Video: The Eric Hassli Wonder Goal


If you went to bed last night after the USA’s debacle against Panama, you missed a great draw between Seattle and Vancouver.  But more importantly you missed Eric Hassli score what may be the best goal in MLS history.  Not only was it impressive that Hassli was able to collect the poor pass but in one motion he fires a shot that bends enough to make David Beckham jealous.  Spectacular.

So the question is, was this the best goal in MLS history?  Sound off in the comments section.

10 thoughts on “Video: The Eric Hassli Wonder Goal”

  1. Just watching the replay of this match on FSC, the great part is watching the wreckage that these disastrous goals leave in their wake. Hopefully by this afternoon those fans will realize they witnessed one of the best displays of football talent they’ll ever see live.

    1. Actually, the fans were buzzing about the amazing goal as they were leaving the stadium. They were also buzzing about the awful defensive mistake that enabled it, but they knew a miracle goal when they saw it.

  2. Best goal I have ever seen ever. I had to rewind to make sure that it really just happened. Ridiculously amazing.

  3. So if the pattern holds, he should get a foolish red card in the next game. This guy may turn out to be the best DP in MLS history, if he can stay on the field. May not have been a huge name coming in, but he is a lot of fun to watch, when he’s not suspended.

  4. Hassli’s goal is one of the very best but Balboa’s 2000 Goal of the Year was the best in history to date. That full extension reverse scissors at the edge of the penalty area of a driven cross that is rocketed into the upper 90 has to be seen to be believed. Even the opposing Crew Supporters were applauding the goal.

  5. Wow this year alone I’ve seen the best goals in MLS and assist.If MLS raise the salary cap the games will gat better i promise

  6. Not only was that the best goal in MLS history but that deserves to be a candidate for the FIFA Puskas Award (World Goal of the Year)

    If you look at the top scorers this year they are almost all DPs or famous players (Davies).

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