Why Cesc Fabregas Should Just Go to Barcelona Already

Unless you were living under a rock last summer, you probably heard that Cesc Fabregas was linked with F.C. Barcelona. The Fabregas saga was one of the biggest stories of the transfer season last year as there were months of on-going speculation about his future. At the time, Fabregas was frankly on top of the world. He just had one of his best seasons and for weeks, the football world seem to be centered around the Spaniard. After the constant media rumors and the attention this sideshow brought, nothing happened in the end as Arsenal won the fight to keep him. However, Arsenal were sort of the losers too after they failed to do any signings which hurt the team’s chances of winning anything. To make matters worse, Fabregas had a decidedly-off year hampered by injury, inconsistent play and perhaps, due to a longing to be with his buddies in Barcelona.

As Arsenal enters the summer, there is a great amount of pressure for Wenger to finally be active in the market. Arsenal showed they had great potential and were in prime position at times to challenge the league lead with United. Unfortunately, they lacked the resolve and experience to win when it really counted as they cruelly bounced out of contention. Yet,  the real question is how can Wenger and Arsenal plan for the future when they don’t know what’s going to happen to Fabregas?

Once again, the rumors have come with Fabregas making his long-anticipated move to the Catalan giants. His Spanish teammates have already opened their mouths again about how much they want Cesc to come as David Villa put it according to Sport.es:

“Cesc is my weakness, I hope he comes. As a footballer, the whole world knows him and what he could bring us. And as a person, he deserves to return to Barcelona, his family is here and the club where he began.” Villa also said that if Cesc leaves for Barça, “it would be a great joy, but I would be more happy for him because he deserves it, than for me, to have him as a companion.”

The images of the Barca jersey on Fabregas surely come to mind as do the constant urges of all his Spanish teammates beckoning and expecting him to leave. Frankly, the stories of Fabregas’s future soon became quite irritating. At this point, Fabregas should just do himself and Arsenal a favor and leave already.

There are many reasons why Fabregas should leave both for himself and and for the team where he grew into a superstar. It was easy to see how the Spanish titan of English football frankly didn’t show the same spark as he did in past years. Arsenal was a contender for a large part of the season but it wasn’t due to Fabregas. Arsenal played like a team consistently getting results thanks to others like Samir Nasri who all but replaced him as the dominant central midfielder of the team. When the team consistently dropped points at the end of the season, Arsenal lacked leadership that should have came from someone like Fabregas. Therefore, if Cesc Fabregas still plays for Arsenal but his heart is elsewhere, he should do the team and the fans a favor and leave.

Fabregas’ departure would also help Wenger greatly in terms of the transfer market. While Arsenal will likely still profit mightily off him, they won’t get as much money this time from dealing him to Barcelona as they would have last summer. Due to their massive debt, Barcelona have announced that their transfer budget this summer is around 45 million euros which is at least 10 million less than what Arsenal were demanding for Fabregas. With players like Bendter, Denilson expected to leave and Nasri’s future being up in the air, Wenger maybe will feel he would have the freedom to spend in preparation of a team without Fabregas (and Nasri). Arsenal have been linked with a large number of star play-makers including Eden Hazard, Radamel Falcao, Karim Benzema, Jan Vertonghen, Neven Subotic and many more. Without the distraction of whether Fabregas is leaving or not, Arsenal could focus on the future and eventually end their streak of years without a trophy.

Cesc Fabregas is a fantastic footballer capable of amazing feats. He would probably return to being one of the best midfielders in Europe once he’s happy with his dream team, Barcelona. Just like Cristiano Ronaldo, sometimes there’s just no stopping footballers from wanting to play for their idolized teams. “I am a Barca supporter. I am a member like my grandfather, my uncle, my cousin…, ” Fabregas said last year. “I love their colours since I was very small. I am Catalan. However, I am captain of Arsenal, I am a Gunner and it is there that I have become a player and that I have matured as a person.”

Judging from that quote, Fabregas will always be appreciative of his Arsenal days. Yet, he has looked ready for well over a year to move on to achieving his dream. Instead of having another summer saga, he should just go already.

22 thoughts on “Why Cesc Fabregas Should Just Go to Barcelona Already”

    1. I’m not buying Sanchez as the next Ronaldo or Messi. Serie A isn’t waht it used to be and I think this guy may already be overrated. I’d much rather take a proven star if I’m going to spend big in Fabregas rather than Sanchez.

