Poll: Who Will Win? USA or Guadeloupe?

The US men’s national team faces a must-win game tonight against Guadeloupe in the 2011 Gold Cup.

The game, which will kick off at 9pm ET on FOX Soccer and Telefutura, should be an entertaining one to watch. The US needs a win to guarantee at top-two place finish in the group stage of the tournament.

But who do you think will win tonight?

7 thoughts on “Poll: Who Will Win? USA or Guadeloupe?”

  1. Pretty sure the US has no choice but to win. I could easily see Bob Bradley being fired if they don’t win. I also think there will actually be some fight in the team and that Ream will be pulled off the back line in favor of Gooch. If the US can actually hold a strong back line and fight like they did against Canada they should win 4-0. However, given what I’ve seen the past two games they will win 1-0 and call it a learning experience.

  2. I say the USA win but if they dont then BOB needs to be fired on the spot if he is not then i wont be going to any more games untel he is gone.

  3. Even if the US lose tonight, I don’t think the USSF have the fortitude to fire Bob Bradley.

    I don’t think the US will lose, however. They’ll do what is necessary to grab the win.

    The Gaffer

    1. Wondolitis…

      He was absolute garbage. My college teammates bury at least three of those chances.

      If I was a gambling man, I would be putting my money on Jamaica in the next round. I’d sacrifice a Gold Cup for BB getting axed. That is how far we have regressed in 11 months.

  4. Seriously after the tournament if we get knocked out, someone needs to do a in depth story about USSF and if the current MLS structure hinders our NT.

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