last season and nothing can ever change that. They have not however earned their first point toward next season’s title. They start from the same place everyone else does. So, you can hardly say next year’s title is “United’s to lose”.

        1. Im well aware of how it works and until its mathematically impossible for us to win it in 2011/12 it is indeed our title to lose. And i said if we are top after the Spurs game in March I think it will be our to lose.

          1. I think what Maybee is trying to say is that nothing about previously holding a title contributes to the continued ownership of the title. That Manchester United won the title last year is a matter for the record books, not for the pitch.

  23. EPL title: Manchester City
    FA Cup : Liverpool
    Carling Cup: Manchester United
    Champions League: Real Madrid
    Europa League: Arsenal

  24. First of all, I think the Gaffer should put a ban on these articles until at least a week before the season kicks off – and even that might be a bit too soon for predictions.

    Who knows if United will win the title again or not? But I know this: their chances of doing so sure as hell aren’t 80%!! They barely made it this year. Their record was laughable for a league champion. They didn’t so much win as just wait for Chelsea and Arsenal to implode in on themselves. If they face actual competition, I’m not sure how well they’ll hold up.

    And Liverpool managed to finish 6th this season despite it’s laundry list of problems. Do you honestly think they won’t do better next season? I won’t go as far as saying they’ll win the league, but I’d bet my house on them finishing top 4 minimum.

  25. I think you’re all smoking dope to try and predict anything this early. At least wait until the transfer window closes so you have a better idea of who is staying and who is going.

    1. Of course its way to early for this but Its not really about predicting whos going to win its more about telling your rivals they are $hit and they have no chance at all. A chance too wind up some rival fans and pass some time at work on a slow day.

  26. Just as it is far to early to be making a list like this, it is also far too early to be harshly criticizing it. The transfer window is far from over.

  27. MUFC77, No I’m not a City fan. I’m actually a Fulham fan. I know it’s too early to predict what will happen as much is yet to be decided with players coming and going till the end of August. I just think that City have a very deep squad right now and have the muscle to get even better. That’s why I’m picking them to win the title. Ask me in August I might change my prediction.

  28. I think Liverpool will be a lot better this season than last season because they are buying EPL-proven players. Yes, they may not be of the quality of many of the foreign-born players but as everyone knows it sometimes takes time for these foreign-born players with no EPL experience to come to grips with the EPL.

    Liverpool have struggled against the bottom-level teams in recent years and with these buys should reverse that trend. That in itself will enable them to be among the top teams this season. I don’t feel they will win the title but I believe they should finish in the top 4. And if the other top teams struggle like we saw last season it is not inconceivable that Liverpool then could challenge for the title. They have no European games so that will be an advantage.

    Liverpool are on the verge of signing Downing from Aston Villa and that would be a good buy in my opinion. Most Villa fans actually rate him higher than Young who went to United.

    You dismiss Liverpool to finish in the top 4 at your own peril.

      1. Henderson was number 3 in the entire league for chances created last season, and he was only 20. There is a reason he was bought.
        But don’t worry about stats or facts, just go with the good old gut instinct that player x didn’t show up on the highlight reel, so he must be useless.

        1. So he was number 3 in the league in “chances created” not number 3 in actual assists on goals. I never said he was useless or wasn’t any good i simply asked what has he proven in relation to Eric’s statement. I notice you didn’t mention what exactly Andy Carroll has proven either.

  29. The only thing I know is that the surprise team this season will be Fulham and that they will get into the top 6 at the expense of Spurs. Martin Jols is back to haunt his old club. Poetic justice.

  30. Carroll was among the league’s top scorers before he got hurt. He may not be worth 35 million but he is a proven goalscorer. With Suarez alongside him I see Liverpool not having a problem scoring. Henderson was Sunderland’s best player last season. Again, he may not be worth 20 million but he is EPL-proven. These players might struggle in Europe but in the EPL they are more than capable. So I agree with Eric that Liverpool will be better this season than last season. Some people get too hung up on what a club paid for a player. It’s all about whether they can do the job they were brought in to do. Nobody cares that United paid 33 million for Berbatov. It’s all about whether he does the job for them.

    MUFC77, I take it you’re a United fan so I can understand your anti-liverpool bias. Natural. I’m a Liverpool fan and with the way things are going at both clubs I predict that Liverpool will win the title before United does. I don’t think Liverpool will win the title this season but I also don’t think United are going to win it either.

