USA 2-4 Mexico in 2011 Gold Cup Final: Your Reaction

The United States men’s national team suffered a demoralizing 4-2 defeat at the hands of Mexico in the 2011 Gold Cup Final at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. The US led in the first half 2-0 until Mexico’s Pablo Barrera pulled one back. Mexico went on to score three more goals. The last of which was a goal that even Lionel Messi would be proud of after Giovani Dos Santos scored a fantastic goal to seal the 4-2 win.

In a game which Mexico dominated, the United States weren’t helped by the first half injury to Steve Cherundolo who was replaced by Jonathan Bornstein. Bob Bradley had to shuffle around his players in the back to accommodate for Cherundolo’s exit.

While Freddy Adu put on a spirited performance for the United States and did well holding up the ball and creating chances, the rest of the United States team were outplayed — especially in midfield.

What’s your reaction to the 4-2 scoreline?

147 thoughts on “USA 2-4 Mexico in 2011 Gold Cup Final: Your Reaction”

  1. Bornstein shouldn’t of played. It was unfortunate Cherundolo’s injury that pretty much cost the game. In my half-full look at this game, I sure hope and predict that Bradley will be fired. We need a coach that tactfully knows what they’re doing and teach positioning to the team….specifically the defense.

  2. Bob Bradley must be fired.

    His tactics, player motivation, and player selections have been poor all tournament. What is Bornstein, Rodgers, and others doing on this roster? The U.S. has been lucky in the last 2 years to go as far as they did in the various tournaments. U.S. soccer has regressed, while Mexico’s golden generation is taking off. We need new blood.

    The whole defense must be revamped including maybe even Howard. Our defenders are just too old and too slow and this team cannot compete without defense and forwards.

    The U.S desperately needs a top flight foreign coach to restructure the entire U.S. soccer system and game.

    1. Even Howard??!!? u gotta be kidding, nothing he could do for their poor defense, and i bet the ppl who are asking for some foreign coach to take over will be regretting it, they would not know anything about the u.s. soccer system. I do agree about the defense though, bocanegra and dolo will be too old, and the only defense player that will do goood for us is lichaj

      1. Yes even Howard. He makes great saves, but he has his flaws that have hurt him in so many U.S. games, including the World Cup. He was at fault and could have done better with two of the Mexican goals. Howard makes poor decisions some times and has a problem with positioning. There was a reson Sir Alex Ferguson let him go from Man U.

        Brad Guzan has shown a lot of promise and if he can get first team play every week somewhere, he has the skills, youth, and talent to beat out Howard as the U.S. #1.

        1. I think Howard is a bit overrated. He’s a decent keeper, but not in the kind of bona-fide world class bracket that a lot of people seem to imagine he’s in. He’s often pretty clumsy and hesitant. But that said, I think replacing him with Brad Guzan would be a crazy gamble.

          1. When it is all said and done Bob Bradley must go, and to be honest his son is very over rated as was proven Saturday night.I also agree Tim Howard should go,I agree with him about the final adwards given in spanish,however,it sounds like sour grapes coming from him,because if he and the rest of his team preformed and won the game it would not be a talking point.The US team did not preform and wanting to defend or make excuses for there poor showing is the reason we are so bad.There job is to WIN period.

        2. Although I agree Howard is very overrated (he’s a decent keeper, but prone to too many rudimentary mistakes for him to be in the kind of bracket that his fans seem to place him in), it’s way to early to suggest Guzan is a viable alternative right now.

  3. Bottom Line:

    US needs a new coach
    US does not respect possession
    Can’t convince me Landon is better than Dempsey
    Can’t convince me these are best players in US
    Don’t buy argument: best athletes in US play other sports that’s why we suck
    Um, Xavi is not a great athlete

    1. It’s not the lack of prodigial soccer ‘athletes’, but the infrastructure. Most of Mexico’s players come from youth academies, including Dos Santos who comes from Barca’s academy. That isn’t only in Mexico, but most of the soccer-world. We don’t have that player development, so for that reaso, an the lack of proper management, the US doesn’t achieve.

      With proper coaching, the US can at least become Australia in 2006 or South Korea.

      1. Roger,

        I agree, while I think Bradley should be
        Canned the problem is with US federation, they do not respect the game, thi k they can do it the American way! Yes our effort can never be questioned, but a this level, it’s about technical ability, I’m convinced, right or wrong, that Xavi/iniesta would not have been nurtured by our system.

          1. Agreed barca created them, but the fact that we have not created anyone great is unacceptable/ federation or club level who cares

            So tired of la do is greatest u.s. Player ever!!! Dempsey is a better player/

  4. i don’t think Bradely was terrible as the coach as he was open to making changes throughout the cup, but i think he will still be let go of. You can’t blame Jonathon “Bum” Bornstein’s performance on him. Sucks to see them lose, i actually think Bornstein cost the U.S. 2 goals by himself, without him its a diffrent story.

    1. everyone forgets Mexico came very close to scoring a few times before Bornstein entered the game,the US midfield was totally outplayed.Even though it was 2-0 you could see this coming,the same thing happened with Brasil in South africa in 2009,The pronlem lies with the coach.

  5. Our defense is terrible without dolo. 2-0 we should have plsayed an uber defensive formation but no because our coach is a moron. Saddens me that in our own country that a whole stadium is full of Mexicans and only a small group of Americans. When ever Howard kicked the ball they said “Puta”. I know full well every single one of those mexicans are illegals living in our country, the country that gives them a job and a home to live in. They left Mexico for a good reason but have the balls to disrespect the country that gave them everything. Get rid of that monstrosity called Chivas USA and make OUR league more American. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

          1. “how? please inform me where i spouted anything racist.”

            Well you said all the Mexicans must be illegal immigrants, for a start.

      1. Xenophobic? It’s the truth. Mexicans immigrate here because their country sucks and it is clearly better here. Is that a lie? I mean if Mexico is all that great as they flaunt, then why are they living here?

        Guarantee if the US was better than they are, you’d see more brown people wearing white. Thank your stars you aren’t getting shot at everyday like most of your former compatriots.

