Manchester United Aren’t Messing Around In The Transfer Market This Summer

In the summer following Manchester United’s loss to Barcelona in the 2009 Champions League Final, big changes took place. The Red Devils lost two key figures from their squad as both Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez left the club. Fast forward two years, and Manchester United lost to Barcelona again in the Champions League final. In the summer since, big changes have occurred with new additions.

It has been just a month since United’s defeat at Wembley and already, the roster looks quite different.  While most of the big European clubs have been quiet so far, United appears to be on a mission to address the holes in their team. Phil Jones, Ashley Young and likely David de Gea have all inked their signatures to take their talents to Old Trafford. All three players address important needs for both the immediate and distant future of the squad.  United has created the perfect defensive partnership on the back line with Phil Jones and Chris Smalling. With the da Silva twins, Rafael and Fabio on the wings, United have formed what looks to be the defense of the future. David de Gea, who was seen recently receiving a medical in Manchester, looks to be the goalie that will replace Edwin van der Sar for years to come. He has shown great poise, keen instincts, steel nerves and unquestioned athleticism while still only being twenty. At Atletico Madrid, he has commanded his defense well so it is safe to say he is going to fit in with United’s current line of Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra.

United also signed Ashley Young to add more creativity and stability from the left midfield as well as both wings. However, Young, Nani and Valencia will still have their key roles on United. Signing Young will inspire all three to play better in terms of ensuring the most playing time and at the end of the day, having an abundance of riches is never the worst thing.  Just ask Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Now, there are still two more dramatic months of transfer craziness. Manchester United’s aggressiveness to fill in all their holes has now left them with just the one question that everyone has been talking about; Who is going to replace Paul Scholes in central midfield?  In the eyes of many United fans, the summer will be seen as a disappointment if the gaping hole isn’t filled by someone who can add pace, creativity, incisive passing, and the necessary adaptability to immediately fit in with United.

Out of all the holes United is trying to fill, nothing is going to be as difficult or expensive than a central midfielder. In terms of immediate replacements, United are currently embroiled in transfer sagas with the likes of Wesley Sneijder, Luka Modric and Samir Nasri. Any one of the three would be a superb addition at Old Trafford but with all three, there are obstacles. Luka Modric seems the least likely to come as he’s stated he would prefer to stay in London and Tottenham are proving difficult to negotiate with as they have inflated his value to an absurd amount of money. Wesley Sneijder is the perfect replacement in terms of experience and skill, but he’s demanding spectacularly high wages which may turn off United. Then, there’s Samir Nasri, who is the most likely of the three to make the move with the Red Devils. While Wenger would never want to sell his prized midfielder to his most bitter rival, the media reports that he still hasn’t persuaded Nasri to quash the rumors of his departure. As long as Nasri’s salary doesn’t increase, he won’t be fully content and with news of Manchester United launching a €20 million bid, he may just feel compelled to leave for the Theatre of Dreams.

Manchester United has also been linked to midfielders Charlie Adam, Lassana Diarra, and Danielle de Rossi.  There has also been talk of long term midfield solutions that could come to United like Thiago Alcantara or Jack Rodwell.

No doubt that Manchester United will continue to be the constant subject of media speculation over who they are likely to sign. Who knows, United could end up bringing up the reserve squad like Paul Pogba, Ravel Morrison or Ryan Tunnicliffe and incorporate them with the likes of Carrick, Giggs, Anderson and Fletcher. While things can quickly change, at this point I feel the best route for United is to focus on Samir Nasri. If that doesn’t work out, Thiago Alcantara would be a great midfielder to sign.

Big changes have already been made this summer. Stay tuned for more.

75 thoughts on “Manchester United Aren’t Messing Around In The Transfer Market This Summer”

  1. There are at least 10 or 12 great players you didn’t link to ManUtd. Maybe you can try in your followup post.

    1. get nasri and mata, both are within budget. we need 2 quality foreign creative midfielders to compete with barcelona next season. sell carrick and bring pogba through for next season

      1. Don’t joke with Wesley, otherwise we need more role-models to up bring Ashley YOUNG and Ji Sung. Don’t mind about his age so long as we become successful with him. Congs to great MAN-U fans at Kampala University.

