Could Barcelona Alienate Cesc Fabregas?

One of the worst kept secrets in soccer is that Cesc Fabregas wants to play for Barcelona. The only question is how badly do the club want him?

For the second straight summer, Barca’s president has come out saying they won’t pay a high fee for Arsenal’s captain. Last year, it was Joan Laporta and now Sandro Rosell. Rosell has said, “Guardiola knows the values of players and Cesc’s is less than €40 million.” He adds, “Barcelona will offer less and if they don’t accept, then he won’t come.”

Surely, in a market where Jordan Henderson is worth £20 million, Andy Carroll £35 million and Fernando Torres £50 million, Cesc is worth the money Rosell quotes and possibly even more. Fabregas is one of the best young midfielders in the world. He is still only 24 despite, seemingly being in the Arsenal first team forever.

With Barca not wanting to meet Arsenal’s asking price, one can only wonder how much Barca truly want Cesc and how much that is playing on his psyche. For the second summer in a row, Barcelona has chose to go for other targets ahead of Cesc. Last year, it was David Villa and this year Alexis Sanchez, if rumors are to be believed. Meanwhile, the purchase of Sanchez would wipe out most of Barca’s summer transfer budget.

Barcelona, this year as well as last year are counting on Fabregas to force a move. However, indications have been that Cesc will not do this. He has a respect for Arsene Wenger and the club that has enabled him get to this point in his career.

With Barcelona saying Cesc isn’t worth the money, he must be beginning to feel slighted. He wants to return home to the Nou Camp, but will only be let go for the right price.

Barca president Rosell is not willing to pay the fee, almost questioning Cesc’s ability. Will the constant tapping up of him by Barca and then their failure to make good ultimately see Fabregas see out his contract at Arsenal or head back to Spain possibly for Real Madrid? Voice your opinion in the comments section below.

31 thoughts on “Could Barcelona Alienate Cesc Fabregas?”

  1. I don’t really understand why people seem to think that Cesc is a special case and his desires are anymore important than any other player. You need 3 things for a transfer to happen and Arsenal plainly don ‘t want to sell. That should be the end of the matter but it isn’t because somehow people seem to think that Cesc should be allowed to return home for about half of what the current market dictates he is worth. Would you sell your house for half it’s value because the buyer said he wanted to move back to the area where he was born? Cesc is a multi millionaire and you should never feel sorry for those people. If he didn’t want to to stay, why did he sign a contract in the first place?

  2. I agree entirely with the authors comments but Fabregas’s performance level and motivation did drop last season. As much as I like Fabregas I only want him to stay if he himself wants to. Barcelona think he will drop into their hands if they hang tough. I hope we can negotiate a deal with Real Madrid possibly getting Benzema in return. Rosell will not be so cocky then!

    1. I definitely agree with you. He should sign with Real instead and let’t see what Barca will do about that. They are bluffing right now.

      1. he wont sign for any club other than barca.u can invite all the clubs u want but cesc only want barcelona.thats why barca will get him cheap because he want barca more than barca want him.

  3. Barcelona should stop cheating us and even football at large CESC FAB is they world best midfielder just after their INIESTA and so he should be bought expensively comper to the like of Torress.If Jordan herdenson can cost 20 millions ,that mean that ,the best will be 20 millions multiple by 4 millions and it should give us 80 millions ,just liker CRISTIANO RONALDO.

  4. @Ayiik Vander

    20mill x 4mill is not 80mill it’s 80 trillion 😉 not sure any club would pay that for our Cesc.

    Do agree with the post though, Cesc is more of an established star in comparison too Jordan Henderson, Andy Carroll, Conor Wickham and I’d even say Fernando Torres, as Cesc has been playing first team Premiership football since he was 16 yrs old. Sell him with one year left on his contract to the highest bidder unless our valuation of him is met which i reckon is around the 45-50mill mark going on today’s prices of footballers

  5. Cesc can stay in Arsenal. This is the price he kinda pays for leaving in the fashion he did. We have Thiago who will be 10 times better than Fab. At this point Barca aint that hard up on Cesc. He can join us in 2 years on a Bosman ruling. Or Barca can buy out the rest of his salary at the end of next year which might be the case. I would rather him come on a free transfer thus Arsenal will net nothing from this. Until then Gunner fans enjoy a Barca jewel u may never have again!