        1. I agree bro, I mean……. I’m Mexican and i mean i can understand my fellow mexicans cheering for mexico.. But when you bash at usa.. thats just total disrespect and no appreciated for the country in which you live in. You can’t place the whole blame on Mexican fans in USA rooting for mexico… its the lack of Soccer popularity that gives Mexico the home field advantage…. oi.. well Mexican invasion is inevitable unless USA passes some strict laws requiring SSN for everything you do… sounds harsh but hey.. truth be told

          1. i this would’ve of been facebook i would’ve of liked this comment ;D. That was exactly the thing i was thinking. i know its sad, but hey USA is more worried about baseball, football and basketball than soccer.

    1. American supporters could have bought those tickets but they didn’t. The Gold cup was played in the US and a lot of people made money. $$$$$. It’s a game we’re talking about not WWIII. Steven maybe you’re not a racist, but definitively you’re a moron.

    2. About:
      Saddens me that in our own country that a whole stadium is full of Mexicans and only a small group of Americans. When ever Howard kicked the ball they said “Puta”

      They shout “Puto” I think is a very stupid trend, but just to clarify this happens in every league game in Mexico when the visitor’s goalkeeper kicks the ball. Is not thing against USA or Tim.

      Also if you ask it seriously, many of those Mexicand I dont want to generalize like you (“well every single one of those mexicans are illegals living in our country”) they will speak about USA with respect. But please don’t make up you mind about a country or culture from what you see in a soccer game!!
      Well maybe you can see the respect when the are US anthem was played, there was disrespect then??

      1. “Well maybe you can see the respect when the are US anthem was played, there was disrespect then??”

        You mean like the boos? Yeah, there was a bit.

        1. Talking of disrespecting the anthems….did anyone else notice that FSC’s coverage of the game missed the start of the Mexican national anthem, because they were too busy broadcasting adverts?

    3. Dude your comments may not have been racist (out loud at least) but they were pretty stupid. To say that all mexicans in this country are illegal and disrespect our country is pretty ignorant and proves your stupidity. They have every right to root for their hone country and frankly if any disrespectfulness came from them it’s probably cuz we didn’t treat them with much respect either. If I was a ex patriot living in let’s say England and usmnt came to town I’d be rooting for USA and giving England hell. rooting for Mexico doesn’t mean they are disrespecting America. They have every right to do so. I was watching USA vs panama in a Mexican restaurant, not a crappy American faux Mexican knock off, a authentic Mexican restaurant and when Dempsey scored those “illegal” mexicans all stood up and cheered. Yea that’s very disrespectful. And frankly not everyone has to love America by force. I’m a proud American but I hate our we re number one ego.

      And as much as agree to re brand chivas USA I don’t agree for your stupid reason. To make mls more American? If anything we should be adopting more world wide customs like single table and pro rel. There are plenty of white Americans who are chivas fans even snoop dogg is a confessed chivas USA fan. I’m sure your the type of idiot that wants a shot clock, time outs, take the acronym FC out of every team and make every team have a nickname all to satisfy your desire to see mls more American. Soccer needs no American influence what’s so ever. I hate Americas tendency to stick their traditions into every single thing. So keep your xenophobic comments out of here.

    4. Hey, I want to say teams have ups and downs, and thats a cycle. Mexico was better today but worse in past occasions. US had good times too.
      US is a big nation with an inmigrant origin from all the world. Mexicans are just part of US roots. The fact the stadium was very mexican its related to the history of the country. In fact, a big part of US population it is mexican in origin, as well as from asian, african and european countries. Look at your origins and youll find probably an inmigrant origin. Look at the US soccer players and other sports and youll find inmigrant origins.

      Its true that there are many illegal people from latin america but thats a political decision often used as a negative thing in electoral times in order to gain votes. Inmigrant people constructed US big nation. Big US economy is based on lot of inmigrant work as well as that big economy and american lifestyle depletes natural resources from developing countries to sustaing that lifestyle and economy.


    5. All I can say is you are ignorant and not all mexicans are illegal and you are just upset mexico beat usa bad stupied people these days talking bad about another culture it saddens me to see so much racism and hatred

  6. No excuses now USA fans! 2009 loss was because of B-Team MLS players and in 2011 its because Bstein played! HAHAHAHA face it, USA is overrated and Bob Bradley set USA back 20 years.

      1. Yes, and destroyed….Guatemala? Honduras? lol. Well, ….not so hypothetical, remind me when did Mexico win against any of those big teams in international competitions. Just Argentina defeated Mexico in the last 2 world cups and last Copa America. Mexicans think they have a world class team, but not USA, that;s the difference. So, reality is that Mexico never won a major international competition yet ( and I would take Portugal out from that list) and so far the hypothesis has been proven real.

        1. Kind of hard to destroy teams like Guatemala and Honduras when they play anti-football and defend with 10 men in their own half by bunkering down behind the ball. Guatemala does it all the time while Honduras tried it against a superior team.

          I was never a fan of the Mexican team before, but I have to admit that they do finally have a world class team right now. They have one of their best generations ever in their history.

          1. Rafael….they have their best generation ever, they won a Gold Cup…yes, true …and they are doing a good and better job. In my opinion, I will call them a world class team when they start defeating Germany, Italy, Brazil, Argentina in an International Fifa Tournament and win it.

          2. They have the confederations cup coming up in 2013. I expect them to have a great showing and be a surprise. Unlike the U.S. team who will be watching it on tv.

        2. Frank,

          Mexico beat France in WC 2010. Don’t be jealous that USA can’t win in the Final. 2009 Confed Cup, Choke, 2011 Gold Cup CHOKE! HAHAHAHA

          1. Robert, again…
            …Mexico is doing great . Funny how you make up a story about me being jealous with lack of information, hahahaha .I am not jealous , why would I be if my team is Argentina? I will remind you that USA has beaten up many many times Mexico in finals and it was about time for Mexico with so many good players playing in different leagues worldwide and still growing. If you are a Mexico fan, congrats!

