Tottenham Hotspur Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Leaked Photo

After all of the hullabaloo about Tottenham Hotspur’s new home shirt for the 2011-12 Premier League season, a photograph of it has been leaked on the Internet. The hullabaloo was regarding what it would look like. Tottenham even launched a Facebook campaign asking supporters to guess the new kit. If we knew it was going to be so plain looking, Tottenham and their supporters could have saved everyone a ton of time.

Tottenham’s home shirt for the 2011-12 season is designed and manufactured by Puma (their last season before Under Armour takes over the reins next summer). It’s the type of shirt that I can imagine mothers and wives all across the globe saying, “you paid how much for that plain white shirt?”

Seriously, though, I respect Tottenham’s desire to return to their roots and to produce something simple but elegant. It looks like a shirt worthy of being worn by champions. Whether Spurs can make that happen or not is another story entirely.

What do you think of the new shirt design? Share your opinion in the comments section below. And don’t forget, for the largest selection of Premier League shirts for all 20 clubs, visit the EPL Talk Shop.

50 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Leaked Photo”

  1. Absolutely the perfect Spurs home kit.

    Do this every year. We don’t need piss stains on the side.

    Bring back the Gold/chocolate kit for the third and I’ll be over the moon.

  2. Going back to the plainess of the championship campaigns, hopefully this can inspire us to a top 4 finish and either fa, carling or Europa cup. For all we know there could be a big cartoon puma on the back like Tony the tiger saying they’rrrrrrrrre great! to go with the already too many puma logos

  3. Is this legit? If it is real then where is the sponsor? It is an improvement from last year but perhaps there could be some navy added to give it more character.

        1. Wow. I didn’t think they could do any worse from last year’s kit sponsor logo, but is that BAUHAUS FONT?!


  4. Too many Puma symbols, and exactly, where is the sponsor? A little plain for my taste, but it’ll work for Spurs.

  5. Not bad – certainly better than what Manchester City did to their home shirt and Chelsea did to their away shirt. Better than the French sailor shirts of last season’s Spurs.

  6. I think the lack of a sponsor on the demo shirt reflects the fact that they have two shirt sponsors, one with Investec for cup matches (assuming the lack of champions league ball doesn’t allow them to void their deal) and the one with Autonomy for the PL matches.

    1. I think it is horrible, we had a good one last year unlike the ugly one the year before. Who designs them, I bet many a Spurs fan could do better

  7. I like that it’s a no frills kit. White looks great when its got that brand new look to it.

    However, I do think it falls in line with some of the manufacturers’ recent choices of going with retro-styled kits. I’m not particularly familiar with Spurs’ older kits, but it has a retro feel to it in my opinion. Seems like some of the clubs are trying to cash in on that particular style now. I can’t say that I blame them though, if people are more inclined to buy the shirts because of that design style.

  8. Back to the basics. Love it! Not like the kits they had the year they finished 4th that looked like a cat pissed on its sides…Ive always thought the simple kits were the best looking…but regardless were gonna have a nice big AUTONOMY print right along the front which ruins it..hopefully they make it a little smaller than last year (even tho I thought they’re home kit last year was real sharp)…I just hope the Modric i put on the back is still worth a damn come end of the transfer window :(

  9. A superb and simple shirt – perhaps a puma too many but essentially perfect. As for rest of the kit – white shorts for the euro nights and blue for PL whilst I’d love to see a return of the retro blue socks with the contrasting white turnovers ……
    In retrospect – wouldn’t a sponsor insignia spoil it a tad ? I know – we need the commercial money !
    On a sock related theme – does anyone remember the old Newcastle united socks from the 60’s featuring a white sock with the turnover formed by black and white vertical stripes about 3cm wide – they looked really classy …..

  10. I like it simple classic retro, collar not too fussy prefer sleeves to elbow to cover my tattoo`ooos bingo wings not! …I still wear kappa home shirt all-white …ultras ic-casuals dudes posse outlaws.

    1. if you sont like spurs so much why are you looking at the new kit !!!!!!!!!!!! please at least get a life!!!

    2. i think u left that comment on the the wrong page just type in new arsenal shirt and then u have found the right site

  11. “too many puma logos” wow u really are stupid go and look at last years kit and u will realise that it had the same amount and in the same places, u didnt moan about it last year so why now?

  12. a long overdue return to the simple values of the 60s-70s era, the golden football of which we are now stating to reproduce: I welcome a step further to the crew neck umbro Stevie P, the 2 Martins and big Pat used to sport COYS!

  13. Dont like it at all. Plain, boring, and no-where near the £40 or so it will cost. I loved the 2009/10 shirt with the yello down the sides. I can’t even believe there is no blue on it. I seriously hope that this leak is an incorrect one. I certainly wont be wasting my hard-earned on this

  14. The kits Ok but I’m not going to spend a min of £40 on a school shirt with a spurs badge on it, hopefully we have a better looking away or third kit, otherwise I’ll keep with my champions league one from last year.. COYS

  15. its ok last seasons kit was much better. i i can get it for under 40 then il take it. it reminds me of the england shirt. you could wear it on a match day then go straight into a club after. not bad

  16. Nice, smart casual dress code for work means collars only. Justifiable spend for something so simple. Nice! Not sure about the high neck line tho…

  17. Simple, plain, yet elegant. As a previous person commented, “it looks befitting of a champion.” I agree, now they just have to be champions of something.

  18. Is this new kit available from Monday 20th June, pls could someone confirm as i have heard they are only unvieling it but you wont be able 2 purchase it until a later date. Anybody know the true story.

  19. It’s pretty good but……..Kind of bland. Yes its a classic but it seems like something is just missing. They Puma should have an ex Tottenham Hotspur pool of players,fans and actual designer come up with 3 different designs and then have the public pick 1 out of the top 3 again in each category (Ex Tottenham Soccer Players designing a shirt and them voting on their best one, the fans respectively too, and then puma can have their most voted design. The problem is that mostly in the past you have had non soccer players who are also designers of apparel for many other things other than just specialists at designing soccer stuff by soccer players for soccer players. Thats why many think in order to be a pro referee thats good you must of played soccer before, it just gives one more insight into the culture of the sport & what looks good,feels great for the players & also advertises the necessary logos and sponsors thus benefiting soccer in general & thus trickles down to the fans coaches & players. Its about multitasking where one thing accomplishes more than one goal while serving its original purpose because quite frankly one could just wear white and the other team black & it would serve the purpose but we have evolved our thinking & thus advertising on a shirt along with the logo along with players name, its about striking a balance while accomplishing more than one objective with less effort,time & energy by using the soccer shirt to accomplish many things. You have to be open minded. Look for example how bland and copy cat uniforms & unoriginal American Football Uniforms look like. Thats just my opinion.

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