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

    1. ———————————————————————————-
      “I predict that Liverpool will win the title before United does”

      Best laugh Ive had this month was reading that part. I dont expect fans of Liverpool or City to agree with me that’s just how it works, just like i’ll never agree with them on anything football related especially in regard to our respective teams. But to actually have the nerve to type that above statement is taking the support of your team to a whole new level.

      Maybe the Gaffer can bookmark this particular blog and we can revisit it nearer the end of the season.

  31. MUFC77, you’re on mate. By the way, I didn’t say Liverpool will finish above United this season just that Liverpool will win a title before United does. That means United will not win the title this year. So we’ll revisit this blog at the end of the season.

    This the beauty of being a true football fan. I love to disagree without being disagreeable.

  32. I’m a neutral in this United vs liverpool debate you guys are having. I have been following the EPL for about 12 years now but I don’t have a favorite team. So here’s my 2 cents worth. I’m not sure who will win the EPL first but I do like the way Liverpool are going about assembling their squad with an eye towards the future. I think it will be too early for them to win the title this season but if United and Chelsea should falter you never know. I do like their chances going forward though. United did not win last season’s title convincingly and in order for them to win the title this year they will have to be a lot better. I’ve read that Berbatov maybe going to Bayern in exchange for Schweinsteiger. If so I’m not sure that Rooney and Hernandez can manage by themselves. If one is injured United could struggle. Michael Owen is nowhere nearly as good as Berbatov. Wellbeck is an option but again he does not give you what Berbatov does. United’s best chance of winning the title before Liverpool is to win it this year. I’d say United and Chelsea have an equal chance to win it but if I had to choose one I’d go with Chelsea.

    Of course, none of this will come true and Spurs will win the title. Don’t laugh, it could happen.

  33. Straight from the octopussy:
    1. Chelsea
    2. Liverpool
    3. Manchester City
    4. Manchester United
    5. Spurs
    6. Fulham
    7. Sunderland
    8. Arsenal
    9. Stoke
    10. Newcastle
    11. Everton
    12. West Brom
    13. Bolton
    14. Aston Villa
    15. Swansea
    16. Wigan
    17. Blackburn
    18. QPR
    19. Wolves
    20. Norwich

    Don’t blame me if it doesn’t come true. Blame the octopussy :-) .

  34. Spurs don’t have the squad depth to achieve top four– a handful of injuries and they’re screwed. The only reason ManU even had a chance at the title was because Chelsea// Arsenal essentially imploded. There is nothing to say that both Chelsea and Arsenal won’t step up their game and ManU won’t win. Chelsea has so many players 30+ and they are always geared towards short term ‘fill-the-gap’ sort of signings and ideas rather than long term. Arsenal’s future is uncertain due to the transfer market. But, just because Clichy left doesn’t mean they should be resoundingly placed in the sixth position. The Fabregas saga will end either one way or another– if Barca don’t cough up enough money, Fabregas will stay and continue to play for Arsenal, and at this point, Barca doesn’t seem to have the funding to even dream of a Fabregas of their own. Liverpool has made tremendous strides– they only need to move in the same direction, and their fate will be perfectly fine.

  35. —————————————————————————————————
    The only reason ManU even had a chance at the title was because Chelsea// Arsenal essentially imploded.

    Crack is whack mate, it might be a good time for you to think about getting some help.

  36. 1. Machester City (they have such a deep squad their second XI could make the top 6).
    2. Manchester United (they are paying more attention to try and overtake Barcelona).
    3. Liverpool (will continue to improve under Daglish).
    4. Chelsea (new manager will have more success in CL).
    5. Spurs (don’t see them improving over last season).
    6. Arsenal (too many changes to the squad).

  37. This will be the season of upsets.
    1. Liverpool
    2. Manchester United
    3. Manchester City
    4. Spurs
    5. Chelsea
    6. Arsenal

  38. Reading through the comments, I will leave my own fandom out of this post, because there is nothing new to say.

    Except, why the hell were a few people high on Fulham? Really? They have to play 60+ games again this season (if they progress in Europa). Do people not remember the last time their small club had to play that many games? They have no depth and it is impossible for them to finish in the top 9 or 10 if they do well in Europa.

  39. With so much player movement still to come it is very difficult to predict right now what’s likely to happen. Is Nasri going to end up at United, City or Chelsea? Will Modric end up at United or Chelsea. If United fail to get either will they then get Sneidjer? Will Mata end up at Liverpool or Arsenal? All of these players can have a huge influence on where these teams finish. I’d wait at least till the 2nd week in August to make a more informed prediction.