        3. Portugal are the best team to never win a World Cup. Do you realize they produce the best players and coaches on Earth as well and has the 5th best league in europe after the big 4. PLus they have won many youth world cups and euros. Right now Portugal is the 3rd best team in Europe after Spain and Germany and Cristiano Ronaldo may well very be the greatest European footballer ever.

          1. Deep respect for Portugal…but to say that Portugal produces the best players and coaches on earth it’s a bit too much, a bit exaggerated in my opinion. And Ronaldo the greatest European footballer ever? let me guess, Jon…are you Portuguese? and how old are you? You have not seen or don;t remember names like Platini, Van Basten, Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Baggio and and,…i can go on. Anyway, at that level of incredible talent, I wouldn;t really say that someone was the BEST .i would just say that I liked such player better because I enjoyed his skills and/or his play. I enjoy Ronaldo but…..the greatest ever? nope. How can you compare Ronaldo with Eusebio, for instance?

        4. Mexico won confederations cup a while ago.. and they won the world cup under 17.. get your facts right 😉 i know is not alot of stuff.. but hey.. its a brand new team lets give it a try. dont be to cold as in criticizing admit the better talent that mexico has compared to past years. Dont be a sore loser and take this defeats as motivation. Stop trolling in other words

          1. Angel, don’t post comments without reading carefully , so the one trolling is just you

            1) I have admitted that Mexico is in its best situation ever. (can’t you read?)
            2) I stated above: My team is Argentina. (can’t you read?)

            As a result:
            1) It seems you read what you want to read and make your own interpretations which are not same as mine
            2) keep the word LOSER to Yourself
            3) Still facts are facts: Mexico won a championship (Gold Cup)where no other team has ever won anything major before beyond the Gold Cup. Concacaf, and giving all the respect all the teams deserve, whether you like it or not, is not as competitive as Conmebol ( where Uruguay, Argentina, Brasil , all world cup champions, play ) and let’s not even go to a World Cup.

            Again, congratulations and they are in the right track and in the best position ever to win something major.

          2. Angel, don’t post comments without reading carefully , so the one trolling is just you

            1) I have admitted that Mexico is in its best situation ever.
            2) I stated above: My team is Argentina.
            As a result:
            1) It seems you read what you want to read and make your own interpretations which are not same as mine
            2) keep the word LOSER to Yourself
            3) Still facts are facts: Mexico won a championship (Gold Cup)where no other team has ever won anything major before beyond the Gold Cup. Concacaf, and giving all the respect all the teams deserve, whether you like it or not, is not as competitive as Conmebol ( where Uruguay, Argentina, Brasil , all world cup champions, play ) and let’s not even go to a World Cup.

            Again, congratulations and they are in the right track and in the best position ever to win something major.

    1. They have beat brazil before. They played well against Germany in I think it was 2000 world cup?

      Uruaguay they can beat.

      In another world cup holland beat mexico 1-0 (hardly destroying them)

      Portugal and Spain I don’t remember the last time they each played Mexico.

      Lastly, why do you Americans always go either political, racists, or just plain angry? It’s a game. I love futbol. It’s an awesome game to watch. No other sport can get so many people around the world so riled up.

      As for the rest of these countries

      1. The difference between world class team and a good team is that they win and beat another world class team in an important stage of an important competition and win a tournament. I still have to see Mexico doing that against soccer giants. Mexico defeated Argentina and Brazil in Copa America ( 2004 I believe but failed to win the cup) but it was on first round matches and never won anything beyond Concacaf.

  7. One more,for me,expected outcome.According to the previous games it is just matter of minutes when US team will fall apart.Pour technical skill,lack of tactical wisdom.You name it.Reason is always same.HORRIBLE DEFENSE.You can score as much as you want if leaks in the back.And US back line look like school team…That Bradley is bad coach.Period.4 vs Spain,4 vs Mexiko,2 vs Panama.0-10…Give me a break!

  8. The positioning of the US back line was atrocious. The US couldn’t deal with 1 substitution along its backline without completely crumbling to pieces. The most irreplaceable member of the USMNT is Steve Cherundolo. Bornstein was pointless as a defender, in hindsight he really should not have been on Gold Cup roster.

    For all the talk about firing Bradley, you had better be sure that you have someone better that you know you can get. I think Bradley knew his defense wasn’t good enough and that is why he started Adu. It is scary to think what the final score would have been without Adu(probably something like 6-0).

    Stay classy Steve, your all encompassing statement is without a shadow of a doubt untrue.

    1. I completely agree about Bradley; he simply does not have the pieces to construct a good team. Before this game the only criticism I had of him was his insistence that his son start, but after tonight I feel that decision was justified as Michael Bradley looked like the second best player out there besides Adu.

  9. What an amazing game! Too bad US had to lose…but after being forced to watch the game on Univison TV.. (don’t have stupid fox soccer) and the respect Fox/ESPN has shown towards MLS and to US soccer I almost feel like I had to support Mexico.
    Did anyone see the presentation? Everything was in Spanish… I saw Clint Dempsey and other players visibly upset… Felt like the game was actually played in Mexico… I know Mexico won..but since the game was played on US soil why was the presentation/awards in Spanish?

    I agree poor Bob should go…

      1. Don’t forget that this was the final of the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Most countries in the region speak Spanish. Univision paid money for the rights to show the games on free TV and online. They also must have paid to host the medal presentation or maybe Fox didn’t want to pay to host. I agree Fernando Fiore (Argentinian) was a terrible host. He did speak in Spanish and English but was just a bad presenter.

        1. According to FIFA Statues:
          English, Spanish, French and German are the official languages of FIFA. English is the official language for minutes, correspondence and announcements.

          As joejoe says, they just choose Spanish for presenting the winners.

      2. @rajiv…If you are in the USA and not Mexico as you state, then can you please explain to me (an Australian who watched the game live on SetantaOz) why the entire post-match ceremony was completed in Spanish, without even the courtesy of an English translation. At least at the Olympics you both French and English (the 2 official languages of the IOC) C’mon America, what the hell was that all about?
        As for the game, I was surprised to see the yanks jump out to a good lead, but I suspected that the class of Mexco would turn up eventually and it sure did in the 2nd half. Mexico are a good team, there’s no shame in losing to them, at least you didn’t get humped. the scoreline doesn’t reflect how intense and close the overall play was IMO.

