Portland Timbers 0-1 Colorado Rapids: Notes From Cascadia

Soccer City indeed; the Timbers Army.

The head explosion heard around the world.

Yeah, that was me. If you heard a loud bang coming from the top left corner of the United States Saturday night, that was the sound of my head exploding as I watched Colorado score a goal in stoppage time to seal a 1-0 victory over the Portland Timbers as a sold out, shocked JELD-WEN crowed watched in disbelief. Never mind the fact that Portland had dominated the second half and arguably played their best game as a unit this season. There it was; our third straight loss of the season and second straight loss at home. The sad thing was, as I mentioned above, we actually saw the Timbers play a solid offensive game. They had possession for most of the game, a lot of it in front of the Rapids box. The midfielders were finally creating opportunities for the forwards. Darlington Nagbe looked like the player we expected him to be on the ball. Forwards Perlaza and Cooper had some chemistry going between the two, setting each other up with scoring opportunities — something that had been missing all season long. However, despite all of these chances, the Timbers could not simply find the back of the net. Multiple breakaways, headers in front of the net, a shank before an empty goal. All resulted in misses. These events are what fans were subjected to on Saturday.

As frustration mounted in the second half, it didn’t help the situation when the referee made questionable calls, or lack of calls, time and time again. The officiating seemed to worsen as the game went on, getting so bad that in stoppage time, coach John Spencer was ejected for voicing his displeasure of the officiating crews’ performance.

I can agree the officiating was bad but I do not think it would have changed the outcome. Portland beat itself by creating great opportunities but were not able to finish them. Now we have a must win situation with the dangerous New York Red Bulls heading into town on Father’s Day. Portland will have to play without Spencer, who will be serving his one game suspension, as well as starting center back Futty Danso who will be out 2-3 weeks after suffering a shoulder injury.

However, we did see some good things on Saturday. The midfielders and forwards looked great despite their scoring woes and hopefully they can build upon that. Also, goalkeeper Troy Perkins is playing out of his skin right now. He’s truly having a great season and seems to be in top form. I also think the Red Bulls can be scored against and I expect good things from the Timbers come Sunday night. It’s a crucial point in our season.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the Timbers bounce back after another tough loss. Hopefully on Sunday, the explosion heard around the world won’t will be from my cranium, but from that of a JELD-WEN crowd erupting in celebration.

7 thoughts on “Portland Timbers 0-1 Colorado Rapids: Notes From Cascadia”

  1. Is this a new “voice of the average fan” spot on MLST? If so, great, and I hope you can recruit a good sampling of fans from a wide range of clubs!

    Perhaps it should be labeled, though, so as not to be confused with your thought pieces and more “expert” commentary.

    1. “Expert” ? Who are you talking about ? Some racist/sexist guy that ESPN used to use ? An ex-Nat team member like Harkes or Llalas ?
      Fox Soccer guys ?

      Timbers have a pretty good team and they are well coached. I wouldn’t want to face them in a two game series with the home field advantage they have.

      Compare the first game fiasco against Colorado versus this game.

      1. Well i can tell you that i am writing these “Notes from Cascadia” from the average Timbers fan’s perspective and that i’m by no means an expert but I’m learning. I figured people can read hard reporting game recaps anywhere out there on the internets. Just trying to provide a little humoruos feedback on the Timbers season. ( Oh, and thanks Charles!)

        1. Don’t apologize, ever.

          There are so many out there trying to put American soccer and their fans down. They have no idea what they are talking about anyway. Trust me, it has been going on for the 35+ years I have been a fan/player/coach and trust me they don’t know what they are talking about most of the time. They are too busy trying to skew facts to support the I am a great person because US soccer sucks agenda.

          Next up on their agenda, Portland fans. Guar-en-teed.

          ps. not saying Michael was one of them, don’t imply that and I am not saying that.

  2. Rapids have got a lot of points they didn’t deserve this year. Good for us. Boohoo to the rest of you.

    1. Don’t forget not deserving the MLS Cup too.

      Didn’t you know this is not the way it is done in the rest of the world ?

      Hulk Hogan has to win it all and
      Barca needs to beat Man U in the championship game.

      1. Hulk Hogan? lol. That’s hilarious. Barca and Man U are the new Hulk Hogan for sure.

        I would comment on Portland and Colorado except I don’t really care for either team. I wouldn’t really mind Portland I guess if it weren’t for Zizzo. He dives almost as much as when Barca and Real Madrid play each other.

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