    1. Take a look at wage budget for city and united. Then take a look at the spending of the last couple years. Also look at how much money city is losing each year compared to united, which is about breakeven. City is owned by an Arab whose family fortunes amount to roughly 150 billion usd. United is not. No one accuses United of overpaying for players and trying to “buy” into the top of premier league; City is used as a prime example of both.

      Do your research before blabbering nonsense.

        1. Man Utd made profits of £27m 09-10, after debt repayments and restructuring that turns into an £83m loss. Without that Glazer inflicted debt Man Utd would be the most profitable club in the world, even with the Glazers debt they are the most valuable

        2. They the largest fanbase of any team, in any sport, in the world. And yet they still get quality bargain signings like young, jones, and de gea. You’d have a right to be surprised if Chelsea, Barca, or City were breaking even but United isn’t really that hard to believe

    2. That’s the most laughable comment.
      It is 50mil pounds on THREE players.
      Not 1 bid like City previously did, and it didn’t happen because the world top class players don’t want to come to your lifeless club. (Sanchez the latest one)
      You’d end up spending £20-£30 on trouble makers.

      1. yeah right you dork…the names hernandez and smalling comes to mind for sub 20 mil troublemakers….and strangely tevez too…hmmmm why is that

  2. It is good to see United being aggressive and getting things done early in the transfer market instead of waiting till August 31st like usual or missing out on potential signings due to our lack of serious pursuit. The transfer market is still young (no pun intended) so there is plenty of time for the addition of a marquee midfielder or two.

    Evan, don’t worry about City ruining football, they will do it in the coming months. I don’t think United have overspent terribly (maybe paid £5m too much for Jones)…at least not as bad as Liverpool (Carroll and Henderson were both bought at a 150-200% inflated price)

    1. Nothing like spending money you haven’t earned yet. Or have they paid off their loans yet? I can’t remember.

      1. Money earned is very different from their loan. Anyways, they are trying to balance success as well as their debt situation and for that they need quality players – Just ask Arsenal how difficult it is. Also, they are spending the money they have earned.

      2. Yes “earned” is the correct term to use as opposed to using someone else money.

        Im sure the predictable one will be along shortly to tell us how we haven’t earned anything.

    2. Earl , I bet you are a city or chelsea fan?

      Please leave your anti man utd opinions at home, Unlike other teams with a sugar daddy man utd actually spend what they earn.

      1. I don’t know how some others feel, but I’m honestly not too worried about their debt. It’s something that needs to be monitored of course but with money from winning titles , television ratings, merchandising, and stadium attendance, I feel United are doing fine. Besides, it’s a testament to United to still mostly pay affordable prices for great talents of the game.

      2. I’m pretty much a neutral with regards to the EPL. Not a fan of the favorite, so I guess that’s why I’m being a little cantankerous.

  3. The De Gea signing really bothers me. Utd have always had a great problem following up after a great goalie and they’ve always had problems with young goalies. It smells disaster for me.

    The lack of creativity in the team still bothers me. I don’t know where Young will play and can’t understand buying him really (other than keeping him away from others), but we need a strong, passing, midfielder.

    1. “Utd have always had a great problem following up after a great goalie and they’ve always had problems with young goalies”

      You make it sound like this has been some recurring trend for Manchester Utd. But in reality, the “problem” of replacing a great goalie has only really occurred once for Man Utd in the last few decades – when they replaced Schmeichel, no-one really filled his boots until VdS came along. Prior to that, I can’t remember Man Utd ever even having a great goalie, let alone needing to replace one.

      1. Yeah Jim Leighton and Les Sealey weren’t exactly world class. Gary Bailey was decent but Schmeichel truly was our first “great keeper” of the modern era.

        1. Leighton was a good goalkeeper but couldn’t handle the pressure. I remember watching 1990 FA Cup final and thought “what is this guy doing ?”.