        1. @kasey….im not sure i understand your question “mate”? Let me clarify, as an asian american living in america i believe english should be the spoken language and not mexican. After all we are not mexican. I too would like to know why the enitre ceremony was completed in spanish, which i dont understand nor want to understand. This is america and english should be it.

          1. rajiv, that was my question, does anyone know why the post match was conducted entirely in Spanish? In my frequent trips to the States the only two languages I heard spoken regularly were English and Drunken English;)
            Even on the odd occasion that I heard ‘ Redneck’ it is but a dialect of English….who is chasing that up? I know in my country we are doing everything we can to present the image that soccer isn’t just a johnny-foreigner sport for immigrants and softies who cant hack Rugby or Aussie Rules. Conducting a post-game ceremony in any language other than English would surely set back the perception of the sport as ‘mainstream’ at least in my is it being received in yours? cheers:)

          2. @kasey, dude i’m not affiliated in any way with those morons at concacaf so i cant give you an explanation as to why the ceremony was in spanish. Im not familiar with “rigby” or “aussie rules” but if soccer wants to go mainstream here they need to do a better job in a million ways. Right now NBA and NFL rules and LA is very much a Laker town. If the galaxy are to ever amount to anything they need to do a whole heck of a lot better than hire some washed up british mercenaries (yeah you becks) and assorted jokers to raise the profile of the club. US soccer really needs to hit LA at a very grassroots level and realy push to get soccer fans involved and make certain things very clear to those fans, This is the USA, This is America and thats what we need to be supportin at both club and country level. Nef Zed.

  10. why does’nt anyone at us soccer listen to anything i ever say! for years i have said trying to adopt a style of play like germany or england is PLAIN STUPID AND WRONG. How many times has england won a world cup? ONE lousy time. Is this really what we want to emulate? Look at brazil our neighbors, FIVE times…now thats what im talking about. We constantly underachieve in soccer because in this sport for some weird reason our mindset seems to be geared that way also. In everything else we are the best. in this our role models are losers england and equally boring crappy germany. We are so much more diverse than those countries and its a BIG mistake to base our model of soccer on those two nations. BIG BIG MISTAKE. We will continue to be thrashed by a team like mexico unless we start teaching our players SKILL. I mean some of the us players are so damn SLOW, ZERO TECHNIQUE, NO SKILL, just musclebound chumps. Now, the game has gone back to being built around smaller speedy players. look at the world champions, basically a team of midgets. yes this means you spain. Soccer was gravitating towards bigger is better but now has gone the other way. small is in, speed is in. Unless US soccer wakes up damn fast, we will continue to see more results like these. After all, wasnt the most skillfull player on team usa adu also the smallest….(and he was shunned because of that because US soccer thinks this game is like NBA or NFL, that size is paramount not skill. WRONG.

    1. good points rajiv!

      I think Ziggy Smith (sorry if I miss-spelled his name) , Seattle’s TD would be a good choice for the NT.

      1. Absolutely not. I know Sigi Schmid from all his years as the Galaxy coach when he got started in MLS. The fans couldn’t wait to get rid of him. If people think Bob Bradley was bad, Sigi coaches a very bland defensive conservative style of soccer. The last thing we need ia another Bradley 2.0

        The only MlS coach I might consider is Jason Kreis. However, he is not ready. Too young and inexperienced. U.S. soccer must look outside of MLS and the United States for its next coach.

    2. I agree the US shouldn’t be looking towards England as an inspiration (English football is going through the same kind of debates regarding player development as US soccer is right now).

      But Germany? The USA should WISH they could ever achieve half of what Germany has. They’re one of the most successful footballing nations in the world.

      1. Hmmm…But why germany??? wy not italy then? They are even more successful than germany…Why not france??? heck why not spain??? Trust me, england and germany (with a few exceptions) produce boring, crap soccer. Not what we want to be looking at.

        1. @USA: Germany have won three World Cups and won three European Championships, plus they’ve been runner-up in four other World Cups and three other European championships.

          Their record of international success is heads and shoulders above either France or Spain. Even Italy’s success doesn’t measure up when you bear in mind that two of their WC wins were from the 1930s, when the WC was a little tin-pot trophy under the fix of Mussolini. Since then, they’ve won 2 WCs, been runner up twice, and won 1 Euro.

          Despite this, sure if the USA could emulate any of these countries, then sure, go ahead. But I’m just saying that suggesting that Germany are a poor role-model for success is ridiculous.

          And as for boring, crap football…firstly, how can Germany’s soccer be “crap” if it wins so much? Secondly, if Germany are boring, how are Italy any better? They’ve always been one of the countries most content to sit on a 1-0 lead and “win ugly” if necessary. Don’t let the long hair and names ending in vowels fool you!

  11. Poor game-plan, poor substitutions, non-existent adjustment to the Mexican attack. Please Gulati! Fire Bob Bradley! Enough already!

  12. Where is Charles to tell everyone how amazingly deep and talent-laden this lot is? Some serious talent like Bornstein, Goodson, and Jones getting completely owned tonight.

    I’m done with Bob Bradley and frankly the media is a big reason why he’s stayed this long. They are so clueless that at there has never been a massive outcry for his sacking from the media instead of we the fans.

    1. Our clueless media has been jumping on the fire Bradley bandwagon ever since the Panama loss, because frankly they can’t talk soccer. Frankly Bradley is out of his depth, he has ridden to long on performances from Dempsey and Donovan. The USA needs someone to come in and organize that defense and give the midfield some purpose, other than to slow down the game. The movement off the ball from the United States is extremely poor.

  13. stop making excuses!!!!!!!!…MEXICO is clearly better that the U.S…we have more players in europe( that actually play) our league is clearly better than the mls… the inly guy that stands out in the U.S. is donovan..and in the other hand if javier hernandez dosen’t score.. we have other payers that score like gio dos santos, aldo de nigris, pablo barrera, andres guardado…..MXICO will always be the GIGANT in the concacaf!

