Liverpool Third Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Official Photos Revealed

Liverpool and Adidas have officially unveiled Liverpool’s third shirt for the 2011-12 Premier League season.

Pictured above, Liverpool’s third jersey is white with black and cyan blue trim. The sleeves of the shirt feature the iconic three stripes from Adidas (which are blue, in this case), while the collar is black with a cyan blue and black diagonal strip down the right chest area.

According to Adidas, the new Liverpool FC third kit takes its design inspiration from the classic tracksuit tops worn by the infamous LFC teams of the mid 1980’s, incorporating the diagonal stripe across the front of the shirt. But to me, the shirt reminds me of Olympique Marseille than it does the Anfield club.

Adidas adds that the inclusion of cyan blue in the shirt design dates back to Liverpool’s first home kit worn almost 120 years ago which incorporated alternate white and blue halves – it wasn’t until Bill Shankly became manager that the home kit became completely red, in 1964.

The cyan blue is used throughout the kit and incorporated into the design through the iconic Adidas three stripes across the shoulders and the shirt sponsor. The shirts main design features diagonal stripes in black and cyan blue over the right shoulder and continuing around the trim of the sleeve to create a modern, stylish look whilst giving a nostalgic nod to the club’s illustrious past. A closer look at the shirt reveals further subtle design features including a diagonal, tonal emboss running through the fabric.

To find out what the rest of the Liverpool third kit looks like as well as to discover when it’ll be available, read on.

The Liverpool third kit is available for order today.

What’s your opinion regarding the new Liverpool third shirt? Share your opinions in the comments section below. And for the largest selection of Premier League shirts for all 20 clubs, visit the EPL Talk Shop.

35 thoughts on “Liverpool Third Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Official Photos Revealed”

  1. Bit of a headscratcher to go with any form of blue being featured in an LFC kit. Next year’s dark gray away kit looks sharp, hopefully LFC won’t wear this third kit too much next season. Boring at best.

  2. Overall, it doesn’t look too bad. But, blue? On a Liverpool kit? Um, NO.

    I’m all for honoring history…but seriously, do we need to honor the ONE year we wore blue before we established ourselves as a completely separate club from Everton? I might give it a pass IF it was the anniversary season, but that isn’t until 2012-13. I’m just scratching my head.

    Poor choice, and I don’t see it being popular on Merseyside at all…but, I could be wrong.

  3. It’s not Everton blue, but it shouldn’t be blue at all. :-(

    You’d think that Adidas would have wanted to make some money before the contract passed to Warrior. I can’t see many people buying this. It will sell because it’s Liverpool, but not in as many numbers as if it was another colour imho.

    With the two stripes it looks more like a Man City away kit.

  4. Looks like crap, though I don’t think it’s coincidental that it’s also the colors of Standard Chartered…

    1. There’s no reason the advert can’t be the sponsors colors, but the kit itself should still retain the traditional club colors.

  5. I don’t know, I get the historic angle, but it is just odd to see blue when the traditional kit has such a strong primary color to it.

    Of course, if they go undefeated in this shirt I’ll think it’s the greatest ever, so …

  6. That looks like a Man City alternate uniform to me. Why not just change the blue to the same shade of red that’s on the home uniform?

  7. Hideous. That’s all i can say. It’s bad enough that Premier League clubs are pricing out footie fans with exorbitant ticket prices which are more than the weekly grocery bill, and now, they”re alienating them further by making awful kits and charging a lot of money for it. The football industry is getting more and more out of touch with the true fans and more interested in pandering to consumers who buy the kits because they look fashionable. After all, what do they know about the history of the club, the colors, the songs, the ground, the city it’s in???

    1. I hear what you’re saying, but nobody is forcing anyone to buy any kit. People will vote with thier wallets.

  8. I have to say it look nice, the colors are well matched with Standard Chartered.
    But blue? Not fit for liverpool.

  9. Think the kit looks kinda OK, but a bit too pale overall, and obviously blue on a Liverpool kit is just plain wrong. Like one poster above said, why can’t the blue bits be in red? Would look much better…

    One other thing though – has anyone thought about when we’re actually gonna wear it? A quick scan of the Prem makes me think that the only real possibility is away at Villa, plus maybe one or two FA/League Cup away games against anyone who plays in red & black.