    1. Thiago 10x’s better than Cesc? Now that is priceless you dillusional twit. The real reason why you can’t afford Cesc is that you are still paying off the ref for the CL game at Camp Nou. Aside form that, why doesn’t your precious Barca help out with the rampant poverty in your country instead of throwing money around on footballers not even needed.

      1. Aside form that, why doesn’t your precious Barca help out with the rampant poverty in your country instead of throwing money around on footballers not even needed
        Riiightt….because all football clubs should be primarily altruistic, charitable organizations first and foremost. That’s why Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal give all their money to the homeless, isn’t it….oh no, wait, they don’t do that.

    2. If Cesc goes on a free transfer when the time comes, then he must be a fool. He is a valuable midfielder and I would say the best in the world at just 24 years. He must also let barca sees his talents and respect him; they have to buy him or else he should go on a free transfer. He should go to real instead if he must leave Arsenal for spain. When they meet let’s see what they will have to say about that, then.

    3. Still… lets look forward to Jon Toral and Hector Bellerin 😉 … and no doubt a couple more of your youth players next year.

  6. I don’t understand why he’s so hard up to return to Barca. There’s not much room for him on the roster to get that much starting time.

    The Torres and Henderson transfers aren’t really indicative of the market right now. Just because Torres went for $50m doesn’t mean Cesc is going to go for $90m or whatever crazy amount you’re thinking.

  7. I’ve seen in some place that he’s only got 2 years left on his contract and in other places where he re-signed in 2010 and still has 4 years left. Anyone know for sure which it is?

    If Barca don’t want to spend the money that Arsenal have him valued at, then I’m not sure what there is to talk about. I thought Fabregas had a fairly poor year last season (at least by his standards). It might make the Gunners want to sell him a little more but it also makes Barcelona more hesitant to spend that kind of money. It doesn’t help that he plays the same spots as Iniesta and Xavi so will mostly be a sub.

    1. Xavi is 31. Cesc is supposed to supplant him, though not sure where Xavi will go once Barca decides his time is up.

  8. I think Barca’s conduct has been atrocious in assuming they have the right to Fabregas just because they are Barcelona and so don’t have to pay arsenals valuation. The players themselves have been particularly classless and disrespectful. I’m neutral on Barcelona but their play acting on the field and conduct off it have been pretty ugly.

    Lots of respect for Cesc in remaining dignified, as opposed to, say, Tevez.

  9. Fabregas is contracted to Arsenal until 2014, that is 3 more years. So, Barca can wait another 3 years before bringing him in or pay up sometime in between. As some of the commenters have rightly said, there is not much of a hurry on Barca’s side as their midfield is the best in the world anyhow, so why bother bringing in Cesc? He doesn’t even make the cut in the national team for christ’s sake, whereas Busquets was a startet in the team at the age of 20…

    Where would they play him? Xavi and Iniesta have at least 3-5 good years left in them, Busquets is 21, Thiago is coming through plus you’ve got Keita and Adriano, so I don’t see why Barca would break the bank at this stage. Mind you, they don’t need Alexis Sanchez either as they have Affelay and Jeffren already on the bench but I guess Rossell has to have his one big transfer done every summer, so that he can justify himself in the eyes of the fans who voted for him. I believe the only reason why Rossell actually talks about Fabregas is because fans and the media expect him to do.

    But he knows and Arsene knows as well that they don’t need Cesc at this stage. In 3 years time Xavi’s time in the first eleven will come to an end and that is when Cesc will perfectly fit into the system. Until then he would be a luxury item, like when they’ve recruited Henry in 2007 and couldn’t find a place for him in the team with the Ronaldinho-Eto’o-Messi triangle already established.

    1. Not been on the starting line up doesnt mean he is not up to their standards. I think it is a spain think; they mostly prefer their starters in those that play in spain or say mainly for Barca. Most of Spain’s goals in the last world cup came after when Cesc was brought on the pitch, you see the difference he makes. If Ronaldo can be bought for such a fee (because of his ability to make things happen), so is the same with Cesc. I hope Arsenal can buy other good, solide defenders and defensive midfielders and also keep Cesc; then the next tiime we meet Barca let’s see what happen. They know what we have done when they step out of their country; they can’t beat us. All Arsenal have to do is to buy stronger players to add to the squard with mental capability. They play act anytime they meet stronger opponents (Barca); always complaining to the refs and you call them the best. They should stop making players like Messi and xavi look bard.