    1. Ha. Before you go off making proclamations, consider two things.

      1) When is the last time Mexico has won the qualifying group?
      2) How many times has mexico won a last 16 world cup match on foreign soil.

      They were the clearly superior team on the night once the Bornstein change was made. This I will admit to freely.

      1. Matt….I do not care about Mexico or any other side..I am from Europe and love soccer.I played it semi-pro short time…Reason why I post it is that I follow MLS and judge it just for fun.As a neutral viewer.In fact I agree with you unless you start talking too emotional.I just mentioned that US team suffers of same disease almost two decades…Awful defense.Now ,why someone competent does not solve that problem.?So many times your guys look like school team when they have to defend themselves.Other two lines are more or less good.They can score anyone.But it is all in vain if leaks permanently from behind.In fact I do not know any national side that plays so shabby and confused defense like US…No hard feelings.

        1. I don’t disagree with anything you said there. Our backline is definitely shabby. The injury and subsequent regression of Onyewu has crippled this back line. The only player I am currently comfortable with in the back for Brazil 2014 is Eric Lichaj. He was one of the few bright spots on an Aston Villa side that was doomed all of last year. There was a significant shift last night once Cherundolo was taken off for Bornstein. Assuming you watched the whole match last night, Mexico was always trying to get down our left side. Lichaj was faster than dos santos and he was never put off by his skill or pace, mainly because he plays against wingers of higher quality at villa (ie Gareth Bale and Nani, both of whom he did quite a job on last year). Once the change was made, the attacks down that flank became infinitely more effective. Bornstein doesn’t deserve to wear the shirt, and if it is necessary to fire Bradley for someone to recognize this and address it, then I would find it a good decision based on this alone.

          I think tim ream could develop nicely in 3 years, if and only if he moves abroad, preferably europe.

          1. Matt….Great analysis !I am impressed…Guys like you are great fan base and I am sure that future of soccer in US is also great.When I see those crowds in Seattle,Portland,Philly now even in Kansas…I can only say guys I envy you.Shake hand!

    2. Donovan,can do much better,his problem is he needs to forget about playing with so many second rate or washed up players in Major League soccer and move to Europe,if it is not to late!!!!!

      1. So before last summer when he played great at the World Cup wasn’t he also playing in Major League Soccer?

        I thought so.

        1. It wouldn’t hurt for him to get out of his comfort zone a bit and try a full season somewhere in Europe. I think everyone was happy with his performance at Everton.

        2. Sorry, i thought, for some odd reason, that he was coming off a loan spell to a solid team in a greatly superior league. He played well at everton, and absolutely loved it. The MLS needs to let him go. After all, he only has one more world cup in him.

  14. LOL! I love this country. You guys lose a football game, and then you start talking about illegal immigrants, your rival’s country “sucking”, etc. You can always count on these attitudes when Americans lose at something. Learn to take your defeats like mature people, and don’t let your anger make you take these cheap shots. It’s a game, just that. We don’t go talking about Germans being whatever when they kick our butt at the game. Smile. :)

  15. This is a very good Mexican side; I’d love to see how they’d do against tougher opposition. That 4th goal by Dos Santos was spectacular.

    Regarding comments about the trophy ceromony in Spanish- well, a Spanish speaking team won it. Had the US won it, I’m sure it would have been in English. The US is a virtual permanent host of this tournament, it is not like the World Cup where a country hosts it once in a lifetime.

    I am a US citizen and have lived here since I was a baby. When the US played England, I rooted for England. It is not an intellectual decision, there is just nothing like the pull of your family’s home country. The “illegal” remark is obnoxious.

    No idea about Bradley- I think the US is between generations and does not have great players. I’m not sure that is Bradley’s fault. Federations don’t develop players, clubs do. Are our teams doing so?

  16. So Mexico won… once again congratulation.
    Very few US fan showed up… even though the game was played in California! Go figure!
    On a bring side… 93,420 fans showed up…regardless of who they were supporting… well frankly.. mostly Mexicans/Mexican Americans.

    I don’t live in Cali..hence I didn’t go watch the game live.. I would have wrapped myself in big US flag and would have screamed the entire game had i been at the game…

    I noticed that the cheapest ticket was over $140.00. Max was around $1500 I think. Say an average price was $ 250.. * 93,420 = $23,355,000.00! So a cool $ 23 million dollars!! Since they are only paying $200,000.00 to the winner… My questions is…who gets the rest?? Anyone know? Are players paid anything from this pool? Very curious to find out!!!

    1. Drop the very few US fans showed up… I lived in California a very long time. the farther south you go the more Latin you get. Pick a city like Portland or seattle,Vegas and I guarantee you will get a US home crowd. There are other cities out there that will support the US team, face it Americans are very patriotic. And Drop calling the people posting “racist”. Sorry being a bit upset watching a game in America and the stadium with 80% foreign support does get a bit under your skin, it’s not just immigrants, need to call it what it is, illegal immigrants. Nowhere else but America this happens and it has nothing to do with lack of soccer support. Bradley has to go and we need defense, haven’t had any for years now. Dempsey should have been the striker and Donavon should have been in the mid-field. Lastly, yes we have a right to get so upset that we got our butts kicked in after opening a nice lead, I don’t see cars been flipped and burned or riots in the streets, this is healthy. I like the fact so many are posting their frustrations; it shows they care about this sport in America.

      1. You do realise that California has a LARGE “Mexican-American” population, right? And by that I mean AMERICAN citizens, born in this country, or who acquired the citizenship. A LOT of that people in the stadium yesterday were in fact your countrymen. So talking about illegals is a simplistic and ignorant thing… and yes probably shows a bad loser’s hidden racist, xenophobic and ethnocentric side. Who knows?

