Who Has The Best Accuracy? Rooney, Nani, Smalling or Chicharito?

A few Manchester United footballers got together for an informal goal challenge during the tail end of the Premier League season to see who had the best goal accuracy.

Wayne Rooney, Nani, Chris Smalling, Javier Hernandez and Edwin van der Sar participated in the Facebook Goal Challenge by trying to kick the ball into one of two small holes in the goal.

Between Rooney, Nani, Smalling, Chicharito and van der Sar, who do you think had the best goal accuracy? Watch the above video to find out.

H/T 101 Great Goals.

12 thoughts on “Who Has The Best Accuracy? Rooney, Nani, Smalling or Chicharito?”

  1. No surprise there. Hernandez is already becoming world class and he talks about raising his game even more. Truly a joy to watch.

  2. Really enjoyed that video. Chico reminds me of a little brother, the way he runs and up to celebrate with WR10. The kid oozes class.

      1. Unless we know how to stop the supply line to Chico. Barcelona did.
        Of course, comparing Barcelona to USMNT is like comparing Lewis Hamilton to Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan/celebrity car crash du jour.

        1. But you’re also comparing stopping Mexico’s midfield to stopping United’s midfield, the former being a much easier task in my opinion. I think with the new 5-man midfield that we’ve been using we’d have the ability to control the midfield against Mexico. First we have to get to the final.

  3. Chicharito, 1 opportunity, 1 goal. You know he can do it.
    But if anyone can hit a 10/10, it is David Beckham. Miss him.

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