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  2. cesc please dont leave arsenal dont go my sweet boy please ilove just you dont forget that i lovvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee cesc
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  3. I love it when I read stories like this one that say that Fabregas should leave Arsenal. I find it amazing though, that anyone who supports Arsenal or English football would think that. There is a reason why Barcelona has been desperately trying to buy him. It’s because he’s a phenomenal player and the only one in the world that Barcelona thinks is worthy of one day stepping into Xavis’ shoes. Spain, less that 12 months ago, won the World Cup as a result of his trademark killer pass. For Arsenal to let him go is the equivalent of Barcelona selling Messi, Xavi or Iniesta. And as for Fabregas’ supposed lack of form this year, I’ve watched every Arsenal game this season and he continued, despite his physical problem, to be heads and shoulders over everyone else in the team. In my opinion, if The Arsenal lose Fabregas, they won’t make it to the top four next year.

    1. Believe me I understand how big of a player he has been for the EPL. There have been seasons that he has single-handedly carried them on his back. However, I don’t care who it is, if the player doesn’t want to play for their team, they should leave. Period. How do you think United fans felt when Ronaldo left? We didn’t want him to go because for nothing else, he was taking the EPL to new levels of skill and play-making ability that was stunning. But he wanted to make his dream move and Fabregas is no different. Do I wish for the sake of English football that he stays in London? Of course I do. He’s great for the EPL. However, I watched Fabregas too this year and you and I saw two different players. You saw the Fabregas of old who struggled this year but still tried to play for the sake of the team. I saw a player who looked down, played a selfish style of football where he tried to make a direct impact on every scoring opportunity and a guy who who Arsenal couldn’t rely on like in previous years through their struggles when they needed him the most. He wants to go to Barca, Arsenal held him over, and he wasn’t thesame player this year.
      Fabregas should always be appreciative of his days in England and with Arsenal. But it’s time for him to go.

      1. You make a compelling argument but I just find it hard to believe that a professional football player would let down his coach, team mates and fans because he is sulking and wants to go home. If you paid me ten million a year, I’d put in a day’s work and gladly. And I’d give it two hundred percent if my reputation, not to say legacy was on the line.

        1. At the end of the day, people work in odd ways. Honestly, form a football sense, I don’t get why he would want to go in the first place. He’s the face of one of the best English teams, he has the love of millions of fans, and he has a central role on the team where he often grabs the spotlight in dramatic moments. In going to Barca, he’s going to have to work his way into their midfield which frankly, is fine without him. He’s going to excess baggage on a team full of talent and he’s going to struggle to get playing time in a midfield with Iniesta, Xavi, and Busquets. Fabregas, of course, is a much better player than Busquets but the problem is that Busquets and the rest Barca’s starting 11 has the best chemistry in the world. If I’m looking it at Barca’s standpoint, I wouldn’t change what they already have. Fabregas is going to struggle to get playing time and hasn’t played long enough with his Spanish teammates who “adore” him so much to know their every move like they do.
          Fabregas is letting Arsenal down which is a shame because he’s in a much better situation for himself there than he would with Barca. But at the end of the day, u just can’t stop these guys from leaving to their dream teams. (I learned that the hard way with Ronaldo)

  4. I can think of at at least one reason why he’d want to go back. Have you ever been to Barcelona? It’s the absolute perfect blend of culture, natural beauty, climate and architecture. It even has a great beach. And the food? Every hole-in-the-wall restaurant is a Michelin three star. Sigh. I would go live there in a flash if I could.

    But as a far as far Xavi goes, he’s 31. Barcelona’s board has to be a little concerned about finding an eventual replacement for him. I think a midfielder is the one priority that Barcelona has to have in their list of transfers for this summer.

    1. Firstly, I’ve always wanted to go to Barca. (I’ve been to Seville) I know it’s absolutely beautiful to visit and live there. Much prefer there than Madrid.
      Secondly-Xavi to me still looks like he could still play at the top level for a couple more seasons. Of course a midfielder to replace him would be nice to have but Fabregas to me seems too arrogant to come off the bench. He’s going to demand a starting role which he probably won’t get and even if he did, they would have to work him into their system which will take time.

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