        1. And your sayin mexicans are not racist, xenophobic or clannish? every been to a mex hood or any other mex burb? Go see how welcoming they are to non-mexicans….i dont mean just whites, i mean anyone who is not mexican. Yeah right… I thought so. give some respect and tolerance, and maybe you get some back. have a nice day.

  17. FIRE BRADLEY NOW!!!!!!!

    Just like the Confed Cup we choke in the end after going ahead.

    We need an international manager with experience in big game situations and holding leads. I don’t want another MLS manager. We need a manager with creative tactics and smart substitutions.

  18. Very rarely are Mexico ever beaten at home, except by the very top teams. They have a fantastic support, Mexico were playing to a home crowd at the Rose Bowl. Also they look as though they have a very good team at the moment, but if there is a rematch in Brazil in 2014, my money would be on the USA.

  19. I’ve said it before but the MLS has to change it’s schedule no matter what the logistical cost. Last night they switched from an LA SJ game in California to the US game. That is truly idiotic. Club games on the same day as the CONCACAF final. It creates player selection conflicts and fan conflicts. (not to mention transfer windows etc) When will they learn,the MLS continues to act as if it’s on a different planet.

    As a US citizen from Ireland it was pathetic to see so many Mexican fans spew so much hatred for the country that feeds them. You think I’m overreacting look up some news stories on Mexicos GITMO approach to illegal immigration.

    1. It was a game. One support group taunts the other. No different than Charger vs Raider games. I don’t know what you expected. The tickets were available to anyone that wanted them. During this competition Mexican supporters showed up and packed stadiums. El Salvador supporters packed RFK. Spanish supporters packet Foxboro stadium. The USMNT didn’t do as well. Who’s fault is that? Immigrants? Get over your prejudice. Buy a ticket and enjoy life.

    2. Exactly. It would be better for them to go back? they are no different from the arabs, who take millions of aid dollars and hate the USA at the same time. PATHETIC.

  20. Re: movement off the ball. I couldn’t agree more. I’m often puzzled by this with the US. Also, why are they so slow when they have the ball? I could not believe how sluggish our boys were in trying to move the ball forward.

    The US’ lack of depth could not have been more apparent, and I think most people would agree BB is out of his depth and it’s time for a change.

    But, I’d also say that we are seeing the maturation of a very good Mexican team. From 2-0 down they dominated the match and thoroughly deserved that win.

  21. Rajiv was correct and succinct. This is a much better Mexico squad than previous. Having read all the posts I wonder if some watched the game. Before the Cherundolo injury, Mexico pounded, but did not score. Bradley tactics were passed to him by Steve Sampsom through some Masonic cabal of bad coaches. There is no defense in the midfield, except Jermaine Jones. The back line will never hold without speed and organization in the midfield. Junior lost the ball every time he had to hold it: just like in the Ghana game where his six foot desperation pass to Clark also passed the blame. He has no vision and no distribution skills. He is only effective moving vertically attacking just above the box. Freddy holds the balll with no purpose;at least Aguduelo holds and has the strength and speed to attack. Watch theU-17’s-the coaching is as bad.

    1. haha i really enjoyed the “Masonic cabal of bad coaches” bit.

      That said, Adu is absolutely faster and more purposeful than agudelo. Mind you, had i not seen it with my own eyes the last two matches I wouldn’t believe it, but he and Lichaj were the only real bright spots from this tournament. If he can reinvent himself as a result of this tournament, I think it would be more important than winning it.

      1. Lichaj is a revelation on the back line for us. He’s like Spector with more pace and better positioning. But when Bradley moved him to the right back position after Cherundolo went out it threw him off his game and we lost our ability to defend both the left and right flanks. Bornstein is not good enough to play at this level. Couple that with the fact that Dos Santos and Chicharito are actually world class players and it’s amazing we didn’t lose by more.

        We’ll never win consistently without a g

        1. I don’t buy the idea that Lichaj played horrible soley due to being switched to RB. Everyone forgets he is a converted LB. RB is his natural position. He should have been a whole lot more comfortable at RB because he has played there before becoming a LB for the national team.

          The whole Bornstein fiasco is reason enough to fire Bradley. He is never going to learn when it comes to his favorites who cannot play at this level. How does anyone in their right mind choose Bornstein over Spector? We had Jonathan Spector on the bench the whole time who could have played RB.

          1. I didn’t realize Spector was on the bench.

            Another glaringly obvious substitution error by Bradley. It’s time for him to go, and Gulati needs to start answering questions about why he’s allowed this to go on so long.

  22. emotion aside
    the U.S players do not have the technical skill to win balls in the air and keep possession.
    the U.S. players do not have the technical skill to head the ball to each other and keep possession
    the U.S. players do not have the technical skill to play the ball out of the back and keep possession
    The U.S players do not have the technical skill to hold on to the ball in
    midfield and keep possession.
    Alas….it all leads to a constant running back on defense with players, who
    though brave and stiff…can’t mark a man all that well

    so 4-2….sounds reasonable…and Bradley….it takes him a year or two to arrive at positioning that should be obvious, makes poor adjustments and
    with having the same core players for years should have made them better
    at keeping possession….or found other players

  23. I’ve never seen a team so polar before. If the USMNT could keep up the same intensity they did in the first 30 minutes of the match, they’d be one of the strongest teams in the World. It was the same compact, counterattacking slick passing team that came firing out on all cannons against Brazil in the Confederations Cup, in the second half vs. Slovenia in the World Cup and during Jamaica in the QF.

    However, the next 50 minutes of the match made it seem like this was some US squad that was replica of a 1970s/1980s USMNT team that would get manhandled by their opponents.

    That’s simply unacceptable, and there needs to be a new coach at the helm to help the team achieve that intensity to dominate teams and MAINTAIN the lead. Also, a new USSF president to make such decisions. Gulati is too conservative and a penny-pincher and Bob Bradley is just making the whole USMNT landscape too stale and selecting poor players for certain roles.

    1. Tyler — please let me know what alternate universe you live in “It was the same compact, counterattacking slick passing team that came firing out on all cannons against Brazil in the Confederations Cup.” Good grief, man, have you ever watched a real soccer team??

