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Why the Best Thing for Ryan Giggs is to Continue Playing

ryan giggs Why the Best Thing for Ryan Giggs is to Continue Playing

Ryan Giggs is a consummate professional whose desire to win has never faltered despite the longevity of his career. He is one of the strongest symbols of Manchester United and the greatest player from the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson. He is loved by his fans and well-respected by his opponents all over Europe.

When allegations of Giggs’ affair came out just days before the Champions League Final, people were stunned. How the reports of the affair came to light arguably overshadowed the story itself in that it took action from members of Parliament for it to be released by the media. United had just been getting over the last off-field scandal a few months before with Wayne Rooney which had the nation in an uproar. It was the last thing Ferguson needed to have on his plate before the final.

The fallout made many wonder whether Giggs would play in the final. However, Ryan Giggs did the one thing he does best; just play football. Some speculate that Giggs didn’t play well in the final partly due to the scandal. I would frankly disagree because no matter what his temperament was going into the final, he and the rest of United lost because Barcelona were the better team on the pitch.

As the first few weeks of the summer have gone by, the media has been jumping on anything about Giggs’ personal affairs. From out of nowhere, reports of him having affairs with different women including his own sister-in-law have come to light. There are serious doubts over whether the sponsors of Ryan Giggs will keep or drop him. Giggs’ image as an honorable man both on and off the pitch has taken a serious hit. Then, I recently found some stories speculating on the footballer’s future and why he may retire due to the fallout of his affairs.

How ridiculous.

Retirement would be the worst thing that Giggs could do. Ryan Giggs has proven time and time again that he doesn’t let the pressure get to him. He doesn’t let the odds or critics get to him. He doesn’t even let age get to him. Ryan Giggs simply does his job and he’s quite good at it.

The Manchester United star has never been known to shy away from a challenge or adversity. He confronts his obstacles with hard work, resiliency, and consistency which have made him a leader on the field. Ryan Giggs has built way too much to go out now especially in such a whimper. Giggs will go out through what he does best; playing football.

The last thing Giggs wants to be seen is as a coward. I ‘m confident that number 11 will be ready by early August. He knows that the best way to deal with all the negative press is to lead United to their 20th Premier League title.

Besides which, once the season starts, all this nonsense will fade as it has with so many others. Wayne Rooney, John Terry, Ashley Cole, Franck Ribery have all been tied with sex scandals in the past and they all did what any athlete needs to do when caught under fire. They all made the right decisions and continued playing as hard as ever for their teams. Frankly, after hearing about so many sex scandals with athletes in all sports across the globe, I’ve grown to hardly care about them. They are stupid actions that reflect the ugly side of human nature. However, as long as they don’t involve anything of a criminal offense, I couldn’t care less about the players’ personal lives. I feel that reading about the gossip of any player is a waste of time. As long as footballers come back and do what they do best, hardly anyone else really cares about past mistakes after a while. It’s always unfortunate for fans to hear about their favorite athletes in trouble but at the end of the day, there is no greater way to make the public forgive and forget than winning.

I’m confident that Ryan Giggs will continue to play which is the only thing I and most true sport fans care about. Could he be at the receiving end of some chants about his cheating scandal during away games? Probably. Yet, athletes represent both the best and worst in us all as their actions can both inspire and disgrace themselves. Giggs made a bad mistake that he will have to deal with like any other man facing a personal crisis.

This is not the end of Ryan Giggs. He still has another year in him.

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3 Responses to Why the Best Thing for Ryan Giggs is to Continue Playing

  1. Oli says:

    I’m a United fan.

    I don’t think Giggs demonstrates sufficient desire to win in games.
    The greatest player in SAF’s reign is undoubtedly Ronaldo.
    I respected him before, but now I’ve lost most of that. Just because I used to respect him, doesn’t mean I used to like him. I used to, and still do, think he’s one of our worst players and needs to be sold while he’s still got some value. He has had many shocking games for us, not just this year, but for the last 3 or so. Before about 5 years ago, I used to like him as a footballer.

    The Giggs scandal isn’t comparable to the Rooney one. Rooney’s was a one off thing, and although idiotic, it wasn’t nearly as bad as cheating for 8 years, with at least one period of being with 3 women at once. Now to make it even worse, Giggs is (was) an idol, someone that no one thought this was possible of. But there you have it, and his image has been shattered, with talk of sponsors leaving him and his wife leaving him, I cannot see why he would continue to play…

    Your opening paragraph torn apart ^.

    • MUFCforlife says:

      If you really think Ronaldo was a more important player under Fergie than Giggs was, then arguing with you will prove useless. Couldn’t disagree with you more if you think he should be sold while he still has value after everything he’s done for the team. If he laid down and quit, then he would be a coward. True United fans would still be there to support him in times of trouble like these…

  2. Oli says:

    His cowardice was exemplified when he took out the injunction. If he were brave, he would have said it ages ago, and at least admitted it now, or removed the injunction.

    As to the chants, there already were some from Blackpool fans in the last game of the season.

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