FOX Soccer Enhancing Premier League Coverage for 2011-12 Season

For soccer fans in the United States, it’s the news that we’ve been waiting a long time to hear. And it’s finally here. FOX Soccer will be enhancing its coverage of the Premier League beginning with the 2011-12 season kicking off on August 13 with a new name, new studio, improved graphics and overall improved presentation.

As EPL Talk exclusively revealed yesterday, Fox Soccer Channel today officially announced they’re changing the name of its network to FOX Soccer on August 13 and have introduced a new logo and branding (as well as new logos for FOX Soccer Plus, and

“We’re going to a new studio, moving from a luxury “condo” at [current home] 1440 Sepulveda [Blvd.] to a mansion of sorts at Studios A & B, where the NFL on Fox and other properties are produced,” said FOX Soccer General Manager David Nathanson in an interview with MultiChannel News. The article mentions that FOX Soccer will begin producing shows from Studios A and B at the Fox Network Center in Los Angeles, with “marked increases in size and design from previous sets.”

The coverage of its Premier League programming will feature a fresh feel and high-tech on-air graphics. The new branding will also encompass VIZ RT effects and super slow-motion replays.

“[The new branding is] the next stage of our evolution,” said Nathanson. “Our fans and viewers already refer to us as FOX Soccer. It’s a modernized, uniform look across the properties, Fox Soccer, Fox Soccer Plus, and our broadband service Foxsoccer.TV. The re-branding symbolizes our continued commitment to push the limits and evolve with the game in this country.”

“Our audience comes to FOX Soccer for one thing: to interact with the game they love. They are smart, they want new technologies, they want the best coverage,” added Nathanson.

The new FOX Soccer logo is pictured above. Read on to see the new logos for FOX Soccer Plus and the other FOX Soccer entities:

FOX Soccer TV network logos:

FOX Soccer TV network logos (blue version):

FOX Soccer Website logos:

FOX Soccer Website logos (blue version):

What do you think of the new FOX Soccer logos and branding? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

Personally I think it’s a breath of fresh air and feels a lot closer to the main FOX look-and-feel. It’s also a good sign that FOX Soccer has decided to launch the new name and new logos and branding to coincide with the 2011-12 Premier League season, which is definitely FOX’s pride and joy. Let’s hope, at the same time, that more thought is given to the pre-match and half-time coverage (as well as post-match coverage) to raise the bar and get closer to the standards that other networks such as ESPN have reached.

Now that there’s the new name and new logos, FOX Soccer has an excellent opportunity to improve its overall production and to make it a must-see channel not only during a game but before it, at half time and after it.

66 thoughts on “FOX Soccer Enhancing Premier League Coverage for 2011-12 Season”

  1. The new logo looks great, the old one matched the old FOX branding of orange and black, and both the FOX Soccer and FOX Sports/regional sports channels now all have blue-ish logos.

    I hope the move to the new studio offers a presentation style similar to FOX Soccer’s Liverpool vs Chelsea match day Super Bowl special, with live fans and jerseys hanging on the wall.

  2. Now if they could only get HD to everyone by the end of 2011. Yes, 2011. I would rather ESPN2 get more games, they’re presentation is great, and in HD.

  3. I personally like the older yellow and black logo with the revolving football on top. But the logos do not really matter, I am more excited about the improved studios and graphics. The “Pizza Hut” Halftime show was/is a joke and I would ALWAYS turn the channel during halftime of any FSC game due to Warren Barton’s comical random squares, triangles and squares placed on the pitch. However, I hope that Menafee (spelling?) fella stays with the NFL; his lack of knowledge and use of incorrect terminology really grinds my gears.

    1. That’s the boat I am in as well, although I don’t really think they have a major say in who will carry them in HD. HD trumps everything for me at this point…I will watch the USA Gold Cup match tonight with spanish commentary(HD) rather than the FSC version because of that reason.

      1. I’ve been doing that as well… but tonight I get to actually watch it with my own eyes. Pretty excited to see the new park in KC

  4. What was wrong with last season’s coverage? I don’t need my EPL soccer to be over-analyzed and American-Football-ized. If they put a “keys to the game” graphic OVER live action, I might actually lose my cool.