  24. I can’t believe I am about to type this, but I miss Bruce Arena for the fact that he was able to get more out of his players as a defensive unit than Bradley will ever be able to do. We need new blood, new tactics, someone who doesn’t favor players who continually aren’t up to playing internationally, who isn’t afraid to bring in players with techincal/creative skill even if they aren’t great defensively. It’s much easier to coach defensive skills than to try an teach flair.

    The whole system needs an overhaul. There are youth clubs/academies in Cali that are modeling themselves after Barcelona and are starting to show great results. Hell an American (12 I think) was just signed this year by Barca’s youth Academy a year after the US club beat Barca’s. Would it be so bad for the US Youth system to emulate Barca?

  25. It was an awesome game!!! For all the ppl making stupid remarks, keep it to yourselves. I’m mexican, and no I’m not “illegal” I can guarantee you that the majority of the fans at the Rose Bowl weren’t illegal either. Please take your racist remarks elsewhere, racism has no place in soccer or anywhere for that matter. This is a post about SOCCER, a sport that awakens world wide passion! Yes this is not the same Mexico team from the past. This is the Mexico team with young players, a lot of them who won the U17 world cup a few years back. These are the players that were supposed to play in the world cup last year, but due to Aguirres stupidity they did not. And that’s why Aguirre was fired for being incompetent and making horrible decisions. Maybe its time the US follows suit and hire a new coach. Just saying.

    1. Soccer, a sport with no borders. I’m Mexican-American and root for Mexico because people like above make me feel like a foreigner in my home state of California.

      1. yes but arent mexicans guilty of doing the same thing to other minorities?? I too live in california and im looked down upon by mexicans because i speak english, im dark skinned and not mexicans. so Racism works both ways….and ive seen plenty of racist mexicans thank you very much.

  26. A great game. I didn’t enjoy seeing the U.S. lose, but it was a match with a lot of action and a lot of back-and-forth. I enjoyed how fast-paced it was and how quickly it moved. I wished more MLS games had this feel to them, then I would pay more attention to MLS instead of EPL.

    Having said that, I was extremely disappointed with the ‘dirty’ stuff Mexico pulled towards the end of the 2nd half. Comfortable in their 2-point lead, the players began pushing, shoving and just outright antagonizing the U.S. team. Thug crap. They didn’t need to resort to this sort of childishness, they already earned their victory.

    I also don’t understand why the closing ceremonies were broadcast in Spanish. That was a bit weird.

    Lastly, Tim Howard’s fits on the pitch are great. He worse than Wayne Rooney.

  27. 1. I would like to see Klinsmann or Ancelotti coach of USMNT

    2. MLS needs to change it’s structure, we don’t have the talent that has international level pedigree and the development of young players is flawed.

    3. Mexicans support their team, once US fans realize that this is the only sport where you can show national pride, all you hot-dog eating statistical lovers can go f**k yourselves.

  28. Fire Bradley that guy has ruined the usmnt since 07, fire gulati he’s a horrible president. Usmnt has never recovered since 2002, he couldn’t and still cant fix out pyramid and we still suck! We need reform by sacking Bradley and gulati and hiring a international coach and a soccer president who is well a soccer president not a economics major. And to all those people spewing ignorant things get over yourselvrs. We got comfy and paid the price, Blane the coach or the players the fans have nothing to do with it. Typical American nature to throw cheap shots and pout and whine when we lose

    1. Alex is 100% correct,the Steven making comments about the Mexican Fans and people needs to get a life it is in very poor taste,Mexico destroyed the US team and would have with or without injury, we need to stop making excuses and blame ourselves for presenting a poor product with a very week coach.

      1. EXACTLY! Mexico lost Rafa Marquez and Carlos Salcido but still won the game. USA fans making excuses about losing Cherlundo, pfff typical.

  29. When you listen to the Fox sports commentators all former US players you can understand why the US plays so poorly they try to spin the results by saying the US play well but lost.When Brasil and Argentina win but do not meet expectations they are destroyed by the press and their fans the US team is giving credit for loosing with this attitude they will never turn it around. The FoxSports chanel needs to give a dose of reality to those boys covering the US team.and teach them to be objective.

  30. I liked the starting lineup a lot, and agree that it’s one we should have used long ago. But Dempsey is not a play maker or a holding midfielder, and Donovan isn’t the opportunist that Dempsey is. Switching them up front was a weird move that exacerbated the problems we had possessing the ball. The goals came when those two switched back to their normal positions.

  31. The first half was one of the more exciting halves I’ve seen in a while. The match had it all in terms of drama with goals, hard challenges, diving and play-acting(mostly Mexico), and an exciting pace. Mexico proved they were more experienced as they were able to get over Salcido and Marquez getting hurt to win unlike the USA who collasped after losing Cherundolo. The American team is always exciting to watch but they often seem to fall a little short whehter against Brazil in 09, Ghana (again) in the WC or in this match. The crowd was fantastic and overall, I think the match truly exceeded all of the prior expectations and hype. Viva Chicharitoooooooooooo

  32. Now USA knows what is the felling of picking up grapes, tomatoes, etc… in the United States farm fields. The USA golkeeper was like trying to pick up flowers at the Rose Bowl Stadium …but Giovani Dos Santos score, was like a Rose from the sky showing the “gringos” that we the “MEXICANS” have a great heart, brains and “muchos huevos”! Viva Mexico!

  33. I was watching the game again today, and there was a shot that hit the goal-bar, that was for a tie at 3. If that was a goal maybe the story could have been different.

  34. As a US soccer fan I will tell you why I did not go the game even though I live only 15 miles from the Rose Bowl. I just refuse to fill the pockets of corrupt CONCACAF. I pay for entertainment value and the price of the tickets were too high. I do not feel like it is a good thing to donate money to the CONCACAF mafia. I will only pay if I feel that the show is worth the price. If Mexican fans feel good and want to buy all the tickets that is their money. The USA team will never be a home team in Southern California. They have to learn to play in that environment. If I was a Mexican fan I would not be that proud though. In a competition with higher standards they would not have been allowed to play doped. It was not only the 5 payers that went back to Mexico that tested positive for Clembuterol. Other players in the Gold Cup winner squad were also doped. As I said before, CONCACAF is so corrupt and that is why they were allowed to play that way.