          Interesting fact was the old Man United website has players and former players section with short biography. IIRC, the quote was “However, Sealey was an average keeper, at his best” . Kind of harsh, he was reliable but not a world class. RIP.

          Bailey was actually very good. He didn’t win a lot of caps because there were Ray clemence and Peter Shilton. His situation was similar to Chris Woods or several Italian goalkeepers lining up behind Dino Zoff like Stefano Tacconi, Walter Zenga, Giovanni Galli, etc.

    2. I don’t see too much wrong with the de Gea signing. It’ll probably take him a season or two to fall into United form but as far as his youth he is phenomenally mature and assertive, he manages the defense superbly and proved himself in the U21s. And bringing in young will undoubtedly motivate Valencia and Nani as they will now have to earn the playing time they get. Not too mention it gives United the flexibility to rest one of the them in the thick of the season and not suffer any loss of performance. That and I believe that Young can give Valencia a run for his money. Thus far Sir Alex has found 3 quality, bargain signings, Central Midfield is definitely the biggest hole to be addressed however.

      1. It was a signing that had to be made. Outside of Neuer, this was the best available goalkeeper on the transfer market. And as much as I have enjoyed the occasional flying save from Kuszczak, he is waaaay to polar to be relied upon for titles in the future.

        I am already prepared for a stormy back line next year, and I think SAF feels the same way. It will take a year, maybe two for De Gea to adjust to the English game.

  4. MAnU have made good additions, but they are primarily looking at the growth of competitions at the top of the premier league. I think ManU may not be third next season. One of the glaring truths is that ManU had that sequence of ties, that kept them in it until they surged late in the season.

    They will not have that sequence of ties again and I think they are quality wise a little more aged and may not have the luck of last year, the tangerine season

    last seasons epic battle

    1. first off. do you just enjoy typing “ManU” a lot?? i wont even go into correcting you on that one, how can you be so sure that united will falter next season? every pre-season doubters write of SAF and his team and come end of season, you guys eat your words.

      1. Two things you can bet your life on this time of year. The first is our rivals will write us off again and say we’re in decline, they have been saying that the last 6-7 years and it hasn’t happened.

        Second is Liverpool fans/players starting with the usual garbage of “its going to be their year” they have been saying that the last 21 years. As predictable as the sun will rise tomorrow morning and set tomorrow night this is what always happens

        “Not arrogant, just better”

          1. Far from obsessed with Liverpool or any other team. Its just nice to remind their fans every now and again who the more successful team is, much like they had been reminding Utd fans the previous 20+ years.

          1. yes were not arrogant mate…we just come back each season better and stronger and have finally knocked Liverpool off their perch.that my friend speaks for itself!

          2. You really ask that question and expect not to look like a jealous rival with a major inferiority complex?

            The fact that it gets under our rivals fans skin every time they read those words when i post is just a bonus mate. Of course you will all say it doesn’t bother you, the fact you and others keep going on about proves otherwise.

            Not worried at all about looking like a smug a-hole either because this is the internet. Its obvious you’re the insecure type who cares what other people/fans think, its ok we all know you haven’t felt good about yourself the last 34+ years but at least try and hide some of those insecurities.

            “Not arrogant, just better”

  5. Valencia, Carrick, Giggs, Young.
    That will be Utd’s Midfield. The same as it was at the end of the season with Young instead of Park.

    1. Giggs hasn’t got the legs to be a starting midfielder every week, Fletcher will start with Giggs used late in games providing we don’t bring in another midfielder.

  6. It appears as though Alcantara has just signed a 3 year extension at Barca with a €90 million buy-out clause, so that rules him out Why is there no mention of Cleverley as one of United’s in-house pontential replacements? He has had a good season on loan, and has more first-team experience than the reserve team CMs. Another name that been mentioned is Adel Taarabt, who was key in QPR’s promotion to the EPL.