  5. New studios and logos are great… can we have more games? or… we have just enough matches on TV every week.
    Hoping for a new Fox Soccer Report show.

  6. Hopefully this means an update to the FOX Soccer Report. For some reason that show (good in content) looks like something from back in the days of Prime Ticket.

  7. Honestly I dont really care for their pre match talk and post match talk because it usually sucks. What do they observe that I as a sports fan don’t already notice from the game? I enjoy seeing live pictures of from the stadium even before the match starts more so than what they talk about before the game. It’s annoying not seeing your team warm up or just get some views around the stadium as the match builds up. You don’t really get that sense from them. You just get lame music and Christian Miles who I don’t see bringing any interest to the build-up. He’s just not very engaging. Maybe I’m just being too harsh but like others have said hope they get it into HD because the quality is bemusing at times.

    1. I like the idea of more shots from before and after the game. Especially shots that represent the area and everything involved. I live in the US, I don’t get to go to these places. Show me what they’re about.

  8. Not sure I should care about a new logo or a new studio. The only thing I care about is seeing as many games as possible AND in HD. Until then, this is all just a crappy marketing scheme to make you think things are improving.

  9. When watching soccer on tv or Internet my desire is to create an atmosphere that closely replicates the atmosphere that someone present in the stadium would experience. I like to see live shots of the warmup, people approaching the turnstiles, walking through the tunnels then seeing the pitch. This helps build the increasing intensity towards the match kickoff. Before the kickoff is the anthem and teams walking out on to the pitch, this can be the most intense vociferous moments of the event, the stadium is packed and the noise is deafening. To jump to commercial at this time just removes the home viewer from the spectical and reminds them they are not really part of the event. For me that’s the key. Fox execs need to realize soccer isn’t American sport. It’s s global sport and sport outside of the USA isn’t just a game it’s an event. Everything rolls up to the event, the travel, the pub, the turnstiles, the singing, the anthem, and then the game. If they can just find a way of showing the event without commercial rather than just the game. Because at the end of the day we want to feel like we were there, and logos and onscreen graphics have nothing to do with accomplishing that. Fox execs just need to understand the model for success by defining what a consumer would want. Lets not get carried away and applaud new graphics

    1. spot on jon! The real football is different to any other sport in this country. I hope they realize that soon. It would be a bit easier if some of them were actually fans of some of these clubs

  10. “They are smart, they want new technologies, they want the best coverage.” – Nathanson

    If they truly realized this fact then why did they spend so long holding out for a high price to put FSC HD on Comcast? Tsk Tsk.

  11. Next up: A movement to actually come out of commercial break in time to show the start of each half.

    They blew that again with the US-Panama Gold Cup match.

  12. What they need is to quit showing 1 million adds during halftime. Also why the hell do we have to listen to Christian Miles before the kickoff. Why can’t we just go straight to Martin Tyler.

  13. Until we get Fox Soccer in HD and also get Fox Soccer Plus in HD on Comcast they can rebrand all they want to and it won’t impress me at all. I will continue to watch games on ESPN in HD and other channels that show games in HD. I will watch Fox Soccer with great annoyance if we don’t get HD for the new season in August.

  14. Jon, you are spot on! I’ve always felt that it’s stupid to switch to a commercial as soon as the teams come out of the tunnel. I find the Fox pre-match, half-time and wrap up shows to be nauseating as the “experts” bring nothing to the table and instead just state the obvious like “United overwhelmed Blackpool in the 2nd half” or “Tevez is a top striker”. Sometimes less talk and effective imagery & production is far more effective than Nick Webster waffling on about a cold afternoon in London Town.

  15. Face it, the production value is something that needed improving. Looks like we will be getting it.

    Looks like some of it was rolled out during the Gold Cup. Looks like similar FOX Sports graphics.

    You know what… production is production. Guess what… the commentary will more the likely remain the same.

