Your Reaction to the 2011-12 Premier League Fixtures

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The schedule for the 2011-12 Premier League season was announced this morning in England. You can view the week-by-week fixtures or search by each club. After you’ve had a chance to review the fixtures, come back here to discuss!

For the opening weekend of the Premier League fixtures on August 13-15, which matches are you most interested in seeing? Premier League champions Manchester United travel away to West Bromwich Albion. Meanwhile, the TV production crews must be excited at the prospect of Newcastle against Arsenal. Could this match live up to anything close than the 4-4 encounter from February of this year?

Speaking of Arsenal, it looks like the Gunners have the toughest start to the season. After playing a tricky match against Newcastle, they play Liverpool the following week at the Emirates followed by Manchester United at Old Trafford.

As a Swansea City fan, I’m obviously very excited about the prospect of seeing the Swans battle Manchester City at Eastlands. There’s nothing like diving into the deep end of the Premier League and being the underdog where no one expects you to win. I’m sure Swansea will rise to the occasion and give City a few frights. But coming up against one of the richest clubs in the world on your opening weekend is certainly a trial by fire and a true test of Swansea’s character.

Again, take a look at the fixtures in more detail and post your feedback in the comments section below. I’m not sure what Swansea has done to deserve this, but the Premier League has their last two fixtures of the season as Manchester United (away) and Liverpool (home). Talk about an impossible end to the season.

One more thing. The TV schedule for the opening weekend of the season will be revealed in the next two weeks. As soon as we find out what it is, we’ll post it here as well as on our TV schedule page.

27 thoughts on “Your Reaction to the 2011-12 Premier League Fixtures”

  1. United have a fairly ominous beginning to the season as well, by the looks of it. West Brom away (not a terrible fixture but WBA have proven tricky in the past) and then Spurs and Arsenal at home the next two Saturdays, followed by Bolton (no pushover at the Reebok) and then Chelsea at Old Trafford. Looks like our quest to defend the title shall be tested early!

  2. I think it’s good that United have all the tough games from August till October. The players will be fresh and injuries won’t be an issue early on, for the most part. If United can do relatively well during this period then they will favor picking up maximum points in most of their remaining games in November through January. I can taste title number 20.

    1. I think it can be used to our advantage if we start the season off with some better form than last year. Although we didn’t lose any games, we had an awful lot of draws and Chelsea really got out ahead early. I really think Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool will all come back much stronger next season and getting off to a strong start will be vital as we can’t count on any teams derailing like Chelsea and Arsenal ended up doing last season.

  3. What I dont like is the last week of the season fixtures in May 2012. Why don’t you ever see Man Utd Vs Chelsea or Man City vs Arsenal onthe last day. You know who the main title contenders will be, put them against each other on the last day.

  4. That’s a rough start for Arsenal indeed, especially if they are without Cesc or Samir Nasri.

    I don’t know about everyone else, but finally seeing the fixtures list has me thinking about fantasy football. The existing salary cap leagues are fun, but if you are interested in a more realistic EPL fantasy experience, I might have something for you.

    My friend Doug and I have 10+ years of experience each playing a variety of fantasy games in different sports, and we’ve recently become more and more interested in doing the same for the Premier League. We’ve tried to blend the things we like about those other games into a better fantasy football experience for the EPL, and we like the results so far: a draft-style league with 8–10 owners (each player owned by only one team) with a realistic head-to-head scoring format, with “league” and “cup” championships to mirror football as we know it in England.

    We are still in the early stages. For this past season, we kept track of the league ourselves in spreadsheets; now, we are putting it online for 2011-12 and are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated potential team owners to join us. If you fit that description, visit our site at, then send us an e-mail at [exec at simprem dot com] for more info.

    1. Is your site free? If so I’ve been looking for a draft-style league for my friends and I for a while now but can’t seem to find one. If you’re offering free play I’m fairly certain we’d all be interested in joining (there are around five or six of us, perhaps more.)

      1. We felt the same way (no worthwhile draft league options) and decided to create our own league with a more realistic scoring system. We hope to get 6–8 additional people for this year just to get it going.

        In order to cover expenses & any prize (i.e. trophy) we may offer, we plan to charge a fee of 10 USD for this season. It’s not going to be as fancy as a site like ESPN or the salary cap game at, since it’s just two of us running it mainly through Google Docs, but we think it will be a worthwhile experience. Check out the site (start with the quick introduction & rules digest) and e-mail us at exec at simprem dot com if you like what you see.

      1. What about the Tuesday and Wednesday games? Is that scheduling conflicts with Champions League and Carling cup?

  5. Arsenal got a pretty tough schedule to begin the season but i also believe than Man U will have to play better to start off the season if they expect to get their 20th title.

    I’m excited to see how Man City starts off the season. If they’re up to the challenge, they should pull at least 3Ws in their first 4 games.

  6. It is difficult right now to state categorically which games are going to be tough and which ones might not since the clubs are still trying to sell players and buy players. Maybe around the first week in August is when we;ll have a btter understanding of which clubs are likely to be strong and which ones might not.

  7. Tough start for Arsenal: Newcastle, CL Playoff, Liverpool, CL Playoff, Man U

    If there was ever a year for Wenger to add depth it’s this year.

  8. If we are in contention going into the game against spurs on March 3rd the title will be ours.As usual tough enough start to the season, but for once a easy enough run in.

    “Not arrogant, just better”

  9. There are no stand out matches on the first weekend. Last season we had Liverpool v Arsenal and Spurs v Man city to kick off the season!!! Quite a few matches have a good chance of getting on tv. The 2nd weekend looks much more appealing. Arsenal v Liverpool, United v Spurs, Swansea v Wigan, Sunderland v Newcastle.

    I think its better for Arsenal to get some bigger games out the way, they usually peak at the begining of the season and get worse n worse throughout it. Wouldn’t be surprised if we see United’s only loss at home next season only a few weeks into it v Arsenal.

  10. The last day of the season will pit Swansea vs Liverpool. Swansea will require a win to stay in the EPL and Liverpool will require a win to claim the title. Can’t wait for the end of the season already :) .

  11. I’m sure no one noticed because very few people follow WIGAN.

    First three games against promoted teams, two at home.

    Best starting schedule in EPL history?

    1. Promoted sides are the worst teams to face at the beginning of the season. Wigan had Blackpool at home last season to start off, and lost 4-1 I think it was.

  12. Does anyone know where you can watch the draw? I know it took place but normally you can watch it on youtube but I couldn’t find it there.


    1. Keith, the Premier League schedule is spit out from a computer and published — at the same time — on any site that has a license to show it .

      Despite what the photo shows, there’s no draw. A team at the Premier League work on the schedules each year.

      The Gaffer

  13. I actually think it’s not completely computerized.
    Man City has the best start and expected to win 5 out of 6 matches.

  14. I wish it was just Saturday games (non of this Sunday rubish) just like it was years ago. Well it would work out better for me being an expat down under as I have to wait till Monday morning to check out the results!!!!

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