  7. What about Nani, are we all assuming he’s gone ? He was the leading assist guy in the Prem last year .

    I love how Dave C takes one aspect of a post and pulls it apart. How about the young goalie part, they have only had one reasonably successful young goalie – Gary Bailey. If we assume your determination of great is very high then yes they have not had a “Great” goalie but I think Gary Bailey, Alex Stepney, Harry Gregg would like to discuss your definition.

    For Dave C’s sake I will restate my point as – never been successful with a young goalie OR replacing a long term goalkeeper.

    1. Which is why United signed the anti-Barthez.

      This kid is tall, athletic, has solid IQ for his age. And, although I cannot dispute that young goalkeepers haven’t thrived at United (see Foster, Howard etc), I would say that this is a different case altogether. United isn’t bringing this kid in from New York Metrostars or Watford. He played for arguably the third largest club in Spain, Athletico Madrid. Sure the stage at the M16 is bigger. But the jump isn’t as great as it has always been previously.

  8. If they’d be willing to pay for him, I’d love to see Sneijder play for United.

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    1. sneijder a grt player indeed bt pple lets nt forget tht he is gttng old so nasri wld b bttr coz he is still young lts hop tht sir wil spent wsly

    1. Paying $600k for a goalie (and ignoring all the others they bought) and ruining football are two totally different things. Ruining football is their ability to out pay for every player they want, not the price they pay for an 18yo goalie a couple of years ago.

      That said I don’t think City are ruining football :)

    2. Evra, Vidic, Rafael, Fabio, Park, Smalling, Hernandez, Van Der Sar, Valencia, Young = 72 million pounds (At least 3 of those could be called the best in the world in their position, all 10 are/were important first team squad players. If all 10 were sold today, even with 1 having retired, United would probably get about 180-190 million)
      Kolarov, Lescott, Toure, Barry, Jo, Santa Cruz, Adebayor, Robinho, Bellamy, Milner = 195 million (6 are being/have been shoved out the door, at a massive loss. All 10 were not worth half the amount that Citeh actually paid. If all 10 were sold now, even the one that has already left, Citeh would be lucky to recoup 100 million)
      Yeah, Man City are ruining football, thanks for pointing it out.

      1. What a slimey, amateur journalist move to pick and choose certain players, add their transfer values, and attempt to make a comparison.

        Forgot about Berbatov (£30.75 million), Rooney (£25.6 million), Carrick (£16 million), Ferdinand (£30 million), Anderson (€30 million), Nani (€25.5 million) = 158 million in whatever currency you choose to ignore.

        Check the facts – no one is ruining football. Football is what it is… if anything having the same 4 teams in the Top 4 was a sign of football ruined.

        1. But all those players have excelled in ManU bitch….unlike your players,more than 6 players have gone in and out of your club and still you dare to comment on united’s signings…you stupid son of a bitch!

        2. Man Utd =158 million spent and combined 21 league titles for those players you mentioned

          City= 500 million spent and a combined 1 fa cup.

          “This is how it feels to be city”

          1. i have successful found the most foolish rags on the web… congrats. nangtei i am very impressed by your use of the english language – you are a class act and have put me in my place. so the facts… berbatov scored 10/20 goals in 3 matches, 5 of those against relegated team and your most expensive signing got dropped for the biggest game of the year; carrick has been nothing more than alright and was replaced in the midfield by retirees; i’d hope the most expensive defender in history has been up to your standards, albeit injured; anderson has NOT lived up to expectations; and nani has had 1 good season.

            mufc77 – what bothers me is the contradiction in your statement, nothing more. to say you are better makes you arrogant… to say so while saying you aren’t arrogant makes you an idiot.

      1. Dear CelticsBlues,
        As the writer of this article, its is my job to state the facts and put my spin on it. Rooney, Carrick, Ferdinand, and Nani have all done well for United and while Berbatov has not earned his inflated fee, he has still been an excellent player overall to have. The signings that United have made this summer in my mind have all been fair to the worth of each player.

        If you think my work is that of a “slimey, amateur journalist”, then you can go and read other people’s articles.