  10. Green in place of blue would have been perfect. It still would have gone with the sponsor’s corporate colours.

  11. Guys come on we have to be open minded… After all change is good… I must admit this is a change from Red to Blue but I love it….. Neways its about the style of the shirt or its colour its the skill that’s shows on the field….. Can’t wait to get my shirt…..*excited*

  12. i’ve got to admit it’s pretty telling how quickly supporters are trashing this… it’s a third kit for christ’s sake… would you rather be wearing pink like everton? it still bears the crest or is that lost on everyone? you support the club, the rest of the nonsense is unnecessary…

    i for one think that suarez will look pretty slick in this… add to that jeffren, perotti, or any other south american imports… and look at the bright side, might be nice to beat chelsea, everton, or man city in a shade of blue, it’ll add insult to injury… ya digg? it’s a new era, enough b*tchin, get on board.

    1. I don’t think anyone has said they will not follow the team, those that are Reds, but all teams have their colours, or as with the trend in recent years, range of colours, but blue shouldn’t ever be Liverpool’s imho. Ask an Everton fan if they would be happy with a red away kit (though they came close with the pink one 😉 lol). Ask a Utd fan if they would like a sky blue kit, ask a Spurs fan about a red kit, all the teams have their colours, and for traditions sake it is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. I know the original LFC kit was these colours, but blue hasn’t had an appearance for over 100 years, and unless it is marking a Centenary, in which case it should be a modern copy of the original, then the blue should stay in the 19th century.

      1. once again though… IT’S A THIRD JERSEY… small potatoes compared to bigger issues at hand like the transfer window or long term stadium options, just my humble opinion but all this energy put into this tumult about the cyan “aka blue” scandal would be better served put towards issues that will actually affect the product on the pitch…

        i get it, blue doesn’t mesh given our rivals, but it’s just a third jersey, it’s not permanent, therefore much to do about nothing i.m.o.

        1. There are enough supporters with enough processing power in their brains to take note of what’s happening in the transfer market, next season and updates to our team kit – even the 3rd kit. (Moreover, ignore half of the bullsh*t in the transfer market linking every tom, dick and harry with us and one easily has a lot of time).
          I agree with everyone else who has said no to the blue. It’s one hell of a lame excuse to link this back to a design from over a century ago. It’s not even the appropriate year.
          I for one will be voting with my wallet – not buying this!

          p.s. wasn’t there a fans committee? were they consulted? did they agree? i’d like to hear what their views were on this.

  13. Being an Evertonian, I would say I feel sorry for the Kopites on this one. Truth is I don’t. However, I can understand how some of you may be a little bit pissed off with this choice….

  14. It’s a fine design for a 3rd. People need to relax. Personally I thought this past years’ white jersey/black shorts combo was horrible. I like the all white theme and have no problem with a bit of blue.

  15. I would’ve loved to see a proper blue and white halved shirt for perhaps – their last season at Anfield (As Arsenal did with their red-currant kit the last season at Highbury.) The stripe down the chest makes the template seem generic and recycled but it’s a 3rd shirt, for a year – it will be forgotten in a couple of years.

  16. The third jersey is a blessing in disguise. I would rather see Suarez running in a blue and white jersey, than that ghastly proposed yellow and red jersey that was making the circuit.

    Any differences in opinion…now is your time to bring the aforementioned to the table and discuss your potential ideas or support rheteric. Dont just piss and moan about the color choice…be part of the solution…not the probllem. -SAUL T. NUTTS-

  17. This is just another mad thing adidas have setup, just like David James’s top back in 1993 just after the takeover of Sky. If I can rememember, he wore a blue goalie top first match of the season against Arsenal and after that it was never worn again only to wear grey and yellow and on rear ocasions the good old traditional green

  18. I’m no liverpool fan buh frm d comments v read so far,seems lyk everybody hates it so m thinking 2 myslf “WHY DOES MY BOYFRIEND WANT IT??” i

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