Swansea City Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Leaked Photo

A photo has been leaked on the Internet showing a blurred image of what Swansea City’s home shirt for the 2011-12 Premier League season will look like.

The Swans, who are scheduled to officially reveal their shirt design on Saturday, are the first Welsh team to play in the Premier League. During the last time they played in the top flight, in the early 80s, they wore an Adidas kit. A lot has changed since then, but this is their first Adidas kit since then.

The new shirt is from Adidas’s template with black piping on the side of the shirt, while the iconic three Adidas stripes run down the sleeve.

While the quality of the photo doesn’t do the shirt a whole lot of justice, I’m sure the official photos released this weekend will give us a better view of what the shirt looks like. It’s simple and clean. My only disappointment is that Adidas has stuck to their template. I would have loved for them to do something a little different.

What do you think of the new shirt design? Share your opinion in the comments section below. And don’t forget, for the largest selection of Premier League shirts for all 20 clubs, visit the EPL Talk Shop.

29 thoughts on “Swansea City Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Leaked Photo”

  1. Not one of my favourite designs ever, looks a bit unfinished or put together from previous designs. If only the colar design didn’t include ‘the extra bit’ and the adidas stripes either carried on to the end of the arm or stopped at the shoulder?

    Stark, crisp design it is not!

  2. Pretty soon…they all will look like the MLS jerserys…all a variation on the same kit….This one is flat out boring.

  3. This is not just a photoshop job ..its a VERY bad photoshop job…f someone is oing to take the time to do this , then at least TRY tp get t to look real for chrst’s sake

  4. Phil and DC. I would say this is defo the new shirt. I don’t like it and I am dissapointed that Adidas are the new kit maufactures. Last seasons was mint! I much prefer Umbro, the material is much better quality and smooth when I use it to wipe my bum. Adidas is more rough and they use clima- cool material which can get quite messy. I think I’ll stock up on last seasons jersey, should be able to get some from eBay. This one’s not for me :(

  5. I was supporting Cardiff last season but will be taking my boy to many Swansea games this season so he gets to see some of the big teams. I hear a lot of people moaning about Swansea fans never filling the stadium in the championship and now they are in the premier league they have sold all their season tickets and probably every game will be a sell out. I think this is because a lot of football fans will just want to go who don’t actually support Swansea. I’m also told that the stadium will be full of pikeys (whatever that means) but I won’t be put off. The club has worked hard to get to the premier league and even if all the new fans are outsiders, who cares? I will buy the shirt to ‘blend-in’ so it doesn’t matter what it looks like to me!

  6. Forget the shirt. How can you go from supporting CCFC to the jacks?????? Do you not understand? Have you no soul? Who are these ‘new’ fans? Av Gate c16k last season – allow for some poor away support and you’re looking at around 1500 ‘new’ fans max. I’d rather have an empty ground than people who think it’s OK to switch from CCFC to SCFC.

    1. Sorry if I offended. I moved to Wales last year and took my son to watch Cardiff so obvioulsy supported them. This season now the big team will be coming to Swansea I will take him there so he can see some of the world’s greatest players. I checked on google and Swansea had a home attendanace of 12,000 at one point last season. That is very poor for any championship side. Now they are in the premier league I am sure they will get a lot more support. I am just like any Swansea other ‘glory supporter’ I suppose. Not there last season but will be this season. We can’t grumble though, at least it will bring more money to our club.

      1. mate you will offend anyone in swansea just by putting swansea city and cardiff city in the same breath!! ‘new jack’ not ‘true jack’ hope the pikies ave you!!!

        1. Obviously I hace offended you darren. I come in peace. I know it is hard for you to understand but I am not supporting the club for what it is, I am supporting because of what league it is now in. I am not interested in the rivalry. I have done my research and I feel sorry for the way the Cardiff fans have treated you for over the years. After years of living in Cardiff’s shadow, we now have the chance to shine in the pemier league. I think Cardiff will always fill there ground no matter what league they are in because there is a lot of money in the city. It’s good that Swansea are in the premier because now we will be able to fill the ground. I googled ‘pikie’ and it came up with ‘gypsie’ so really not sure what that means but I hope they don’t ‘ave’ me.

          1. Mate if you supported Cardiff city last season then you will know that just by mentioning that you now support the swans is insulting!!! you should have put the money you spent into paying for sky sports, and given a true jack the chance to watch have your ticket (mayber someone who knows where the vetch is) its not you i hate its your type ” Glory Hunters”

  7. Sorry but I live by the maxim ‘fan for life’ and 30 years of thick thin and sometimes anorexic won’t change that. I suppose I should be flattered that we are attracting glory hunters! But think on would you have jumped ship from Utd to City in Manchester? Believe me our rivalry with Cardiff is a lot deeper than that one, so welcome aboard but please stick around eh? It’s the bad times that make seasons like this one worth it.

  8. Actually the last time the swans were in top flight, the kit sponsor was Patrick not addidas!! they were only in addidas until they got to the top flight!!

    1. True. I had the home shirt for Swansea when they got promoted to the First Division (Adidas). I didn’t get the Patrick one when they played in the top flight, but for some reason, I did get the shorts!

      The Gaffer

  9. Don’t you just love it when people are wrong! This is indeed the new Swansea kit, its been confirmed by Swansea themselves. This picture doesn’t do it any favours, looking at it on the Swansea site its much nicer than I thought.

    1. Nine times out of ten, when a picture is leaked on this site, it ends up being the real shirt. Almost any time a picture is revealed before it’s launched, there are always some people claiming it’s a Photoshop job, but it hardly ever is.

      The Gaffer

  10. Just a thought but why don’t you go and share your new found love for Swansea with your Cardiff mates? See what they have to say about it.

  11. What is ‘the vetch’? I really didn’t mean to offend by switching from Cardiff to Swansea and as I am quite new to Wales I didn’t understand the rivalry. After doing my research and experiencing 2 Cardiff v Swansea matches last season I can’t see what all the fuss is about. I have been to the Milan derby and the Glasgow one and the Wales one has nothing on these 2. I think it’s because the Wales one is a bit more one sided. The Cardiff fans are very passionate with there football and they don’t need premier league football to fill a stadium. I also think the Cardiff hooligans are renonwed for there violence and this makes Swansea fans upset. I apologise for supporting Cardiff last season and apologise for the behaviour of the fans over the years but at least now they won’t have to meet again this season. Why we can’t just all be friends I don’t know. I’ve ordered my shirt :)

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