First Interview With Chelsea Manager Andre Villas-Boas: Video

Chelsea TV got the honor of interviewing new Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas for the first time. The Portugese manager was confirmed this morning as the new Chelsea gaffer. And, in doing so, became the world’s most expensive manager.

During this excerpt from the interview with Villas-Boas (or AVB, which undoubtedly be the way that most fans will refer to him), the manager talks about the importance of teamwork rather than concentrating on individuals.

“It’s not about my arrival. It’s about the continued success of this club. Let’s reflect on the past six years and what we have achieved and what we can achieve in the next six years again.”

H/T 101 Great Goals.

8 thoughts on “First Interview With Chelsea Manager Andre Villas-Boas: Video”

  1. Disappointing. No iconic sound bites ala a regular bottle of wine vs., well, a “Special One”. lol :)
    You should poll the readers on how long they think this marriage will last. lol.

    1. One season….maybe. 😉

      Sorry to go off topic…….Gaffer, I just saw De Vries has gone to Wolves. That is a big, big “ouch” for Swansea. :-(

      1. Guy, it’s a disappointing decision by De Vries. The word on the street is that De Vries wanted the same guaranteed salary he would be getting in the Premier League as well as what he would get in the Championship (if Swansea are relegated next season). Wolves came in with a better offer (and presumably a guaranteed ‘Premier League salary’ even if Wolves went down at the end of next season.

        Swansea have been looking for an additional goalkeeper anyway and are close to signing a Polish keeper. It’s unfortunate that De Vries decided to move to a different club, but it was his decision and hopefully he’ll do well at Wolves. He definitely saved Swansea on a number of occasions, but he had his faults.

        The Gaffer

  2. may almighty god give him the plessyre of chelsea is great man and all d player should respest him go on heand up chelsea 4 life

  3. Well at very least he can speak English with poise and tact, unlike Ancelotti who was always saying things like “uhhhhh ehhhh, we would like to win game, we like to play ehhhh attacking football, uhhhhh score more goals, ehhhh yes.” Always made him sound like an idiot, should have just had a translator and spoke Italian until his English sharpened. But I guess he can chuck his Rosetta Stone in the bin.

      1. I can’t speak for Ryan S, but my Italian is NOT flawless. Hence, I would never accept a job in an Italian company, stationed in Italy, where I had to lead Italian workers and interact with the Italian press in Italian.

        Simple solution.

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