Seattle 4-2 New York: Sounders Take Advantage of Poor Greg Sutton Performance

Another match in the northwest of the country and another crazy night for the Red Bulls as they traveled to face the Seattle Sounders, who were looking very pleased to get Dane Richards back from Gold Cup duty. But the terrible decisions in the net went to Greg Sutton as he had a major meltdown.

It went all Sounders in two minutes as corner kicks had helped this side get their goals when Eric Friberg was at the top of the box and bent a great ball towards goal that Greg Sutton was too slow to react to. The Sounders converted it inside the far post.

Then Sutton lost focus in the next minute when Fredy Montero accidentally bumped him and wanted a foul. No whistle from referee Michael Kennedy, so Osvaldo Alonso took advantage and ripped it home. Sutton looked lost and lost his composure by not paying attention to his situation in front of him and that is something the Red Bulls couldn’t afford.

But after the Red Bulls were able to equalize in this match, Sutton got himself into more problems as he allowed a late brace from Roger Levesque. After a good save from Sutton the Sounders earned a corner and in the 67th minute it was Levesque who dipped his head down and scored while Sutton overcommitted by two steps.

Then in the 78th minute Sutton did the unthinkable. After a pass back from a defender, Sutton held the ball and showed indecision. He was looking down, trying to pass it to Roy Miller, but Levesque was right in front of him and stole it away. An easy conversion and the Sounders regained their two goal lead.

There were some positives for the Red Bulls as they regained their composure and found a way to chip the early two goal deficit. Dane Richards with a fantastic goal from just inside the area where Eric Hassli of Vancouver scored a week ago. Even though Keller got a glove on it, the ball still went in.

The second half showed the Red Bulls controlling the match and pressuring the Sounders. They equalized in the 58th minute as Jan Gunnar Solli came down the right side and forced the defenders to camp out near their goal. Solli’s cross found the left leg of Zack Scott and an own goal leveled the score.

With no Thierry Henry playing due to the red card in Portland, an injured Luke Rodgers didn’t help either. But the problem for Hans Backe right now is his keeper situation. This has been the worst he has seen from Sutton as he lost focus, composure and had no idea what to do with the ball when Levesque closed him down.

While I understand that Sutton is taller than Bouna Coundoul and has a bigger wingspan, Coundoul actually looks calmer in net and has made better decisions when he is called upon. This wasn’t what the Red Bulls needed, but to be fair sooner than later that third loss was coming.

It’s not a time for the club or the supporters to panic because the Gold Cup is about to end and when the Fourth of July weekend comes, they will have a full squad for their return to the west coast at the San Jose Earthquakes. It was a tough loss, but it’s not the end of the world.

18 thoughts on “Seattle 4-2 New York: Sounders Take Advantage of Poor Greg Sutton Performance”

  1. Interesting how you paint all of Seattle’s goals as mistakes by Sutton, but Dane Richards goal (which, let’s face it, Keller totally should have saved that one) was “fantastic”. Yeah, I can agree Sutton probably screwed up on the second goal and definitely on the last one, but don’t take any credit away from Seattle.

    1. Gave credit to Friberg where I said he bent a great ball. If you would pay attention Bobby I gave Friberg Credit. Sutton was too slow and lazy to get it.

      That Third goal was good by Levesque to get into position and head it in, but Sutton over committed. That goal was a bit of luck by Seattle, but Sutton has looked horrible in these last two games. He deserves the blame.

      1. I sort of agree with Daniel. It seems to me that in the MLS almost all the goals are attributable to some defensive error that has been exploited. So you might say they are “lucky”. Sutton did have an awful game though. Even the shot by Friberg (which was very nice) Sutton, I thought, should have had.

        The Sounders did come out very aggressive, especially considering their best defender was on the bench. They played aggressively at midfield and I think that earned them the corner kicks, and obviously if Roger does not charge down the filed to pressure Sutton nothing happens there. That was sort of like sprinting for first base on a routine ground ball. Sutton screwed it up but Roger earned it with hustle.

        1. “Almost all the MLS goals are attributed to some defensive error”

          Daniel, he is making this statement to agree with you. Yikes.

  2. It has been difficult to watch the Redbulls lately. There defence on set pieces is aweful and there midfield play has been spotty.

    On another note ESPN showed some real class by keeping the CWS game on ESPN2 making people miss the beginning of the match when they could have moved it to ESPNU. Yes it was aired on but not every cable provider doesn’t have a deal with ESPN so people like me with Cablevision which is in the Tristate area couldn’t watch it on there.

  3. I know that the Gold Cup call up situation has hurt us with both of our first choice Centre Halves on international duty, and not to mention Luke’s injury and Thierry’s red card fiasco but can this team work on defending set pieces, they are becoming a HUGE factor every match AND HAS TO BE FIXED! For God’s sake who’s training with them on defending Juan Carlos Osorio or Ruud Gullit ?!

  4. fun game. not the best looking, but typical scrappy american soccer. great crowd too.

    and the reason espn gets such crap ratings is because they don’t even try to market mls. i was on their site wednesday and thursday and never saw a banner ad for the game, never saw a preview on soccernet OR the mls home page. what do they expect? at least fox soccer is trying by branding their games as soccer night in america. too bad many don’t get the channel.

  5. why does this commentary seem to be written with apology to the Red Bulls, as if Seattle hadnt earned the win? Hrumph, last time i’ll read MLS Talk!

    1. Daniel is a Red Bulls fan and VERY biased in his writing, but he does write consistantly and is a bigger contributer to the site. Not like I don’t read the WSJ/NYTimes because I know it is slanted right or left.

  6. Lame. is this MLS Talk or RB Talk?

    From the title on down this post be-littles Seattle’s win. Seattle takes advantage, Sutton too slow, Sutton lost focus, sutton did the unthinkable.

    Seattle won because they played better than New York. Not because Sutton sucks as a goalie.

  7. This is game of strong defense.Once you are 1-2 score down you can do nothing against strong team.Phill.Union started season with that idea.Keep net intact.But they were very much criticized ….because they kept positive streak.!!As a fan when do you feel better?When your team control game from beginning to the end.and win 1-0..or when they dance on the edge and equalize in stoppage time?(Like Vancouver vs Kansas)Maybe it looks good in a movie but in the field all participants like to play in safe mode.
    4-2 or 3-3 means….bad game.

    1. completly disagree predrag…….4-2 and 3-3 does not mean bad game, can very much mean teams are nailing there shots on goal. instead of 12shots and only 3 on goal, the teams that game may actually be taking better and smarter shots and scoring. like the sounders did with 3 goals of corners.

      1. USA vs Mexico 2-4.Ultimate proof for my claim.After 2-0 rule #1 should be bunker your side and keep your hard work intact till the end.With 11 players if necessary.That would be right approach.But truth is also that you have to have 11 gladiators to accomplish that.

        1. I completly agree with the tactical error the US used last night. 2-0 and they don’t bunker was ridiculous.

  8. Seattle at home is a better team than the Red Bulls.

    End of story. All of those guys that had the Red Bulls in the top spot on their MLS Power Rankings have to start agreeing with me.

    That being said they are in a weaker conference and are still a good team.
    But Dallas, LA and Salt Lake are the top three teams in the league…no doubt about it.

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