    I have been continuing to nag Comcast to add FOX Soccer HD. From what I hear, FOX & Comcast are still talking about adding it in Boston. I want the HD more then the production.

    I also hope FOX Soccer will air more programs from it’s sister SKY Sports (more SKY Sports News, Soccer AM maybe).

  16. I don’t know about you guys but I really hope they bring back Kyle Martino for that scintillating Soccer Talk Live show he did where he interviewed people that knew nothing about the game along with his own insipid comments. I just loved the way he would look at the camera like he was Benny Hill at the end of a skit……

  17. Hi cares about logos for a channel?? Kick it up a notch by taking advantage of HD. For every match have a fan of the home team take you around the city and talk about the club, history and so forth. Then the fan can take you to the stadium, have the camera stay with him as he goes through the entrance and emerges to the pitch, then the camera can go right out to the warm ups. Seeing all of England’s wonderful stadiums in HD and hearing the crowds in surround is how your going to draw in new viewers as well as keep veteran supporters watching more than just the match itself.

  18. I just want my FFF back!!!!!!!!!!!!! My weeks havent felt complete since it was taken off the air (dont get me started on the joke that was “Sort Of Soccer Talk Live” with Kyle D)

  19. It won’t make a bit of difference as long they keep blacking out matches on FSTV simply because they’re also on FSC.

    1. Robert,

      The reason that Fox Soccer Channel doesn’t stream their Premier League games on is simple. If they did, many of their subscribers would cancel their TV subscription and just watch everything online instead.

      The Gaffer

        1. Sean, it’s not about how much money subscriptions are bringing in (although that helps a little), but it’s about the number of subscribers to their flagship network, FOX Soccer. The larger that number, the more they can charge for national advertising. Right now the channel is available in 40 million homes. Putting live Premier League games that air on FOX Soccer on will reduce that growth. Ideally, they’d love for you to subscribe to all three — FOX Soccer, FOX Soccer Plus and — to be able to access all of the Premier League games (including ones that they sublicense to ESPN2 and

          The Gaffer

          1. But Gaffer, it’s not like it is an add-on channel of any sort at this point. It always comes in a package with other channels that interest everyone.

            For example, I am looking at tv subscriptions for a new place for me in the Twin Cities. All three options (DirecTV, Dish Network, Comcast) have FSC in their sports pack.

            And wouldn’t the ability for us to see the ads across multiple platforms be a positive for prospective ad-space purchasers?

            For $15 a month, you deserve every live match with the “Fox Soccer” logo on it.

            1. Matt, it’s not about deserving every live match. FOX has to make money as a company. The Premier League TV rights alone cost millions per season. As a soccer fan, the $15 per month for is, to me, incredibly valuable and definitely worth the money. Even though FOX Soccer is available in a sports pack, we’re still paying a fee for that. FOX gets a small part of that.

              The Gaffer

  20. Dish nework now offers FSC on its 120+ package. I had been paying 69.99 because fsc used to be on the most expensive platform but now for 49.99 I sill get espn2 and fsc.

  21. All I now is they better not dumb the coverage down like they do for the Champions League finals. The people that watch this channel are hardcore fans and are passionate about the game. I don’t want to hear the NFL theme music and ex NFL hosts analyzing and dumbing down the coverage for me.

    Also, freakin HD for Comcast would be nice.

  22. I’m glad Fox is making changes that will make them more visible and in line with their regular Fox channels.

    That said, I wish they would listen to what their viewers want rather than what they think is good for the viewer. They should go to their live feed as soon as possible and do away with the introductions from people in the studio. It’s very badly done and doesn’t add anything to the match. It’s worse on Sundays with the 11 AM match that usually follows a Serie A match. Even if it is already 11 AM they feel the need to delay the live feed by their useless introductions.

    I don’t have a problem with their studio guests analyzing the match either before, during halftime, or after the match. I can always not watch it. But I don’t like them interfering with the live feed. We would prefer to feel as if we’re in England (or Wales) rather than in the USA. Getting the viewer to the other side of the pond quicker will add so much more to the experience than the local introductions.

