Could Barcelona Alienate Cesc Fabregas?

One of the worst kept secrets in soccer is that Cesc Fabregas wants to play for Barcelona. The only question is how badly do the club want him?

For the second straight summer, Barca’s president has come out saying they won’t pay a high fee for Arsenal’s captain. Last year, it was Joan Laporta and now Sandro Rosell. Rosell has said, “Guardiola knows the values of players and Cesc’s is less than €40 million.” He adds, “Barcelona will offer less and if they don’t accept, then he won’t come.”

Surely, in a market where Jordan Henderson is worth £20 million, Andy Carroll £35 million and Fernando Torres £50 million, Cesc is worth the money Rosell quotes and possibly even more. Fabregas is one of the best young midfielders in the world. He is still only 24 despite, seemingly being in the Arsenal first team forever.

With Barca not wanting to meet Arsenal’s asking price, one can only wonder how much Barca truly want Cesc and how much that is playing on his psyche. For the second summer in a row, Barcelona has chose to go for other targets ahead of Cesc. Last year, it was David Villa and this year Alexis Sanchez, if rumors are to be believed. Meanwhile, the purchase of Sanchez would wipe out most of Barca’s summer transfer budget.

Barcelona, this year as well as last year are counting on Fabregas to force a move. However, indications have been that Cesc will not do this. He has a respect for Arsene Wenger and the club that has enabled him get to this point in his career.

With Barcelona saying Cesc isn’t worth the money, he must be beginning to feel slighted. He wants to return home to the Nou Camp, but will only be let go for the right price.

Barca president Rosell is not willing to pay the fee, almost questioning Cesc’s ability. Will the constant tapping up of him by Barca and then their failure to make good ultimately see Fabregas see out his contract at Arsenal or head back to Spain possibly for Real Madrid? Voice your opinion in the comments section below.


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