    2. The rush is, as reported by Graham Hunter – Sky Sports’ Spanish football go-to man for the info, that Xavi has a chronic achillies tendon problem and so Barca want to get Fabregas in so they can rotate and keep all of them fresh while at the same time allowing Fabregas to learn from two of the best midfielders in the world.

  10. Barcelona does not need Fabregas, but Fabregas needs Barcelona. It will be a big mistake for Barcelona to sign Fabregas back from Arsenal. Barcelona have lots of talented players in the midfield. Besides Xavi and Iniesta, Barcelona has a young talent in the name of Thiago. Thiago has played a huge part in the progress of the Spanish under 21 this year. the boy has a massive talent just waiting for a chance to be unleashed. If Barcelona sign Fabregas, that will prevent Thiago from even getting a chance in the first team and that will be a huge mistake from Barca. Thiago has the potential even to be bigger than Xavi in the next few years.

    1. Fabregas doesn’t need Barcelona either. He can win trophies in England, Italy, and Germany too, and still have quite a great shot at Champions League trophy too. Spanish national team favors players from Barca, let’s face it. Busquets plays defensive midfield (like Alonso), and so comparing Busquets to Fabregas (as others did) doesn’t make sense either. Look at the World Cup – when Fabregas came on, he brings a more attack-minded playset. His pace and mentality aren’t just pass but pass and attack. That’s how Spain won the WC – Fabregas was broughton late and he added both fresh legs and the attacking mentality that Spain had missed.

      Given the amount of La Liga, CL, and other cup games that Barca play, they can afford to rotate players like Thiago and Fab and even Iniesta and Xavi. Plus, Thiago could be used as make-weight for Fabregas deal ($35M plus Thiago and a few others)

  11. It is absolutely preposterous to say that the 18 year old Thiago will be better than Xavi in a few years. While extremely talented, he is utterly unproven in the top flight of European football, where as Xavi is one of the best, if not the best, central midfielder of all time. Probably the most talented and successful player that Spain has ever produced. And this is coming from an Arsenal fan.

  12. If Cesc was any smart, he would put an end to this gibberish once and for all. We all know he wants to play for his home team but you always go where you wanted and obviously Barca doesn’t value him that highly to continously slight his value and what he could possibly bring to the team. This current Barca squad is always going to be known as Messi’s team and if he wants to be a subplot to someone’s legacy instead of building his own then so be it . But i guess those kind of things don’t matter to football does it. He should be using his influence to force Wenger to add quality players to Arsenal squad instead of trying to put his career on hold until Xavi retires. I think i’ve said enough.

  13. Where would Fabregas play if he was at Barcelona? He’d have to be out Xavi or Iniesta, and that doesn’t happen when he’s with Spain. He’ll need to wait until Xavi retires or something.

  14. Fabregas will go to Barcelona. That is now a foregone conclusion. Arsenal are going to let him leave as long as Nasri stays. I think Wenger will be able to convince Nasri to stay.

    Having seen Fabregas these last two seasons I must say I’ve been disappointed with his overall perfromances. He hasn’t played the way he did the previous two seasons. I am also not convinced that he will be as great for Barcelona as he was for Arsenal a couple of years ago. Most players who leave Arsenal always struggle at their new club. You can add Fabregas to that list.

  15. Fabregas is a gonner. He’ll be playing for Barcelona next season. However, I’m not sure if he will be able to replicate his Arsenal perfromances, especially his earlier years with the club. He hasn’t really been excellent these last two years. I think he’ll be OK at Barcelona but I don’t see him as being a good replacement for Xavi or Iniesta. When players leave Arsenal their careers never get better. Fabregas will be no exception.

  16. Dear Barcelona,

    Please Please Please stopping taking us for fools put up the cash or cash and thiago or turn your attention else where.

    simples pay the money thats being slapped on his head £40million or jog on!

  17. if barcelona don’t pay screw them over and sell him to real or ac milan for the 40million fee :) that’ll really pee barca off :)

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