    I also hope that is much improved over last season. While it was pretty good overall there were days when the thing didn’t work at all which was very frustrating. Not being able to chat with a live person made communicating the problem very difficult. There were times when you couldn’t even email them (which is the only way to report a problem) telling them what the problem was.

    All in all though I’m happy that at least Fox is allowing me the opportunity to watch soccer and offering so many matches to boot. Watching soccer in this country has come a long way. Let’s hope it continues to improve.

    1. still can’t watch it on my iphone 4. Sent seven emails without reply. I am going to cancel it for July and maybe pick it up again in mid august. Maybe.

  23. I have Comcast and I just would like Fox Soccer plus and Fox Soccer in HD to be offered. Please get rid of Waldo, Kyle Martino, as well as Bobby ” I love Manchester United ” McMahan. Please limit the adds like Travelocity, Alec Baldwin credit cards, and proactive to about 3 a week. thanks

  24. I wish they’d finally update Fox Soccer Report to HD. They’re moving everything else, why not produce their own daily news show in LA?

    FSR is produced by some company up in Canada and as far as I know it’s been shot in HD for quite a while but the actual broadcasting equipment can’t handle HD which is why we’re still getting it in awful SD.
    Supposedly they can’t afford to upgrade all the equipment to bring it to us in HD which is why I think they should either move or cancel it.
    Sure, I enjoy it every evening but it’s pretty much the only piece of programming left in this outdated format.

    Give us a daily soccer news show in HD, Fox Soccer, with some fresh air. And I’m not just talking about new anchors which the current producers of FSR replace every other month as it is anyway, for no particular reason.

    1. and please God, make them stop the identical half hour segments. You can fill an hour with content over the summer. It is really possible.

  25. I really couldn’t care less about the new set, or graphics, or any other gimmics that “Fox Soccer” wants to throw at us.

    All I want from them is to:

    Air matches live. Not 2 minute behind. Not 5 minutes behind. Live. 15 seconds before the start of each half, start the feed. Proactive can have an the whole post-game wrap for all i care. Just get us to the stadium on time.

    Fox Soccer, Plus, .tv, in HD and the basic sports package. You can run as many ads as you want from 1am-11am during the week and 9pm-5am during the weekend on plus. This is a soccer channel. This isn’t Fox Sports World rewind. So scrap the rugby and cricket and put in whatever ad space it takes for these services to be reasonable.

      1. The HD part is up to the TV provider. FOX makes FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus available in HD at no extra charge to TV providers. It’s up to the Comcast’s of the world to decide whether to provide it to customers.

        The Gaffer

    1. Matt, there are a lot of FOX Soccer Plus subscribers who love the rugby. Removing that programming from the network will upset a ton of folks out there.

      The Gaffer

  26. new graphics, new studio, new pre-game, new post-game, etc.. WILL NOT make up for the LACK on on-air talent (hosts and pundits). I like you FOX Soccer and i know you mean well, but if you really want to step your game up, along with having your new world class ‘presentation’, maybe you should employ some world class presenters, just a thought.

  27. I do not watch the talking heads. For me, it’s all about the games.

    Is it too early/expensive for Fox to start a soccer package presentation like the NHL Centre Ice, MLB Extra Innings or NFL coverage so that the fans can pick to watch any game live?

    I would love to see an “EPL Pitch Pack” on DirecTV.

    1. Fog an EPL Pitch Pack would not make it hear as you can see most games for free some on Td so if fans can see stuff on TD why would they by in to some thing that you would need to pay for.

  28. I’m suprised that every comment on this thread has been about me me me. What about they? What about making the channel more appealing to a broader audience? To new viewers. This will solve a lot of issues. If FSC can resemble an ESPN2, hopefully new viewers can experience the joy that we do every weekend. And hopefully the carriers will treat it as such and FSC will become more of a mainstream channel.
    If I’m FSC, I know that all the people that want watch my channel religously and want perfrection from my product will come back and watch every day. But I want more viewers, I need to appeal to those that are “willing to give this soccer thing a chance.” I think that getting FSC HD on as many carriers should be priority one. Then make it look like a serious sport… make it resemeble an american football broadcast.