        1. MUFCforlife apologies if you thought i was referring to you as the journalist… i was commenting directly on dazjoe’s selective mathematics. your article was to the point and i had no problem with it, and it was fun that you got some banter going.

          1. Oh whoops my bad. The comment wars on this website especially for some of my articles have been pretty entertaining.

    3. Chicarito what 6-8 million pound, never heard of him before………………………Dazeko 29 million, to keep subs bench warm PMSL!

      After reading all the e-mails it stands out like a sore thumb that all you Man united haters do not have a genuine original comment or reason for your hatred. If you’re a Liverpool fan, be honest, just hate them because we’re rivals and better than any team you have produced in your entire history. I hate Liverfool because you do not appreciate good football, Liverpool were an excellent team in the 80’s and played some outstanding football, however times change and now your a very good championship team.

      Chelski? Where do you start, boys and their toys! How long will it be before Ambrovich gets bored? Torres, don’t know what to say on that topic. Biggest mistake was letting Mourinho leave because he delivered what he said he would.

      City, LOL, they beat United in the semi-final, how long will they live off that one! I’m glad they have some clout now because it makes the Derby games more exciting and they now have players who deserve to be on the same pitch. One comment I read fromn a City fan was 600k for Hart, 19 m for De Gea………………………..7m for Chicarito, 29m for banch warmer……………DZeko, who!

  9. Gays are running crazy and so suprised the likes of Evans because of man u new signings this summer,”spend money in order to get money”.MAN U cameup with that budget like any other club in the world.Mine goes to the manager SAF,i get so embarrased when man u losses to a very small club and they can win a big club just because some good players are put on u coach should have sleepless nights to accomplish,eyes are on u.

  10. Thiago already renewed his contract with Barça… Arsenal jewel should join as he has more chances to win trophies with Manu… in addition his price is high but not ridiculous as other we have heard on this transfer period

  11. De Gea = 17 million pounds.
    Joe Hart = 600k pounds.
    … lol and people say City are ruining football. hahaha Man U are “not messin” but if anyone else does it they’re buyin the league (face palm) city will sign Nasri watchy this space

  12. Nasri is a great replacement, and worth the money I belive, but there are lots of good midfield players with passing abilities and dribling skill in france and italy etc. that will be “cheap” compared to the ones with the big names. They haven´t won titles yet, and maybe not played at the international stage, but those kind of players show their talents, just not being pointed at by the media yet.
    You might aswell go look at them for a “replacement”. My thoughts are: we don´t really need a guy that instantly becomes the scholes at his prime! Truth be told we didn´t have the usual scholes last season – so calling it a replacement would not really be true. We need a player that can become the next scholes, and give our squad width while developing.

    Also bring Wolf Eikrem back from Molde next season if he keeps on the form that he has had in the norwegian league thus far.

  13. SAF’s possible 433
    ————-De Gea
    Rafael Rio Vidic Evra
    Valenica Nasri Nani
    Young Hernandez

    is this what SAF is thinking about to counter some European teams?

  14. The exchange of nani for snider is atotal mess coz nani is man who can match with snider afar as contribution is concerned so bringing him and let nani to go is like puoring new wine in old bottles

  15. sir alex please buy weasly sneijder because he had alot of expernice
    could replace paul scholes and expernice of fc barcelona and please
    buy one more central midfielder and striker like cavini

  16. Sir Alex plz make sure we the red devils will get Wesley sneijder because he can play as paul scholes did.Let me ask is giggs leaving us just like that plz plead with him so that he can take part for the matches that will be held @ next season.Plz never make a mistake to sell nani because he can play passes with wesley sneijder which will encourage our fowarders such as Rooney and the others. Thank you for allowing me to express my view.I hope every thing will be okey before the season starts.

  17. ;an utd kindly see to it that nasri comes to the theater of dreams so that his long time desire can be fulfilled .

  18. man utd kindly see to it that nasri comes to the theater of dreams so that his long time desire can be fulfilled .

  19. i cant wait to see the lyks of young,jones and de gea becoz we are simply da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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