  40. At this early stage and making certain assumptions to which players will be added to the top 6 and which players might leave, I’ll make the following prediction:

    1. Liverpool
    2. Manchester City
    3. Chelsea
    4. Manchester United
    5. Arsenal
    6. Stoke

  41. 1. Manchester City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Chelsea
    4. Manchester United and Spurs will be involved in a playoff being equal on points and goals.
    6. Arsenal

  42. I used to be a regular reader but over this past season some of the articles have been so stupid that I’ve stopped visiting this site. Out of boredom I decided to take a peek and I can see that I was wise to stay away. What utter tripe.

    1. Y, sorry you didn’t like this post, but we publish several articles a day. Not everyone is going to be a winner for everyone. We can’t please all the people all the time.

      The Gaffer

  43. I agree with this article, no one can really predict what’s going to happen but although Liverpool are in much better shape than they were last season, I don’t think they will be title contenders next season (I am a Liverpool fan).

    Arsenal really do need to do some spending in the summer if they want to stay in the top four, Man City, Spurs and Liverpool will be doing all they can to cement their places

  44. blah blah blah blabber.. man.U is gaping in midfield and tottenham are on verge of losing its star players.. arsenal if they fabregas or nasri will finish with top 5 and liverpool should finish top 3. only worthy opponents for next season would be ,man.U and chelsea.
    first u should thik before u blabber sh–!

  45. assumptions:- city
    2.liverpool(FA cup)
    4.chelsea(champions league winners)

    let me tell u myself; a liverpool fan.

  46. I dont support a team in the premier league so i aint just putting my fav team first.

    1. Chelsea – Looked very strong recently in pre-season games as Drogba and Lampard seem on form. Also Torres might start to get in form half way through the season and get 10 odd goals.

    2. Man Utd – After loosing Van Der Sar, although De Gea looks good, it will really change the balance of the team. Also i dont think Berbatov will have a good year compared to last year.

    3. Man City – If they keep bringing in these stars they could even have a chance of winning it. Teves going will affect the team but if Dzeco and Silva stay fit they will do just fine.

    4. Arsenal – I think if Van Persie stays fit there is no doubt he will be int he race for golden boot but it cant be a one man team, i think he needs the likes of Fabregas and Nasri to keep giving him chances. If they go and Van Persie gets injured, i cant even see them getting in top 6

    5. Liverpool – Suarez looks like a definate contender for the golden boot and also with the like of Adam, Downing, and Kuyt in Midfield ther is no doubt he will get the chances.

    6. Tottenham – Although having the amazing players such as Modric, Bale, Van der Vaart and so on i doubt they wont have any trouble scoring goals. But i think they dont play well as a team and have a weak defence.

    Relegated – QPR , Swansea , Wolves
    Norwich have got a great striker Holt who was 1 goal off golden boot last year in the champoinship and Wigan, if they keep N’Zogbia, will easily stay up.

  47. And i’ll be stopping by to wish you a fu#!ing Happy St Totteringhams day when Spurs once again fail to best Arsenal this season. Whatever you’re smoking must be some seriously messed up stuff. Your hotspurs are showing and you’re clearly tossing your hat in a wishing well. Look out or you may end up at the bottom of the well yourself (along with your pitiful Sp*rs). HAH Laughable piece of “journalism”