    Hopefully they can also balance that with addressing hardcore fans as well. Maybe they might have shows which look into european football culture…

    Again, I think everyone is missing the oppurtunity for FSC to reach new viewers.

  29. Look FOX soccer will always be crap if they do not take care of the basic things.

    1. Fire Barton, he is a joke, ex England international who only made 6 appearances (3 for the first team, 3 for the second team).

    2. Let us soak in the stadium atmosphere, lets see players in the tunnel, coming out, shaking hands and also warming up!

    3. FOX soccer report NEEDS a major overhaul! Its been the same old crap since I have been watching FSC, its like an amateur program put together in a basement in Canada, btw FOX has better studio in California, why couldn’t they use that one instead of recording it in Canada.

    4. Christian Miles HAS TO GO

    5. Cut down on the crazy in game commercial, verizon, pizza hut, geico, sylvania, progressive…..

    6. ‘This match is presented to you in stunning HD’ Yes its HD but 80% of your viewers are watching it in CRAPPY SD

    Well thats all I have…

  30. This is a good start but if you ask me the host make worth watching and the ones they have now are to put it nice they are crap. so if they want to make the show better give me some one that i would love to hear not Barton the guy is a joke. they also need to bring back WFD the way it was 4 years ago they need some one that will get me talking to the point i must call in.

  31. Martino sucks and even though Barton is semi-literate, I like him. Above all, GIVE ME HD. I much prefer ESPN for that very reason. Also, how about showing the Old Firm every once in a while.

  32. As long as Fox provides me with live football from England and Italy I could care less what their production set is like. As long as they don’t interrup the match I’m OK with anything else they do. I don’t have time to watch any of their pre- or post-match productions. For those of you who want something better than Fox Soccer Report, there’s lots of free content on the internet. Maybe EPL talk can provide a list to those links. The beauty of living in this say and age is that there’s lots of alternatives via the internet.

    Just give me the matches from the first whistle till the final whistle and I won’t complain. So I applaud Fox for at least providing me with live matches to watch. We here in the USA actually get to see more live EPL matches than viewers in England. There are clubs whose supporters aren’t able to watch their favorite team play on certain match days. We have it quite good.

    1. Yes you are right, when ever I go to England I can never watch my second favorite team Wolverhampton play because Sky Sports cant show it, heck they dont even show a delayed tape of the match. The only way I can see Wolverhampton in England is by staying up till 10:30 pm England Time and go on BBC for match of the day. But here even if the Wolves match is not live at least they will showed the delayed match at like 1 pm or 3 pm EST

  33. It seems as if Big FOX is trying to convince people that it is the place to be for soccer. They hope that they can get more subscribers so that they can be in a position of winning the FIFA World Cup rights when they come up after 2014. For FOX to justify such a bid, they need to find a way to get Fox Soccer to at least 80 million households, then offer up FX and the Fox Network for added coverage.

    What they should do, IMO, is to bundle up Fox Soccer with Fox Soccer Plus and in a neat little package, with an introductory price of $12.99 a month for all three. With all that you get EPL, Serie A, Ligue 1, nPower Championship, all the rugby you can fit in and FA Cup. Then, hopefully, they can outbid GolTV for English-language rights to La Liga (they’d put it on Fox Deportes as well) and the Brasileirao. For summer programming, I would keep the Concacaf Champions League (since MLS sides have improved somewhat) and bid for future Copa America rights (English and Spanish). Regular MLS games should either move to Versus (or whatever they’d name it then) or go to FX.

    Finally, regular Champions League matches should be aired the following way: 1st choice FX, 2nd choice Fox Soccer, 3rd choice FS+ and 4th choice Directv shouldn’t be needed. Start airing the season from the 4th Qualifying round on.

  34. this is like at&t rebranding themselves to 4g. seriously. give us real HD or stop wasting our time with new logos or graphics. i could really care less from what condo to what mansion you moved to.

  35. It will really only matter if the quality of the production improves and it moves from the most expensive tier to a more basic tier on cable networks.

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