Feuerstein’s Fire Episode #64 And Women’s World Cup Shows

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2011 Women’s World Cup USA Vs Colombia Post Game Show
Saturday, July 2nd 2:00PM EDT – 11:00AM PDT
Guests: Jeff Kassouf Women’s Soccer Expert & Bret Leuthner Sky Blue FC Radio Announcer

Feuerstein’s Fire Episode #64
Tuesday, July 5th 8:00PM EDT – 5:00PM PDT
Guests: Duane Rollins of the 24th minute blog and Canadian Soccer News
John Sandate of the Chivas-Ultras discussing Chivas-USA
NASL Segment: Re-capping the weekend of matches
Red Bull Hour: Re-Capping the away at San Jose Earthquakes & Dylan Butler of the New York Post joins me

2011 Women’s World Cup USA Vs Sweden Post Game Show
Wednesday, July 6th 5:00PM EDT – 2:00PM PDT
Guests: Jeff Kassouf Women’s Soccer Expert

RBNY Mid-Week League Special
Thursday, July 7th 8:00PM EDT – 5PM PDT
Re-Capping the Red Bulls Mid-week game hosting Toronto FC

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