  48. Hi everyone….. to start with some relaxed friendly approach often lost in these days…
    I say my standings and then explain:
    1 MAN UTD would be very surprised if they loose.
    2 MAN CITY very likely
    3 LIVERPOOL (40%), TOTTENHAM (40%), ARSENAL (20%)
    Now explanations.
    First thing the market is not closed yet but some clues are coming now through… 1st and 2nd are likely to be that way (CITY has simply bought great players… probably has better individuals than UTD but that is not everything…. UTD has a better environment, “humble” youngsters and possibly only one “prima donna” in Rooney and because is the only one is ok, CITY wow how many trouble makers there…… all good when is good but in two years or three they will decline as all teams that build on too many highly payed players)
    3rd spot: open contest, Tottenham has in my opinion one advantage… didn’t need to change much, in my opinion not even much the strikers… just needed to gain experience together, that what UTD did for years… they have talents and truly don’t understand why Lennon wasn’t mentioned, to me the best of the pack, and Inter fans would say the same (I live between London and Milan and know this), they got Friedel….. old but very useful considering Gomes need more consistency, Maybe Adebayor… uh uh uh that is a bet if they get him…. he need a head fixing, the talents are there, but maybe at Tottenham and a little older he starts to get straight.
    Liverpool…. Dalglish is their weakness….. had thay still been with Hodgson with such players…. could go up 2nd…. not with that arrogant man, the team has been filled with costly stuff, but great, still a not gelled team, Arsenal….. the best football to watch (better than Barcellona who they won against and got sabotaged with Van Persie….) but the really need a consistent striker… and try not loosing Nasri, if so they would lack depth in case of injuries… relying only on talents of Van Persie, Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey….. just 4… Wenger is a magician…. but could prove too much for him… mind I think Fabregas wa always overrated!!!! And a trouble with his homesickness. If Arsenal surprises all with 2 important new players (sci-fi maybe) then they could even challange 2nd!!!! After all last year they “nearly” won everything (Fabregas is the worse enemy of Arsenal…. that team needed just one defender and one striker and could win EVERYTHING).
    Now me…. you might have accused me already of supporting Arsenal, Tottenham, Man Utd…… but I support Liverpool but I really dislike the “King” and wish him failure with a team that has clearly the 3rd best list in the field (lacking only one more good defender, badly needed though).
    Man Utd is incredible this year…… better than last year, what it lacked against Barcellona was stamina, with young players in proving so good already….. and they even play more attractive football now!!!!! Young gave them that extra with Cleverly too…. and at the back I believe now they are the best team… only one doubt with the experience of the keeper… so crucial player the one among the posts…. a fantastic one is HALF of the team alone… (in Italy they are great and both at club level and national success was often on the shoulder of fantastic keepers…. Buffon to name one…. Zenga, Tacconi, Zoff) look how Schmeichel and Van Der Sar were crucial for the long success of UTD….. and Cech for Chelsea…. nearly always the winner has a strong keeper….
    BTW maybe Arsenal finally got the right one too….. yes yes I put a lot of attention on them but I love football and they are a wonder to look at and in all this time I find they honestly would deserve some silverware…. and thwy should do soon becasue the REDS are soon back….. give them max 2 years… 1 or 2 more players and gelling together and without that fake “King” (my hope, I can’t even understand his english… and when you have such a popular position on the media… well talking about intelligence and responsibility…. many foreign students talk far better than him…… come on get a life people, national language is to respect, you can talk how you want among your friends and in your home town… but should be able to speak proper english when with other and especially on TV, damn I feel ahamed in front of foreigners studying english who ask me why UK people don’t know their own language…. compare with French, Germans, Italians….. languages I know a little and can understand throughout their lands….).
    So sorry about this language subject but it came boiling out….

  49. Ashamed…. I meant.
    Forgot to say why Chelsea 6th…. not improvements really….. a coach not experienced in BIG pressure clubs, new to England and with a team really aging….. I believe Abramovich doess’t provide that depth of “intelligence” to work on years… too much too soon, like CITY but there it seems there are even more money…. so wow, I wish smaller budget well in the interest of Football, I mean…. CITY has two players stating the HATE the place, and they team all the City of Manchester…. so disrespectful that if I were CITY fan I would ask for them to be sold or put on the bench forever!!!! Or they have no pride… I’m really sorry for them, I never heard in all my life players talking that way about the city they play in…. 20 years ago they would not even dream of doing that. Life is getting really all about money…. UK stand up and be proud, stop playing against each other, english football 50 years ago was known to be the gentlmen… enjoying themselves even in the face of defeat if the game was good, that spirit should be back mates…..

  50. A very premature prediction. You should NEVER make a prediction until December. Transferred players need time to adapt, which could either make or break.
    But as we’re already kicked off into the season I’ll put my 2 pence in:

    1) Man Utd
    2) Man City
    3) Liverpool
    4) Chelsea
    5) Tottenham
    6) Arsenal

    Let’s see how it goes come December…

  51. @ Jimbo73

    Nob. Either you haven’t got a clue or you’re not really an LFC supporter.
    I’m sure even Man Utd fans would call you a nob for disliking KD and wishing him failure.
    I don’t buy your rubbish and I believe you’re just here to cause a disruption. Go play your XBox.

  52. I am an Arsenal fan, and despite their current position they will come 1st I think……….Lol I’m only joking. WILL THEY HECK!!! I think Arsenal will be lucky to even come in the top 6. I am a serious Arsenal fan but they have dissapointed me a lot. It’s not their fault when they don’t have a good midfield, or any awesome players apart from van persie who always gets injured. Arsene Wenger missed out on a few gud players in the transfer window. We need a new manager or wenger needs to change his ways.

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