Umbro Unveils England Away Shirt: New Away Color Debuted

Umbro today officially unveiled England’s new away shirt — and it’s a different color than the Three Lions haven’t worn before as an away shirt — navy blue.

Umbro is becoming a master at creating simple but beautiful designs of late — at least with the national teams they design shirts for. And this one is no exception.

While the navy blue color is a departure for England, I don’t see it as a radical departure. Using the sky blue color for the collar definitely ties the England shirt to the past (as well as matching the color of the Three Lions in the crest). And gone has the color red which has been a prominent away shirt design for many years (not all).

Tp watch a video of British boxer David Haye modeling the new shirt, read on. “The Hayemaker,” as he’s nicknamed, will wear the England away shirt when he walks out into the ring for his fight this weekend. It’s interesting seeing him wear the shirt because he makes it look more like a rugby shirt than a football shirt — especially with his muscular upper body.

21 thoughts on “Umbro Unveils England Away Shirt: New Away Color Debuted”

  1. Gaffer, have you not seen the new England goalie away top? Or has it given you a seizure like everybody else?

      1. Wow, the goalie shirt is weird. The outfield shirts seem so classic and retro, yet the goalie shirt looks like one of the old Mexican keeper Jorge Campos’ self-designed shirts.

    1. My thoughts exactly…why would they make the shirts look like Scotland? Why not just make them pale-blue and white stripes to be like Argentina??

  2. Another decent piece of kit making by Umbro. The sky blue collar gives it shades of England 1986 – it would be nice if sky blue were the colour of the shorts as well. I like red but in this case, I will not miss it.

    As for the goal-keeper shirt. It’s pattern was probably inspired by the
    bloke that did the home shirt (who also designed New Order’s Factory record sleeves) – explains the halcyon, ecstacy early 90’s look.

  3. I’m not an England fan, but that’s a nice looking kit. Material looks kind of heavy to me though… could be wrong.

  4. I like the kit.

    England has used many different shades of blue before so it’s not like it’s that big of a departure from what they have done with their kit in the past.

  5. The design seems to be more in keeping with the 2010 England home shirt, not the current one. And it looks like a Scotland rugby shirt. Not a fan.

  6. the home kit is a disaster and now this, please F.A, can you include the colours of our national flag, in the next design,it’s quite simple really….red and white!

  7. Disgusting absolutely hate it, the ad should be Tailored by umbro to look like Scotland. Here’s an idea white home, without poinless coloured crosses, possibly displaying the red and white St Georges flag the flag of England, and a red away shirt. Rip off nothing more

  8. It’s horrible. It’s not our proper away colour, and even worse, it’s a polo shirt.

    A football top should not be a polo shirt, there’s no need for it, it looks dated, it makes England look like posh boys at Eton or something. Polo shirts are horrible anyway as they are, but they even worse when used for a football strip.

  9. what happened?
    the red of the last away kit was good, as well as the home kit during the worldcup 2010.

    umbro/nike should stick with the traditional colours of red (away) , and white (home).

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