    1. Just much were tickets to games in the Gold Cup, group games and the final? I mean you guys pretty muchknow that every 2 years the yanks and Mexico will playoff in the final right? has anyone else ever made the final? We have World Cup qualifiers starting in Asia(AFC) later this year and category C tickets are usually around A$40-50 bucks(but the money at least goes to FFA) cat As are usually around A$60-80.
      the Aussie dollar is worth US$1.10 at the moment for those of you doing the conversions in your heads:)

      1. Re. Tickets to the game (Final):
        Cheapest was over $140.00.
        I would say the average was well over $450.00 (I checked ticketmaster and stubhub on Friday, day before the game). CONCACAF made a killing on Saturday. Over 93,420 fans showed up… you do the math!

        1. Holy sh*t, that’s insanely expensive! We’re hosting the AFC nations Cup in 2015. I can tell you that if the FFA or the organising committee price the final tickets anywhere near that, the two best teams in Asia will be playing in front of an empty stadium. I paid about $200 per ticket for my many games at the World Cup last year, but that was the World Cup! – I can’t believe how expensive a ticket to the International Soccer is in the USA…who pocketed the profit, all to Concacaf or does USSoc get a percentage?
          In Australia the all the revenue for the A-League playoffs and the Socceroos home internationals goes to FFA, which is their principle income stream.
          the tickets for last years Hyundai A-League Grand Final (the championship decider) started at A$70 and worked their way up to A$95. there were some rumblings in the press that FFA had priced people out of the market, but sure enough, there was a sell-out 52,500 fans at the game and they saw one of the best deciders in Australian sports history in any sport…I flew up to Brisbane for it and it was well worth the money! I’m a sucker for football travel I cant wait for this years WC2014 qualifiers. I hope we get some interesting countries in our AFCphase3 group. Thailand would be nice:)

    2. Saying that USA will never be the home team in So. Cal is what’s wrong with USSF. They need to take the bull by the horns and start marketing to Mexican-Americans like myself. By the looks of it they don’t have home field advantage anywhere. Detroit was a ghost town.

  35. It was only a matter of time before that happen to the US
    National team they always play Mexico the same way give up possession and wait for a mistake. They have been doing it for ten years and it finally caught up to them. Mexico always has more chances and plays better but it always looses the game. But not this one this Mexican squad is not the same one it is much faster and more skilled than ever before.

    And for the people making stupid racist remarks just get over it. It’s not that easy when you invite other country’s to play unlike “THE WORLD SERIES” what a joke or The world champions Steelers. Just get over it like Mexican fans did when we got our ass kicked for 10 years always 2-0.

  36. The better team won(with or without Dolo’s injury). Bradley should go. US should run away from the kick and run style adopted from England and start producing footballers instead of athletes. We all know how many tropheys England has won in the last 50 years or so…
    Spain, Brazil, Barcelona, etc. are the teams that should be emulated. As a football fan, the fact that Jogo Bonito is dominating football in the last 10-15 years or so, is a beautiful thing.

  37. I am a fan of the US as much as anyone else, but maybe we can look at this as an opportunity. Of those 90,000+ that showed up, over 75,000 were Hispanic. Over half of the Hispanic population resides in California, Texas, and Florida in the United States. Maybe the 5 MLS teams and 2 (soon to be 3) NASL teams should take a cue from this and start trying to bring in Mexican and maybe eve South American stars. They could use the DP spots to try to and bring in some talented and expensive players, and then try to bring in more players if possible. Cities like Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, Phily, and Kasnas City are pulling in good numbers. I think that even though the team from Cali, Texas, and Florida pull in decent numbers, I still think that taking advantage of the growing Mexican population would be very smart on the part of MLS.

    1. The golden cup is a profit bussines not just a sport competition! US corporations know to make bussiness. Mexican fans in US are good consumers for this event!

  38. I understand when people say there was more mexicans, but c’mon u were in CALI, you already know what they’re getting themselves into, when is concacaf qualifying matches, they never play in Texas, or Cali or anywhere near the West Coast, they always play back East..and i wouldn’t blame them, and yes a lot are illegals but not ALL, some are people rooting for the MEXICAN SOCCER TEAM, not mexico as a nation…I love the mexican soccer team but if I had to choose wether to live here or there, i’d choose the US in A HEART BEAT…

  39. Mexico isnt the best team in the world, they are currently ranked 28th, i think they’re better than 28th but that’s another story…I also dont agree with some of you saying Mexico cannot beat world class teams.. Mexico has beat brazil plenty of times, also argnetina and italy, played england tough and spain and germany… and mexico has won under 17 world cup and has won the 99 confederations cup against brazil…and yes all those teams are above mexico but mexico always plays them tough…

  40. The truth is any true Soccer country of today,would have fired their coach Monday Morning after such a disgraceful defeat.The real problem is who in there right mind would want to coach the US national team,with a poor pool of talent and very little fan surport.The entire US soccer program needs to be turned up- side-,down,and we the fans need to wake up.

  41. It seems a week has past and the US is not going to remove Bob Bradley,another wasted chance to bring in a Non US coach to bring real change to the team, Bradley may not be the problem but he has to go if we are ever to improve we must take a risk Now.

  42. I am Mexican, I am happy of the victory.
    But also I am happy that the USA team, has acknowledged us as archi-rivals
    Both countries have grown in the world wide qualifications.Due this only duel

    I think we both need each other in a poor quality zone. USA has grown to be a serious contender

    USA in a America cup , scored 3-0 to Argentina
    USA defeated the world champion , Spain in the Confederations cup, one year before.
    USA almost won thet confederations to Brazil, but Brazil is Brazil and they come back from behind.

    I hope the rivality keeps going .

  43. the day when USA supporters outnumber mexicans 90-10 in important USA-Mexico matches held in California is the day when soccer has truly arrived in america.

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